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Chuck Lorre -- Blasting Charlie With Monkey Jokes?

4/29/2011 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre is taking a vicious shot at an actor -- accusing him of being a drug addict who is "impossible to work with" ... but the shocker is he's NOT talking about Charlie Sheen. Maybe.


At the end of last night's "The Big Bang Theory" ... Lorre's vanity card seems to be joking about a monkey that was on the episode -- saying its "behavior became increasingly erratic, to the point of refusing to come out of his trailer to rehearse."

The card continues, "The monkey is a heroin addict. Yes, hard as it may be to believe, the monkey had a monkey on his back." It goes on to say the monkey is in detox and a 12 step program.


But after Lorre's announcement he's retooling "Two and a Half Men" without Charlie -- and Charlie's nuclear response, we gotta ask ...


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Funny thing about those tests, however. One would think that, given all the hoopla surrounding whether or not he's still using, Charlie the Tuna would trumpet those results from the stage as proof that he deserves his kids back. We're not hearing that, though, and I wonder why that might be?

He's obviously not going to mention if they come back dirty, and there are no legal sanctions if he was - he doesn't have the kids now, so it's not like the judge is gonna smack him for it. The judge would just look at that in connection with any future action the Tuna Man brings again either Brooke or Denise.

Hey, Charlie! ARE those test coming back clean, bucko?

1237 days ago


@ Nikki....if you were in the public eye I think it would be different... Charlie is accused of abusing his wives and making life hard for his children and family...doing drugs. hiring whores and making it public...he has destroyed his public image himself and yes it does matter.It apparently was affecting his work near the end..sorry but if you did that and brought it to work with you , I would think your boss would fire you as well. I think all of this was in his contract that he signed and agreed too, that he would keep his private life , if you signed that kind of contract with your boss, I guess he has the right if you dont live up to it.

1237 days ago


Ed 1 day ago

There is no comparison here. One is a trained show business animal with a brain of a toddler, and the other is a monkey.

thanks for the great laugh lol

1237 days ago


I never even seen the vanity cards at the end of the show. I just started to read them now....I did see that episode of the monkey on the big bang show and it was funny...and now that I read Chuck L.'s card I think its hilarious...

1237 days ago


the Seeker 24 hours ago

So i gotta ask..

is chuck Lorre a homo jewboy too?
who cares...he has many funny and entertaining shows ..

1237 days ago


Melissa 23 hours ago

bbrown. Wow, calm down, breathe.
************************************ thats exactly what I was thinking when I read it......

1237 days ago


Vanessa B.L.A.Baby 23 hours ago

Does anyone out there think that Chuck also did drugs with Charlie? Because if you really look at him, he also looks thin/messy (neck really skinny) and plus i saw a picture of him at a Lakers game, he has his mouth open and he's missing teeth. I think they both did drugs they partied and Charlie felt like he was Chuck's "monkey" because Charlie knew how so much money Chuck and Warner Bros. was making from the show. Yeah, Charlie uses drugs but who doesn't? We all know everyone in Hollywood does coke and who doesn't smoke weed now. But anyone can function under the influence even sometimes better. All I'm saying is that Charlie just got tired of doing the show same **** different day, he wanted more money; Chuck and Warner Bros. of course get big paychecks and Charlie just wanted a piece of the pie. He'll survive "Everyone Loves Charlie"

boy are you delusional..and get off the drugs

1237 days ago


RoastBeef 23 hours ago

a "real woman" is the opposite of your plastic blow up doll.


Please don't confuse Raymond. He's stuck on bimbo's.

love it , thanks for the many laughs

1237 days ago


@bbrown why are you attacking Mr. Lorre's children and his wife ..what if anything do they have to do with this....I dont think that is very nice.

1237 days ago


Nancy 10 hours ago


You went after me first, sweetheart. As you are so proud of proclaiming, you reap what you sow. Or is that "Sow" as in female of the porcine persuasion? Yeah, I'll go there and see you one better, only because that's your stated way of life. You claim to understand nothing else than an eye for an eye, so let's see you LIVE IT here.

The only problem with you is that you would LIKE to play the victim here, and YOU AREN'T. You are so far from victim status on this board that it's as disgusting as you claim me to be. Maybe even more so, since you're PRETENDING to be all lily white and blameless. You are just as bad, if not FAR WORSE than ANYONE in any of these threads.

Get over it, wannabe goddess. I've watched you attack, without provocation, nearly everyone who expressed a dislike for your Messiah, the God of NOTHING. You sling insults right and left, without even having been personally attacked. Anyone looking back through your profile can see it.

You are a bully who wants to pretend to be reasonable. And I will call your lying, sucking mouth out on it every time. You are NOT reasonable. You join your twin in attacking others who are, as you claim to be, just stating their own opinions. You start just as much, if not more, crap in these threads as your butt buddy Ray-Ray.

way to go are so right

1237 days ago


looks more like Harvey than Charlie!

1237 days ago


fran 9 hours ago

@bbrown why are you attacking Mr. Lorre's children and his wife ..what if anything do they have to do with this....I dont think that is very nice.


Why are you attacking posters here like Vanessa B.L.A.Baby above? How NICE is THAT?

1237 days ago


Chuck Lorre is hilarious! Only reason 2 1/2 men was funny, not because of Sheen. Obviously everyone knows that now because Sheen bombed trying to be funny on his own. Heh.

1237 days ago


Lorroe, I hope men falls flat on its face!!!! kutcher is nothing but a man whore for demi and now a paltry payday. this ought to be funny to watch the demise ....

1225 days ago

ray Luchi     

this chuck guy sounds like an idiot racist what hes calling sheen a MONKEY ON DRUGS ???? sounds like a racist creep to me you know no money in the world is worth it if yr working for a crude rude racist self indulged old hag maybe charlies right its apparent charlie and this crude old racist guy didnt get along thats my take on it why would you call anyone a monkey unless yr insinuating about their race and color

1224 days ago
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