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Ex-Miss USA -- I Was 'Molested' During TSA Pat Down

4/28/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Miss USA Susie Castillo claims she was "molested" during a security pat down at a Texas airport last week -- saying a female TSA agent touched her genitals MULTIPLE times.


Castillo -- who won the Miss USA pageant in 2003 -- made the accusations in an emotional video she recorded moments after the alleged incident at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

In the video, Castillo says during a full body pat down at the airport's security checkpoint, a female TSA agent "touched my vagina ... four times."

Castillo says the incident made her feel "molested" and "violated" -- so she filled out a complaint right after it happened.

So far, no comment from TSA.


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1277 days ago


What's wrong with you people?There is no part of this that is ok! This is illegal search and seizure. First planes,next trains,buses,cars,scooters,bicycles,skateboards... where does it end? They'll be coming into your homes next.

1277 days ago


OK people are you telling me these bully TSA people can do no wrong? Are you kidding me? 9 out of 10 of them are creepy and think they can get anyway with anything. I hope TMZ can get a video of the agent fellin' this girl up....STAT.

Oh and since some of you people commenting are "getting off" on this story alone what do you think these TSA's are doing?

1277 days ago


I can't believe the amount of slaves on these comments. The TSA has absolutly no authority to search you let alone stick their hands down your pants. But you slaves don't care just as long as al-qaeda, aka the boogeyman, doesnt get you. You people disgust me

1277 days ago


Ok this is allot of bull,
Lady you knew you were going to receive a pat down and you knew what the procedures were. If you didn’t want anyone to touch, then you had the option to walk through the detector or don’t fly. And I highly doubt that lady really molested you, all she was doing was her job, for all she knew, you could have tried to smuggle drugs.
Smh you’re such a drama queen. This whole episode could have been avoided

1277 days ago


It is criminal what is going on in airports around the world! As someone who has never sued anyone or filed a complaint, I would start here and sue the airline, the handler, the corporations and anyone else involved. Our rights are being taken away little by little everyday people and if you don't stand up for yourselves now, you will no rights to stand up for! They should have been more vigilant back on September 11th of 2001 & the security would not have reached the status it is at now. Disgusting behavior and abuse of power on every level.

1277 days ago


Ok, so clearly she meant labia and not vagina.At least she tried to be scientific about it by referring to it as 'vagina' and not 'kaslopis' or 'hoo-hoo'. This actually reminds me of that old FRIENDS episode when Joey sends Chandler to his tailor and his tailor slides the measuring tape up his leg and pushes his ball aside to get a solid measurement, then repeats the procedure on the other leg. Chandler freaks out, whereas Joey thinks this is just how they all do it. I suspect the female equivalent occurred here. I don't know what the standard TSA pat down protocol is supposed to entail, but I personally hate it when strangers cop a labial feel-especially when they claim it was in the name of nationwide security-so I can understand why she's upset.

1277 days ago


I think someone needs to explain to Miss USA what a vagina is!

1277 days ago


1277 days ago


Sounds like someone is looking for a free pass through security next time their at the airport...

1277 days ago


Why isn't every single patdown on video, let the camera decide who is right. We need security but people need to not feel violated too. No one has the right to decide unless they are the ones directly involved.

1277 days ago

His Prince Michael    

This foul and disgusting behavior -committed under the guise of
"national security" - is merely a microcosm of the Godless
and corrupt regime of the Pharaoh and his Secret Sapphist Sisterhood Closet (definitely NOT a Cabinet). THIS, indefensible
affront to TRUE Democracy AND common-decency, SHALL NOT GO UNANSWERED.

1277 days ago


Linda, at last a sensible comment.
It's surprising how people are ready to give up so much on personal dignity in the name of pseudo security.

1277 days ago


What happened? Fell back down to reality? Welcome to America. The real America.

1277 days ago


I can't believe how many sheep there are commenting for her to get a life. She even said that the patdown between LAX and Dallas were completely different. It is inappropriate for anyone including Law Enforcement to do it once let alone 4 times. Typical America I guess, we let people tell us what to do way too much and we just follow along. She is clearly upset and this is only one of thousands of complaints. TSA has a job to do, I agree... but I wonder what would happen if the sales of flights went down... I bet it wouldn't be long until they change the pat down... safety at the cost of your civil rights...hmmm

1277 days ago
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