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Tornadoes Jeopardize Lauren Alaina's 'Idol' Votes

4/28/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Alaina fans are in an uproar -- worried she might get cut from "American Idol" tonight ... because of the deadly tornadoes that ripped through the South last night.


Lauren's hometown of Rossville, Georgia -- population 3,500 -- was devastated by the twisters ... leaving most homes without power, land lines, or mobile phone service.

Now Lauren's friends and family tell TMZ they're concerned because Lauren's main supporters couldn't see the show and weren't able to vote.

One friend said, "It would be a travesty if she was taken off the show because of an Act of God" -- and another added, "I do believe the weather should be taken into consideration when it comes to the voting."

One friend who was outside the damage zone tells us she voted more than usual for Lauren ... and made online appeals for others to do the same.

Will it be enough to get Lauren into the top 5?


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The Lord has had enough of her singing, too.

1242 days ago


248 people just perished in the storm and she's worried about votes. They should just go ahead and boot her off. Better yet, cancel AI. The real talents are the one's out there cleaning up.

1242 days ago


Nevermind that people lost their homes, everything they own, and in some cases, their lives, this girl might get cut from American Idol!! This girl is more important than the people dealing with tornadoes!!

1242 days ago

D. Moon    

Well she didn't go home Casey did but s\he's won't be far behind him because she stinks.

1242 days ago


Yes, I am sure all those people are worried about voting for Idol. YOu have got to be EFFIN me!

1242 days ago

mildly insane    

Stephanie 3 hours ago

Aside from people dying being more important than American Idol, I believe this girl stuck her foot in her mouth by saying, "It would be a travesty if she was taken off the show because of an Act of God," because as far as I see acts of God are usually pretty good reasons for why things happen the way they do.
She didnt say that at least not from what tmz "reported"
either some nameless fan or possibly a relative did , this is
more non news news brought to you by tmz

1242 days ago

lil harvey    

She didn't go home so much ado about nothing!!!

1242 days ago


How selfish and self serving does this statement seem hm?! Oh it's a travesty if she gets kicked off of A.I but the horror and devastation being felt by those whose loved ones have been killed, injured and who lost their homes and everything else due to those tornadoes is an act of God that should be taken into account with her voting?!!!! Really, the person who made the comments should have shut their mouth because p.r wise that is a zero and what about having a bit of F***** human compassion for those whose lives have truly been devastated!! Her friends and family who didn't have power, lights, mobile service or phone service were probably all sitting in a corner going "Damn, it's so unfair poor little Lauren will be kicked off of A.I because of us not being able to vote for her, we should all die of guilt!"
- NOT!!

1242 days ago


I wish people would READ before commenting. SHE did not say that it would be a travesty if she got voted off. SOMEONE ELSE said that. SHE can't be held responsible for what someone else says. Bunch of ignoramus'.

1242 days ago


How horrible that the thousands of people that lost their homes or the hundred that were killed can't vote for this chick. MAybe they can call in from the morgue and the homeless can just walk to the next state to use a public telephone. They are such cry babies :(

1242 days ago


1st ~ Sorry to hear about the devastation from the storms and hope a speedy recovery.

2nd ~ Population of 3,500 vs. what 52 million votes in Idol ---- I can tell you for sure your girl has the votes...... and I'd say she's getting at least 35% of that for certain...or thereabouts....... Rossville is a bonus!!

3rd ~ To all in Rossville, Georgia..... sending good thoughts your way form Las Vegas.....hope the best for everyone.

1242 days ago


1st ~ Sorry to hear about the devastation from the storms and hope a speedy recovery.

2nd ~ Population of 3500 vs what 52 million votes in Idol ---- I can tell you for sure your girl has the votes.........

1242 days ago

how lame    

What *******s. Like that's what the Tornado Victims are worried about. Voting for Lauren.

1242 days ago


You "losers" need to shut up. The people died. Boohoohoooooo. People die every day. "Praying" is pathetic and useless. This girls "career" depends on the show and thus she has every damn right to complain. I don't watch the show and couldn't care less. I have better things to do than care who sings or doesn't. Fact is, it's her choice and she deserves an equal and fair chance.

Then again, isn't the whole "act of god" clause standard in everything in life?

So... shut up!

1242 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

My one best friends says so!ho no they killed kenny!!!!!

1242 days ago
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