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Ex-Miss USA -- I Was 'Molested' During TSA Pat Down

4/28/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo claims she was "molested" during a security pat down at a Texas airport last week -- saying a female TSA agent touched her genitals MULTIPLE times.


Castillo -- who won the Miss USA pageant in 2003 -- made the accusations in an emotional video she recorded moments after the alleged incident at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

In the video, Castillo says during a full body pat down at the airport's security checkpoint, a female TSA agent "touched my vagina ... four times."

Castillo says the incident made her feel "molested" and "violated" -- so she filled out a complaint right after it happened.

So far, no comment from TSA.


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Why am i not surprised its Dallas fort worth airport. i travel every week and they pat me down every week excessively touching my body even after going thru the stupid scanner. Their excuse was that I was randomly picked, and my response is I am randomly picked weekly to the point of predictability as it happens every week. they are monsters, I know exactly how she feels.

1241 days ago


whatever she looking for a free ride also ugly tramp cant make it as a model so oh well who would violate you uggghhhh

1240 days ago

Tim Mort    


1240 days ago


If they don't like the airports, cars, trains, and boats are available.

1240 days ago


there are a lot of stories of folks saying they were felt up, groped etc with very little details. Seriously if someone copes a feel of course you are going to yell like hell right when it happens. You are not going to let it just slide until you can go on all the blogs and talk about the horrible incident.
TSA agents are putting their hands in kids clothes, where the video, where the person that got fired. If that was my kid, I'd have decked that as**** for doing it. So what if I get arrested, have to ditch my trip. Where are those stories.

With all the accusations flying around, all the stories of iphone's being pulled out, where's the proof. There are maybe 2 videos out there that kind of maybe look like a hand stayed on a butt a half second more than needed or a finger maybe brushed a nipple. But with all the stories there should be dozens, even hundreds of such videos.

TSA groping stories have become the newest urban legend collection. And frankly I feel for the agents. I fly several times a moment through many major airports and have never had a rude, or power hungry TSA agent. But I have seen a lot of jerk passengers cuss at them, call them rude names etc. And for what. Being asked to put your shoes directly on the conveyor belt or take off your overcoat before going in the metal detector. Or that you can't bring that cup of coffee into the gate area.

1240 days ago


TO: Ex-Miss America, if you feel your violated by the full body scan, then walk next time you want to travel or just SHUT UP. Just because you think that you were violated, would you rather fell save in the air or be DEAD if that plane would have crashed because someone was carring something that one of the TSA agents missed???

1240 days ago


It is so bad that you felt VIOLATED. I feel for you, NOT... It was your choice and you decided to OPT-OUT of the FULL-BODY scan. Well, I feel VIOLATED and RAPED every time that I have to put gas in my car. I feel violated every time my boss tells me what to do. I feel VIOLATED that when I was in the military for more than 20 years, I had to follow orders. I feel VIOLATED that I have to obey the traffic laws. The list goes on and on. If you feel that you were VIOLATED, then the next time that you want to fly, then make the decision NOT to fly and put on your LEATHER PERSONNEL CARRIERS (in other words - or SHOES) and start walking to your destination. Otherwise, GROW UP, DEAL WITH IT, and QUIT CRYING LIKE A LITTLE BABY. There are other people in this world that feel VIOLATED when you feel that you are TOO GOOD to follow procedures at the airports.

1239 days ago


She's a complete idiot. She says she flies all the time but she was stupid enough to think she could avoid being put through the scanner based on what line she chose? I've also opted out of the scanner before and had an experience similar to what she described. However, I am mature enough to recognize it's standard protocol. She needs to get over herself...

1239 days ago


Sounds like someone has never bothered to learn their own anatomy. Unless the TSA was giving a hard and fast thumbs up as she gave the patdown, there is no way any Vagina got touched. Maybe she brushed a little labia, but not vagina. Well, I guess Miss USA isn't exactly a "intluhjince" contest.

By the way, don't want the patdown, come to the airport in a bikini. Problem solved.

1239 days ago


She must be frigid,she was touched 4 times on her vigina and didn't get off. She should have that ooooohhhh look on her face.

1189 days ago


vittu mikä noob se turvatarkastaja

611 days ago
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