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Lindsay: I Want To Start Community Service ... NOW!

4/28/2011 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently Lindsay Lohan was serious when she signed up to do her community service for that probation violation ... because TMZ has learned Lindsay already registered for community service.


Lindsay's lawyer went earlier this week to the Volunteer Center in West Los Angeles -- the place where defendants register for community service.  Shawn Holley filed forms declaring Lindsay's intention to perform 360 hours of community service at the Downtown Women's Center.

Sources say Lindsay wants to start working at the Women's Center this week ... but the honchos at the organization want to wait 'til next week.

As for what Lindsay will be doing at the Woman's Center ... the decision has not been made.  We're told the execs at the Women's Center will pick the job that "fits the skills of the person doing community service."  As we first reported, one of the options is to work for D.I.V.A.S. -- a theatre workshop.


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Why does this story make it seem like Lindsay is volunteering her time? Who cares if she's serious? She HAS to do the conmunity service-no ifs, ands or buts about it.

1275 days ago


Real title for this tidbit is
"Lindsey waits almost too late to register for court ordered community service...Lawyer saves her ass again by doing it for her "

Love the way TMZ spins the story ...three tidbits today Harvey your really riding the Lindsey pony.....

Just had a thought ! ......she never finished high school Maybe she doesn't read well or read at all ...after all there are several other actors like that Tom Cruise , is dysflexic and so are a couple of others so they have excuses.... Not saying she can't read just speculating thats all

1275 days ago


What's the big deal, does Lilo want a pat on the back for getting on with something she's been ORDERED to do?

1274 days ago



I sure you noticed by now that every story about her is spinned to make her looked good..for example if the judge ordered her to spend the weekend in jail for some reason...Harvey LL payed writers would spin it to "Lindsey volenteers to spend 3 days in jail on weekend so she can show how sincere she is about doing her time."

They are paid to make sure she looks as clean and innocent as they can no matter what the real truth is....Any way to bring in the most hits...this is one of his only true money makers Pony's(story's) he got running.... the only other pony (Mel Gibson) is mostly in the barn after Mel shut down Oshanna's leaks to the press he only gets a once in a while good hit maker out of him...Must really hurt his pocket book casue for a while there he was making money like crazy off that whole saga......
His newest thing is now catching anybody saying anything he can spin into a supposed racial or homophobic slur and pounding on them till the fury he raises dies..if it hurts the person reputation will thats to bad as long as Harvey gettin paid....
It a shame really TMZ used to be a really good enterainment site now its a paid smut rag like ROL.....

1274 days ago

Daffy Duck    

Speaking of bowling balls, Foggy if I stuck my thumb in LiLo's mouth and a finger in each nostril, I'd be hitting strikes all nite.

- Woo Woo -

1274 days ago

the Seeker    

She can read..Family(milo) has commented how she was very quick to respond to the bad press (from SNL)and put out the fires started by 'rumor mills'.[proof she knows what is going on around her ]

She stays current on all things Hollywood that are relevant to her immediate needs and desires for(spin control and attention) and is totally involved in this *for sale* drama of life we get on TMZ and other rag gossip sites..

She did not finish REAL school but, definitely has the common criminal street smarts honed over time as a con artist and manipulative drug addict user and THIEF..

1274 days ago

I am Spartacus    

this girl looks like shes going bald. Her hair starts halfway up her head.

1274 days ago

george clooney    

WOW, this IS amazing...her attorney signs her up? Her attorney goes to the Leno Show? Her attorney, her attorney and her attorney.....what will HER ATTORNEY not do for her? So, I take it HER ATTORNEY sent all of this to TMZ for publishing? So this is all a WHITE WASH for our benefit and the appeal process? I am not impressed, but then again, nothing the public says has meant a squat, nor has anything in the past that Lilo has said...come true. She is a liar and she lives in SIN.

1274 days ago

Foghorn Leghorn    

Listen, I say listen. Let me put this another way:

Lindsay teachin acting lessons is like puttin a screen door on a submarine. Completely useless.

1274 days ago


Hmm...maybe she can clean Jewelry for the sight impaired...

1274 days ago


She is so full of it, if she is so excited and ready to go out and do her comunity service then why didnt she go out and do it already? the judge gave her a week and yet still nothing

if she's so eagger she could have signed her self up

1274 days ago

The Truth    

FYI D.I.V.A.S. theatre workshop. Was originally started to get actors and actresses our of community service. When they get sentenced they get out of it by being assigned to the BS community service.

Lindsay is only doing this to say later to the judge....see I don't need to go to jail. Exactly what she did before and the judge was tricked.

Now lets see if the judge is a trick again.

No one beleives the BS. Any regular person would be in jail. Period.

1274 days ago


Every post of this self centered person, Lilo, begins with I

Until she can recognize the other people, the We, who inhabit this planet too, she is doomed! Just doomed to live within her miserable lonely self, alone and facing no future on this earth worth mentioning. No wonder she self medicates to take away her pain. It must be very painful to be her!

1274 days ago

The Truth    


The court ordered that Lindsay be registered within a week and start her community service. Her Attorney went and did the registration because Lindsay didn’t/ If her attorney didn’t do this Lindsay would be in violation of the order.

Just because she is appealing the order it is still in effect and she has to do what it says.

LINDSAY HAD TO GO or she would be in violation of the court order. This is not her doing it on her own. That is 100% BS.

What a joke.

Team Lindsay spin…she has to start or else. Nice try Lindsay no one is that stupid, it is easy to see thru your spin.

Lindsay is a scammer

The Truth

1274 days ago

Big John    

Her lawyer went to volunteer center to register Lindsay.
Princess-with-an-attitude is so phoney.

1274 days ago
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