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'Two And A Half Men'

On the Chopping Block

4/28/2011 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a 50/50 chance "Two and a Half Men" will not come back for a 9th season ... people connected with the production tell TMZ.

There are certain things we know for sure ...

-- Charlie Sheen will NOT be coming back to the show
-- Chuck Lorre has a plan for re-tooling the show, but no deals with replacement actors have been made.  In fact, no offers have even been put on the table.
-- A decision on the fate of "Men" will be made before May 18.

The Hollywood Reporter says Lorre is thinking of beefing up Jon Cryer's role and bringing a new actor onboard to replace Sheen.  H.R. is saying some of the candidates are Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven and Bob Saget.

One well-connected source tells TMZ, "There really is a good chance the show won't come back."

Stay tuned...


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I LOVE the show! Charlie is the centerpiece of 2.5 Men. Bring back Charlie!!!!!! Tweety Bird

1276 days ago


How about adding Matt LaBlanc? Then we know for sure that it will end all the suffering. Put it to sleep.

1276 days ago


I think pretty much everyone LOVES Woody Harrelson! He would be great! Jeremy Piven is too boring and Bob Saget....for real? Come on who wants to watch the dad off of Full House play a replacement Charlie Sheen. That's a joke! Woody Harrelson would be great though! I would watch it and so would everyone I know!

1276 days ago


I enjoyed Jon Cryer and the other stars, but did not enjoy Charlie Sheen the last few years. So I hope they bring it back, as long as loser Sheen isn't on it.

1276 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

I guess you know what else should be on the CHOPPING BLOCK, Its Charlies ROTTEN WEENY!!!

1276 days ago



"Nice begging, Chuck."

(insert) eye-roll.

1276 days ago

Carl Downer    

They should just C.G.I Charley into the show.

1276 days ago


This is a good example how a person's drug addiction affects other lives. The drug abuser does not care how his choice of lifestyle hurts other people.
Why can't they do a spin off with Jon Cryer!!!

1276 days ago


If Chuck Lorre's ego won't bring Charlie back, then just kill the show... So many shows have been ruined by changing the chemistry that makes them good in the first place... The best thing for everyone would be to work it out and get back to making money and making the fans happy... Everyone could be WINNING! No Charlie Sheen = No Two and a Half Men...

1276 days ago


I would watch it if Woody was cast. He has the right comedic timing. The other actorson the show shouldn't be penalized because Charlie Sheen believes he is all that. It is already at the point, that everyone is saying "Charlie Who". It would be easy enough to bring Woody in as a half brother from his fathers side, or even the mothers that was sent for adoption. Keep the show alive.

1276 days ago


Bob Saget is a F............ joke.

1276 days ago


Just let it die. I, too, can barely watch the reruns of this show I used to love.

Chuck Lorre can't have it both ways, and I can never watch Charlie Sheen in any show ever again.

1276 days ago


Please NO Bob Saget - but PLEASE bring back the show...the supporting actors in this show are great and it was the combination of actors that were enjoyable...charlie sheen was just an over paid actor that can definitely be replaced.

1276 days ago


OMG Woody would so fit the show!!

1276 days ago


Raymond 37 minutes ago

"Ok, the dust is lifting.

Lorre's presented and is trying to sell to WB and CBS a concept how to maybe save the show. To hopefully do some damage control regarding his own reputation, regarding the disaster he took a major part in creating.

Nice begging, Chuck."

@Raymond, you're talking nonsense. Chuck Lorre and the rest of those very creative writer/producers who gave us some of the best TV series throughout the history of TV were the very reason why there are Hollywood big stars who raked in millions. Looney Charlie was one of them.

Stars come and go but without the genius writers and creators of hit TV series, those stars will forever be NOBODY.

1276 days ago
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