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Tornadoes Jeopardize Lauren Alaina's 'Idol' Votes

4/28/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Alaina fans are in an uproar -- worried she might get cut from "American Idol" tonight ... because of the deadly tornadoes that ripped through the South last night.


Lauren's hometown of Rossville, Georgia -- population 3,500 -- was devastated by the twisters ... leaving most homes without power, land lines, or mobile phone service.

Now Lauren's friends and family tell TMZ they're concerned because Lauren's main supporters couldn't see the show and weren't able to vote.

One friend said, "It would be a travesty if she was taken off the show because of an Act of God" -- and another added, "I do believe the weather should be taken into consideration when it comes to the voting."

One friend who was outside the damage zone tells us she voted more than usual for Lauren ... and made online appeals for others to do the same.

Will it be enough to get Lauren into the top 5?


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This is like saying...Too bad there was an earthquake in Japan. I sooo wanted to visit Tokyo. I had my tickets and everything paid for. Why is this so unfair to ME????

1270 days ago


esta bueba esta mami me gusta muchooo!!

1270 days ago


I think Lauren is great and nothing is going to take her out she is the next American Idol!!!

1270 days ago


Hullo! It is AMERICAN Idol - not "Some Little Corner In Georgia" Idol! If she is so dependent on her hometown support, is she really developing as a national icon? I think not!

1270 days ago


lulusez – She should just let FATE happen. And then sue them for damages exceeding her entire (potential) recording career. THAT'S how we roll in America.

Your comment made me LAUGH OUT LOUD….hilarious, sad, but true!!


cindychilli – Does anyone think scotty looks kinda like the kid from Mad magazine

OMGosh, I never thought about it until you mentioned it, but YES, he does look like Alfred E. Newman. Ha! ☺

1270 days ago

CA Girl    

To tmz-ho: YES YES YES, Scotty looks almost exactly like Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine. I KNEW I'd seen Scotty before SOMEPLACE! Thanks for the memory!

1270 days ago


You're kidding me right?

Who ****ing cares about her votes on IDOL.
There were people dieing and now without homes, or water, or means of replacing it.

You really think that those people were like, "oh, damn, my house blew away with my phone still in it, and now I can't vote for her on Idol.

Get ****ing REAL!

1270 days ago


Many children and families were killed and these dumb bitches are worried about a TV Show? I wish nothing but failure on that Bitch and her friends. Sounds like they weren't raised correctly.

1270 days ago


Does she still have a home? family? clothes on her back? was she thrown from her house into the streets? ....umm i think not so she needs to thank god she is safe and pray for those who were affected. Why you are stressing if someone had a phone to vote others stressed over not having a phone to call 911 because they are trapped.

1270 days ago


another reason for benny bernanke to start the printing presses to debase the dollar even more.....oh' well it works great for the socialists of the country....any guess on who they are??

1270 days ago


american idol sucks now anyway, they are holding on to this show by a hair. who really cares. And really? she's worried about votes? What about the people who lost their lives? Sorry, but how fricken ridiculously're

1270 days ago


Really? hundreds of lives are lost and many more ruined and these numb nutz are worried about this chick getting voted off of AI bc it's her hometown. She should get voted off or leave voluntarily and go home and help out. People need to get their idiot priorities straight. They should be so ashamed for those stupid comments

1270 days ago

D. Wms    

You're kidding me right? Over 300 lives have been lost here within 48 hrs and this little girl is worried about votes!?!?

1270 days ago


Isn't the real concern those who were devastated by the twisters?!

1270 days ago


who gives an eff about amrerican idol. lets worry about the people affected by this devistation. IGNORANT!

1270 days ago
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