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Murray Wants MJ Rehearsals To Show Warning Signs

4/29/2011 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers have subpoenaed Sony for the raw footage from the "This Is It" rehearsals to show the jury ... Michael Jackson was a physical and mental mess before he died ... TMZ has learned.


We've learned Murray's lawyers want the tapes to show Jackson was slow, lethargic and weak in the days prior to his death.  Although some of the video shows an alert MJ, other portions, we're told, clearly show something is wrong with the singer.

Murray's lawyers want to show jurors in the manslaughter case ... Michael was ill or even dying before the fateful morning ... so it wasn't really the June 25 Propofol injections that killed MJ.


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ok, so he is a doctor and he didn't see he was sick and then logically get him help. Hospitilize him et cetera? cmon, there is NO indication ever to give propofol outside of a controlled hospital environment. the guy is going down. sorry

1276 days ago


IMO, they should show the raw footage. MJ WAS FREAKING DRUG ADDICT. THIS IS WHY HE DIED! Yes, Murray was a greedy, ignorant dumb a$$ who should he charged and convicted of manslaughter for his role in MJs death. Murray didn't care about the consequences of his actions. All he cared about was money. But MJs long term drug abuse needs to be considered as well. MJ got away with this because he was rich and could afford to find an unethical and incredibly stupid doctor willing to get him high. So IMO it's a 50/50 split as far as fault.

1276 days ago


Seriously, excellent idea. The jury needs to see the real Michael Jackson!

Mr. Murray just needs a hefty fine, long-term community service (scrubbing toilets at a homeless shelter and such) and his license jerked, permanently. He doesn't deserve prison.

End of story.

1276 days ago


well , we will see what happens in court but i , as usual , want to know who is paying his legal bills and why..since he is supposed to be broke.someone wants murray to be very relaxed and comfortable.and not in a panic is my feelong on it...i would like to know why, if nobody was really familiar with this guy, they would take up for him like this...
is somebody from aeg afraid if he is shown to have been hired by them and he was negligent , does the family have a case or something like that..must have to do with money or someone wouldnt concern themselves with murrays predicament..
there are a lot of unanswered questions as gsharon said...
and arnie klien is feeling the heat too..
it is pretty amazing that a successful dermatologist to the stars would be out there on lkl talking about one of his famous clients medical stuff,even if they were friends, i would think he could have left that to miko brando, who was not treating him for anything..... never mind a two hour sit down with harvey levin...
with tabloid tidbits...strange,isnt it..

maybe the tapes showed murray leaving or someone else arriving..
i would hope that the police have taken a look at the cell phone records for the weeks leading up to this event.i would be interested in if he had been reporting to any one person on a regular basis, ...
have a good day all !!

1276 days ago


phantom ...magic of mj ..that was a nice :))

1276 days ago


MJ did whatever the hell MJ wanted to do. Of course he was totally f****d up and a complete mess and his lack of self control put him at the mercy of his enemies. All his enemies had to do was to make sure that MJ got all the drugs he wanted and, (what with all of the pressure from knowing that there was NO WAY IN HELL he could do 10 concerts, let alone 50) eventually MJ would kill himself. Sure Dr. Murray is guilty of selling his soul for $$$$ to work for MJ and he should be charged with negligence for leaving MJ alone for 1 second. BUT MJ, being himself and his own god, frustrated like hell and out of his mind - took that fatal dose and said GOODBYE World - I'm DONE! Dr. Murray knows how much Propofol he gave MJ and he was probably shocked when he learned of the high level found in MJs body. Of course MJ was a mess during rehearsal so bring on ALL of the footage so show the truth.

1276 days ago


If Michael was showing signs of illness then Dr. Murray should of did something rather then give him propofol. It still comes down to Dr. Murray as he is the person that got the propofol, which shouldn't be used outside of a hospital, or for someone who couldn't sleep. He also didn't have the equipment or help if something went wrong, which it did. Dr. Murray is to blame!!!!!!

1276 days ago


If there were warnings signs - which there seems to have been - they turned up after MJ being in Murray's care for six weeks, and the first person to note them should have been Murray.

He was an idiot to take the assignment, an idiot for not keeping MJ healthy, an idiot for giving him propofol and then doing everything wrong. And if this is his defense, he's still an idiot.

1276 days ago


How does anyone know that MJ was a drug addict the last few years of his life? The LAPD found prescription meds in MJ's rental home for anxiety dating back to mid April 2009. The containers were not empty at his time of death. A few people think Klein was giving MJ demerol shots in April, May to June 10, 2009, but that has not been proven. Kleins medical records show MJ was receiving botox at the time of injections listed. No hardcore drugs were found in MJ's body by the coroner.

The Anna Nichole case was finalized when the judge determined Anna Nichole was NOT a drug addict but was taking medication for medical ailments.

The tapes in MJ's rented home were found. There were outside camera's and a camera in the house that photographed the landing upstairs. There were no camera's in the bedrooms. A security company owned the security system and each camera was programmed to record for 24 hours, erase, then start a new 24 hour cycle. The LAPD has the tapes. The LAPD only reviewed the section of tape beginning when Murray arrived.

From the preliminary hearing is was stated by head of security that 2 guards worked days and 2 guards worked nights. Alvarez couldn't get into the house until the housekeeper unlocked the front door for him. The house had security gates and surrounded by a high fence.

LaToya was the person who claimed MJ USED TO keep money under his carpet in his other homes. No one knows if MJ hid money in his rental home. Tohme dismissed all staff after MJ died. Perhaps he might know where the money is. He turned in $5.5 million after the Estate discovered that missing.

1276 days ago


meme and others - no, MJ's "longtime drug addiction" is not something that needs to be considered in his death, because he DID NOT DIE OF THAT. The autopsy concluded he died from acute propofol poisoning. He died from the drugs Murray put into him, nothing else.

If MJ was in a weakened state, which seems to have been the case the days before his passing (though not the last night) it was BECAUSE of Murray, and Murray should be the first to know about it and then demand MJ stopped rehearsing and go to hospital for a check-up. Instead, according to Ortega, he declared MJ fit for fight when Ortega worried (as did Karen Faye and fans) and said he could keep working. That's how much he cared for his patient's well-being.

1276 days ago


So, with all that rehearsing, he's not supposed to be tired from time to time? It would be alot more suspicious if he was full of energy and in a great mood all the time.

1276 days ago


YEP...In This Is It MJ really seemed very weak... He didnt dance and didnt even grabed his (u know what). OPEN YOUR EYES!!! MJ was in shape,He was awsome in This Is It He was really happy and proud of his work. He wanted only the best for his fans soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SHAMONE!!!

1276 days ago


The Murray team are clutching at straws as always. Definitely getting desperate. Michael may or may not have been lethargic but nothing alters THE FACT, THE FACT, that Murray gave his patient a lethal and illegal dose of Propofol. Murray is 100% responsible for his patient's death. Murray was negligent and reckless and he killed Michael Jackson.

1276 days ago


Here's a link so you can read the preliminary trial of Conrad Murray. It will answer a lot of questions and clear up many misconceptions. Besure and read what Alberto Alverez, Security, witnessed.

Scroll down to the section under defense team. Read #1 through #22.

1276 days ago
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