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Lara Logan -- Attackers 'Raped Me With Their Hands'

4/29/2011 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CBS reporter Lara Logan says she thought she was going to die "a torturous death" when a mob of 200 to 300 men attacked her news team in Cairo in February ... an attack in which Logan claims several men, "raped me with their hands."


Logan just spoke to "60 Minutes" about the terrible incident -- in which she explained, "Our camera battery went down, and we had to stop for a moment, and suddenly, Bahar [her cameraman] looks at me and says, 'we've got to get out of here."

Logan continued, "I thought, not only am I going to die here, but it's going to be just a torturous death that's going to go on forever and ever and ever."

"For an extended period of time, they raped me with their hands," says Logan. "My clothes were torn to pieces...what really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence."

The attack took place on February 11 -- the day Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was driven from power. Logan says she was eventually saved by a group of women and several Egyptian soldiers.

Logan claims the "60 Minutes" interview -- which airs on Sunday -- will be her ONLY interview about the attack.


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The time has come to declare war on this so-called peaceful religion. I have never seen "peaceful" demonstrations by these people; only violence.

As for the reporter, you are in a third world country whose citizens mostly hate Westerners. She put herself in this situation. Some people call her brave and I think she is flat out stupid. If I were a woman, I would not go to ANY third world country without bodyguards or some form of protection.

1241 days ago

Rico Suavy    

May an infected Camel invade the sisters bedrooms off all the rapists

1241 days ago


piratesrule8 50 minutes ago

Most of you people are sick. Blaming the reporter for putting herself in a dangerous position and saying it's her own fault rather than condemning the people who commited the crime.

I hope none of the females in your life ever get raped... It's partly these attitudes which cause the conviction rates for sex crimes to be so low.
Look tool bag...

We are talking about a highly educated woman who not only had brain smarts, she had worldly experience, due to her profession. She KNOWS the dangers of where she was.

That being said, I dont think anyone here thinks she 'deserves' to get raped. I certainly dont. But the fact remains, she is a big girl and like all of us as adults, Lindsay, Charlie, YOU and ME we all are free to make out own decisions in life.

She CHOSE to go there. She chose to walk the streets with that crowd. SO if she is willing to take that responsibility, she also musty accept what might happen to her.

She is intelligent and knows more about the world then most of us as she has been there. There is no one more experienced to know better.

So she accepted the risks, so shall she accept the results.

Her back pocket isnt hurting from the experience.....

1241 days ago

Bored Reader    

I don't know why news reporters think that they are any different from the people in these countries. Their title can't protect them. Cry a river for being dumb and risking your life.

1241 days ago

Real n the field    

millions of African women were raped by slave jewish and european slave owners for over 400 years...and many killed when became i get that "over and over" again feeling...

1241 days ago


They are ****ing animals in those countries.

1241 days ago


Wow, lots of "perfect" people in here. Defending a bunch of rapist thugs. When I read about you getting beat at an ATM machine or contracting a deadly disease, or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time, I will remember you. After all, you were so "perfect".

1241 days ago


eff them all...savages, I'm sure her privates were injured and she could've easily gotten a disease as well.....damn, I wish there was a way to erase a memory like that

1241 days ago


It's called 'molested' Lara. Now that she's accused them of something that didn't happen she had better stay out of that hemisphere.

This would have never happened to Christiane Amanpour who takes herself seriously as a foreign correspondant. She dresses in a manner that is accepted in that part of the world. She knows when to hold em and when to fold em. Logan didn't know WTH she was getting herself into. This didn't get her the attention and notoriety she expected either. After Oprah she'll be a blip on the radar screen in the news industry.

1241 days ago


I hate to doubt her story but I'm going to have to call bulls*t. She claims she was "raped" by "200 to 300 men". How is this even possible? She would have had to have been "raped" for months on end to even be able to approach this number. I'm sorry to say but her story just doesn't add up to scrutiny.

1241 days ago


"Blame the victim" , "Blame the victim"....said all the other rapists, child molesters, women-haters, and punks with low IQ's on this TMZ comment board.

1241 days ago



It doesn't matter that they were Muslim's I've seen American's who in a riot can do just as bad or worse, I've seen young children rape and kill each other, and they are Christian's, Jewish, ect.

As for her I hope that she recovers ok and that, she doesn't stop reporting, it can be a very damaging thing to get over, but as I've seen from my wife, I'm sure she can come back 10 times stronger than she was before.

1241 days ago


Oh, now we're going to demand heavy proof? A certificate with names of doctors who treated her, with date, time, and place? Maybe publically notarized and stamped by The President? Attacker's hands cut off for doing such a thing? --to whom, one of their own only? and assuming they weren't let go or got away? Some of you are really sick. If you go in with bodyguards and guns, you look like the agressor. You go in thinking your going to be covering a joyous event,of those who would be happy to have it broadcast to the world, instead you encounter animals who take the idea of "democracy" very much too literal, who think they are now unequivocally free to do absolutely ANYTHING to whomever they want. It is the risk one takes with such a job and always has been,doesn't mean she deserved what she got, it just means she had MORE BALLS than you (and even more than many of the citizenry of these countries to help themselves) to willfully go cover an event, and put herself at risk, all for your right to know and to witness news. And it is the same for those who volunteer their time doing human-rights work in other countries, while you sit all cozy at home partaking of life's selfish pleasures; and they don't spout religion and goodness from a pulpit or cathedral--they do the actual dirty work of helping others, i've known one such woman, who's had a gun put to her head, but she in her youth will still make the trip to another country to help others because that satisfies her. I will only agree, to an extent, that that and other regions of the world all too often seems like a lost cause, they do it to themselves, not entering into modern evolutionary frames of thought, religion, behavior, governing and human decency, and should be let to just obliterate themselves, leaving the spoils for modern civilized beings. Wish you well Lara.

1241 days ago


effing barbarians- literally -

1241 days ago


To the people who comment that she deserved this or asked for it, you scare me. You don't know this woman and yet you judge her. Policeman put their lives on the line every day, but if a psychopath rapes and tortures them while they are on the job, that policeman is not to blame for having a dangerous job, it is the animal who perpetrated the crime. These men attacked her because they thought she was Jewish, and she was a Western woman. By treating her as a slave girl, they were not breaking Muslim laws. Read the reports.

1241 days ago
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