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'Two And A Half Men'

On the Chopping Block

4/28/2011 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a 50/50 chance "Two and a Half Men" will not come back for a 9th season ... people connected with the production tell TMZ.

There are certain things we know for sure ...

-- Charlie Sheen will NOT be coming back to the show
-- Chuck Lorre has a plan for re-tooling the show, but no deals with replacement actors have been made.  In fact, no offers have even been put on the table.
-- A decision on the fate of "Men" will be made before May 18.

The Hollywood Reporter says Lorre is thinking of beefing up Jon Cryer's role and bringing a new actor onboard to replace Sheen.  H.R. is saying some of the candidates are Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Piven and Bob Saget.

One well-connected source tells TMZ, "There really is a good chance the show won't come back."

Stay tuned...


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the only person ive heard they might try to get to save the show that i think might have a chance was the rumor they were trying to get robert downey jr. i would that a watch just because i know he lived the charlie life and i think he could pull it off.

1272 days ago


Why is William ****ner's name starred out?

1272 days ago


Without Charlie the Chemistry between the actors isn't there. They ALL have to be there ... or it doesn't work.

The show is over. Turn out the lights and send everyone home.

1272 days ago


Woody would be great for that role, probably better than Sheen.

Heard the reviews on DFW news of Sheen's show there last night. They indicated the performance was 'somewhere between a burning dumpster and a train wreck'. Also looked like the venue was mostly empty with only a few thousand spectators. Looks like Sheen is still 'winning'. Ha ha ha.....

1272 days ago


Woody is the best choice.
Bob Saget is the worst actor I've ever seen.

1272 days ago


@frank "why not have William ****ner replace Charlie"...ummm, because he's already on another show that hasn't been cancelled as of yet. Personally, if they put him on there...I won't watch it, can't stand him.

1272 days ago


And whom do we have to thank for that? Charlie Sheen. Winning.

1272 days ago

CA Girl    

As an earlier poster said: LET IT DIE

There's been so much bad press over such an extended period of time about Sheen and his antics/drug problems/custody case/ex-wives/nasty comments/unsuccessful "tour"/hookers (even though the hooker angle might engender some fantasy interest from the public), it's OVER. It may take WarnerBros/CBS another try to realize that truth, but really, who, aside from the very immature, would want to WASTE THEIR TIME watching Sheen try to pull himself out of Old Actor's Hell for a revived career? Nah, I hope it's dead. Dump it forever.

I just feel compassion for all the people whose livelihoods depended on that show to pay their mortgages, etc. Hollywood. Heartbreak City.

1272 days ago


TheHOLETruth said - Let's see which of the two Jews, Jeremy Piven or Bob Saget. they'll replace Charlie Sheen-another Jew-with

Hey ... the sheen family is CATHOLIC.
BTW ... Your anti-jewish bigotry is disgusting.

1272 days ago


Don't bring in another actor. Just kill off Charlie, leave everything to Jake and have Judith and Herb (& their daughter) move in.....or the Mom. Another actor would just make everyone do comparisons.
Charlie basically said the same lines in each episode so just cut and paste his character in.

1272 days ago


Lets be honest for just 1 sec......In all reality no matter what Charlie did the SHOW IS nothing WITHOUT him. He cannot be replaced just like Michael cant be replaced on The Office. If he didnt have a "clause" in his contract that stated he can't do certain things then he can do whatever he wanted and it wasnt hurting the show. I love that show but not without Charlie Sheen. He might be crazy but he is good.

1272 days ago

Byron Green    

No sheen no show, Cryer is a support actor no more no less ,the kid!!! gimmie a break he is a one liner and half the time he screw's them up. Take the loot fatso and buy a burger king.All the other support staff Mum Rose and the house keeper were great but no more Charlie no more greats.I think the folks behind the scenes (((the investment groups))) will have the final say after all the dollar bill is still the name of the game so I see a possible deal. lorre can mouth of what ever he wants he is not the boss or the money man he is paid to write shows and thats it

1272 days ago


Chuck Lorre needs to get over himself. What is he 5? He doesn't like what someone is saying so he takes his ball and goes home?


Not saying Sheen isn't also a dumbass, just that surprisingly he isn't the one being the most childish.

1272 days ago


@CA Girl, He's not exactly winning anymore. His shows are now consistently getting bad reviews. While it's true he has the money from the morons who paid to watch him on stage...that money won't be lasting him long.

1272 days ago


LIZ: Hey ... the sheen family is CATHOLIC.

Martin Sheen is catholic and the kids were raised catholic, but his mom is Jewish.

1272 days ago
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