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Atlanta Braves Coach Placed on 'Administrative Leave'

4/29/2011 12:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell has been placed on "administrative leave" -- after he allegedly hurled several gay slurs at male fans during a game in San Francisco last weekend.


As we previously reported, a family of four -- including two 9-year-old girls -- went public with their accusations this week ... claiming McDowell made several homophobic remarks toward fans at AT&T Park ... and then mockingly proceeded to simulate gay sex with a baseball bat.

The father of the family claims he confronted McDowell -- who allegedly responded by approaching him with the bat, and saying, "How much are your teeth worth?"

McDowell has since apologized for the outburst -- but the Braves have suspended his coaching duties pending an investigation into the allegations.

UPDATE: GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios just released a statement, telling TMZ, “It remains to be seen whether the Atlanta Braves will take real disciplinary action and send a clear message that there is no place for anti-gay remarks or violent threats in baseball."

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@Yono - the FATHER approcahed the coach about the heckling and the coach responded, so the father left the stands to go confront the coach. The father was the instigator. In fact, I'm sure his group started the whole thing with the heckling b/c coaches don't notice quiet, well-behaved people in the stands.

1239 days ago


Anybody who thinks that this guy is okay for his vocal and physical actions, is a piece of crap in my book...and shows what the biggest problem is in our society. Don't sling the 1st Amendment on me! This behaviour is disgusting and should not be tolerated. I comend the Braves for taking this seriously. Gay, Straight, Bi, Black, Brown, Green or Polka-dotted....we are all human beings and we should be treated as such. This father in the stands with his family was trying to enjoy a nice relaxing day at the ballpark! He did not start this...but he sure is finishing it! Good for him!

1239 days ago


This has gone beyond gay or straight! This professional coach threatened a fan and his behavior was CRUDE! No matter who he was speaking to.

1239 days ago


well now he will have time to suck on that bat......he is the most likely to get a boner in the locker room.......when idiots like him have to spew the vrap he did...just an idiot who needs a check on his manhood..........he is most likely a "REAL CLOSET CASE"

1239 days ago


Who cares, im a gay guy I dont give a rats ass if someone calls me a fa@@ot or worse, whatever happened to sticks and stones? this politically correct society is getting out of hand, cant call someone retarded, queer, fat ect ect, just crazy

1239 days ago


HARRY NIPPLES, Jr. 13 minutes ago He deserves a truth award, not a suspension. He only stated what everyone already believes - if you are a man and you live in cal, esp SF, you are probably homosexual. Otherwise, you wouldn't live in cal.

hey harry...next time your daddy is on his knees blowing me in some san francisco mens room...tell the bastard to take out his teeth...he scraps...seems youre the one whose into dudes...why else would a (p) rick like you be alive!

1239 days ago


The homo slurs were bad enough but when he threatened the guy with the baseball hat, that was way over the line.
He'll soon be fired, probably.

1239 days ago

Gsharon 710    

What G.A. and that lying ass father did was a million times worse than what the coach did. If any of your young children saw the descriptive sex simulation, sue them. They did not do it out of anger. It was planned and planned in a piss poor way.

Yes the coach should be fined, but you'd better be ready for follow up.
If the gays do not bitch about this as much as they did about Kobe, a picture will be drawn. There is a hell of a lot more concern with the coach, yet the internet is not burning up as it was with Kobe.

Out of Kobe, GLoria and the daddy, plus the coach, Kobe's quiet rant was nothing. Now do you see where I am going? And people wonder why some people say what they do about certain things.

Just to tell us what happened at the game was not good enough for Gloria, she had to SHOW the act and involved the daddy, and he was dumb enough to roll with her. He was not concerned about what his children saw, otherwise when Gloria came up with the stupid idea of showing everyone what happened, he would have left his children with someone else and told Gloria to go to hell when she asked him to assist her in the bat act. Now, who's crime is the worse???????/

1239 days ago


hey dirty harry lived in san fran and he was no ***...
I know what your thinking..was it 5 or 6 shots.come to think of it im not sure myself..so what was it punk 5 oe 6

1239 days ago


How come this bs is not all over ESPN.....hmmm

1239 days ago

Will E    

Soon we will not have the right to say anything about minorities. SO LONG 1ST AMENDMENT!!! Political correctness will BRING THIS COUNTRY DOWN!!! Back in the day he would have used that bat!!

1239 days ago


question i have.why is this man the only one who has came out and said the braves coach said this..also it happend a week later.seeings it has been a week you would think others would have came forward as well.on top of that what did the ***got fan say to the coach.to many rights groups in this country getting offended by any and every thing.****ing ***gots.

1239 days ago


Come on now we all know that problem not the gay issue it’s the response he gave with children present. That’s why Gloria had them in the interview. The Braves could give a **** about the banter between adults but seriously the team and MLB is not going to put up with those kinds of lewd acts perpetrated in front of children at a baseball park. No question this looser gone for good. The only question is how much CASH MONEY Gloria’s going to get for her client.

1239 days ago

Hugh Jass    

his actions were inappropriate for a member of a MLB team (even if he were subject to heckling, but this has NOT been mentioned) vis a vis ball park patrons and 2 minor children. the remarks were not necessarily "homophobic" as either hating or "fearing" homosexuals. (literally,homophobia is FEARING homosexuals.) so there.

1239 days ago


No excuse for such ignorant comments!! Hope his leave is long and he should not be paid as this is the only way to send a message!!

1239 days ago
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