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Dr. Murray's Lawyer Goes Hog Wild

4/29/2011 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers want to use a piglet to prove that Propofol can be ingested.


During today's court hearing, Judge Michael Pastor referenced attorney Michael Flanagan's suggestion to introduce evidence of a pig ingesting Propofol.  Flanagan said he intended to use a vet as an expert witness -- presumably to discuss the ingestion of Propofol.

One of the defense's theories is that Michael Jackson fatally ingested Propofol while Dr. Murray was out of the bedroom.

The defense is also floating a theory -- that Michael may have fatally injected himself while Murray stepped out.


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thats nice eleonora49,you have a way with words

1241 days ago


electriczipper 11 minutes ago

Thank you! That makes me feel so good to hearing that today!

1241 days ago


I'll tell ya I always liked Michael, thought he was just way different because of his outrageous AT THE TIME childhood as a superstar at 9. Who can really then relate to that? So he just acted out his childhood as an adult is my belief. Lots of adults do this but aren't high profile/

So it's hard to say but I think he DID inject himself thinking 'I'm not sleepy I can try more' not realizing the danger and just dropped dead. It's sad but people accidentally OD all the time. And this stuff wasn't Vicodin. It's meant to put you down for the fake dirt nap unless you get too much.

Never should have been doing it to begin with is where the Doctor screwed up, but it's our sick celeb worshiping dollar chasing culture that made him forget his Hippocratic oath.

1241 days ago


Are they going to kill the pig? This is animal cruelty to give propofol to a pig to see if it dies. Where is PETA when you need it?

1241 days ago


The issue still exists that he STEPPED OUT, while using a drug that should not be used outside a hospital setting and without proper hospital monitoring or rescussitation equipment, without a licensed anesthesiologist present, delayed in calling paramedics, and then when paramedics arrived, he withheld from them the vital information of what he had given MJ.

So even under that almost impossible scenario that MJ added anything to what Murray had already given him, Murray has no defense to all these other factors he created and without which this tragedy would not have happened.

1241 days ago


Murray - experiment with injections on yourself; when you give your last oink we will all squeal with delight!

1241 days ago

I Hate MJ    

Talk about an oinker. Take a look at the one on the right. LOL

1241 days ago

kathy Murray is going to let them inject HIM at the trial?
WOW....can't wait

1241 days ago


why dont they bring the pig to a strip joint and have him passing out hundreds like sounds like a better fit

1241 days ago


or better yet, drop the pig at the strip joint and see how long it takes it to get back to mj house.

1241 days ago


MJ had propofol in his stomach according to the autopsy.
How did it get there?? Is there any possible way other than drinking it?

If there isn´t, I have a hard time to find any other explanation than MJ waking up and either wanting to die or being so confused and desperate that he just grabbed a bottle of propofol. At the same time it seems like a really weird thing to do.

Third alternative: the propofol was forced into his mouth when he was unconscious - to kill him.

1241 days ago


PETA time to go to work!

1241 days ago


@Nan, LOL

1241 days ago


I am sorry TMZ but putting a photo of a pig's head next to a photo of Michael is totally DISRESPECTFUL!

Killer murray's team is really desperate.
First Michael injects himself with the propofol,then he drank it.

Now they are going to sacrifice a pig,i would like to know just how they will make the animal drink the anesthetic.

Once the jurors see the footage from This is it and the autopsy photos,killer murray will definately end up in jail and not just for 4 years and it will be for VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER.

1241 days ago
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