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'Two And A Half Men'

On the Chopping Block

4/28/2011 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a 50/50 chance "Two and a Half Men" will not come back for a 9th season ... people connected with the production tell TMZ.

There are certain things we know for sure ...

-- Charlie Sheen will NOT be coming back to the show
-- Chuck Lorre has a plan for re-tooling the show, but no deals with replacement actors have been made.  In fact, no offers have even been put on the table.
-- A decision on the fate of "Men" will be made before May 18.

The Hollywood Reporter says Lorre is thinking of beefing up Jon Cryer's role and bringing a new actor onboard to replace Sheen.  H.R. is saying some of the candidates are Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven and Bob Saget.

One well-connected source tells TMZ, "There really is a good chance the show won't come back."

Stay tuned...


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Only reason to watch, was Jon Cryer! If they need another, only Rob Lowe will fit!

1241 days ago


Add me to that "so agree". I am equalled repulsed by the so called debate here about the CS tour.

Make a visit to the Live Nation website. Is the CS tour in the top 10 best sellers? NO. Click on Charlie's link on the LN home page and look at the tour's "official fan rating": 2.75 out of 5. #WINNING. Right.

End of debate.


RoastBeef 23 minutes ago
@me 40 minutes ago
Charlie "jumped his own shark"...and then did one up on that
by creating the worst media image tour in history...IN HISTORY!
I channel browsed Spin City by mistake yesterday and almost
gagged...can't watch him anything....couldn't
channel away fast enough. There are probably plenty of good,
hard working actors that would fit the bill, but in the end run,
the bad taste left after all this horrible tour makes it hard to
even consider that any actors would want to be tied into the
"Charlie Sheen" image factory...tainted by it. Alot of the
posting here is about how screwed the writers and ensemble actors are. Charlie is the the shape of a screw..hope he retires for good.


I so agree. He's become a BIG repulsive turn-off. He can only blame himself for becoming the Poster Pig for hard-core drugs, arrogance, filth, vanity, cheap hookers, cheap shots and profanity. He worked hard and succeeded. It's pretty clear the Sheenius has outgrown his comfort zone in television land and needs to move on over to a new dimension. He and his cult feel he's far too superior for the general audience.His Torpedo tour has proven that. Having said that, I am humored to hear that he has begged to have his job back when he was the one wanting them to lick his feet as if he was the Risen Christ. The man has no pride. He's rapidly sinking into his own schitzy cesspool and the big THUD is coming soon.

1241 days ago


Bring Back Frasier !

1241 days ago


all network 1/2 hour sitcoms are garbage

1241 days ago

Melissa S    

I have enjoyed many of Chuck Lorre's creations over the years. If anyone can pull off a continuation of Two and 1/2 Men, I believe Lorre can. However, I would doubt that it is as simple as dropping another "Charlie-like" character into the role. Too many STRONG opinions on both sides. But there are several great characters on the show and I'm sure a scenario can be developed to freshen the show, a formula that has needed retooling or updating given the aging cast.

1241 days ago

Lise Charlebois    

Bob Saget will definitely kill the show - he is as funny as a brick. I think the mother should take the lead role, she is a riot!!! She could move into the house with Alan and his son and the dynamics would be dynamite. I can't understand why they haven't thought of that.

1241 days ago

Brian Keith O'Hara    

I like Charlie, Angus and John, but I like most especially Conchita. I will miss them, without Charlie, there will be no Two and a Half Men, Period, end of story.

1241 days ago


Charlie - I KNOW you are reading these posts. Guess you really
blew it...has it sunk in yet, you are NOT being asked back, and you have no one to blame but yourself and your cocaine!!! Way to
throw it all away! You were an overpaid, egotistical, selfish,
addict. And now you have gotten yourself blacklisted. Good luck
with those lawsuits against all of your FORMER bosses - you'll
never get a job like you had again, that is IF you ever work again, LOSER. You're nothing more than a sad punch line these
days! Good riddance,stinky troll.

1241 days ago


Should play Charlie!!!!

1241 days ago


I think they should just cancel the show. It was built around Charlie Sheen.................Bring back Charlie!!

1241 days ago

Tired of Ignorance    


Two and half men could easily survive. During the last couple of years, John (Alan Harper) and Angus (Jake) have carried the show. So plot change, Charlie dies in England. At the funeral, a mysterious lady drops off her little bundle of joy. Charlie's kid, the kid is 3 to 5 years old. Alan Harper and Jake Harper are left to raise Charlie jr... 2 and half men. The real comedy is watching as Alan attempts to keep Charlie jr. from turning out like his father. Comedy would ensue as little charlie gets into all sorts of chaos.

(Plot Twist All Charlie's Money and royalties are for the kid and Evelyn Harper controls the purse- Alan still has to grovel)
Kid is cooler than Alan, chick magnet for Alan but Alan as usual can't close the deals etc...

Or at the funeral Alan Harper is presented with his own kid that he knew nothing about etc...

If creative without trying to replace Charlie Harper Character and take advantage of the fact that Cryer and Angus along with the Lady who plays the house keeper have carried the show recently the show 2 and half men could get another 5 or 6 years on top.

1241 days ago

ne est ce pas    

Charlie Harper is dead and Charlie Sheen killed him


1241 days ago


I don't care if it comes back or not, but I know I wouldn't watch it if Sheen returned. Now that I've seen more of the real Sheen than I ever wanted to know, I can't even stomach the reruns. But I'd check it out if it featured Cryer and the other cast members with a new storyline. Sheen was getting creepier by the minute anyway.

1241 days ago


I've never watched the show (even though growing up I always loved Jon Cryer, I just never thought that CS was a good actor) I think the idea of Woody Harrelson (whom I also love) is a WONDERFUL idea!! I would be forced to give it a go.

1241 days ago

real deal    

Awesome. This DEFINITLEY means more live shows!! Charlie's talents were obviously wasted on TAHM. This just proves it. They can't go on without him. Now he can focus his full attention on his act. Sweet. When are the new tour dates gonna be announced?

1241 days ago
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