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Palin Sued For $100k Over Alleged Traffic Conspiracy

4/29/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin is the mastermind of a dark conspiracy to punish an Alaskan citizen who dared to speak out against her over the traffic situation in Juneau -- this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 


A man named Theodore Thoma claims he had a serious issue with traffic in the neighborhood surrounding the Governor's Mansion back in 2009 ... back when Sarah was the Gov. In fact, Thoma claims he proposed state action to solve the problem and even made up signs and fliers to push the issue.

But Palin didn't take kindly to the criticism, says Thoma, and she "undertook a campaign against [Theodore] ... to punish, embarrass, discredit and silence" him.

It's unclear what she did ... but according to Thoma's suit, Palin's actions have caused a "chilling" effect on his ability to exercise his federal constitutional rights.

Thoma wants Palin to fork over more than $100k for all of the harm she's caused.

Calls to the Palin camp have not been returned.


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Capt. Colin Cameron-Tough    

Sue her for a million. And sue her for shooting animals from a helicopter. And, sue her for that stupid grin of hers whenever she opens her mouth. And, tell her to sit on her porch in Alaska and watch Russia. For gawd's sake. The woman is annoying.

1270 days ago

Capt. Colin Cameron-Tough    

Sue her for a million. And sue her for shooting animals from a helicopter. And, sue her for that stupid grin of hers whenever she opens her mouth. And, tell her to sit on her porch in Alaska and watch Russia. For gawd's sake. The woman is annoying.

1270 days ago


One more in a long line of idiot Democrats filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Problem now is in Alaska, the LOSER pays all legal costs. The exception was elected officials. That is why over 43 frivolous lawsuits were filed, and each was dismissed by the Court on the very first day it arrived.

I believe it was a contributing if not major reason for Sarah to step down as Governor. They're family legal debts were about $500,000 (all this before income from books and appearances).

Now what is happening is Anti-Palin rhetoric sponsored by the kook liberals in the Democrat Party more worried about a President Sarah Palin than any other Republican President, including "The Donald".

1270 days ago


I can't stop laughing at that picture, lol.

1270 days ago


Her tales of an “alleged” stalker were not getting her the kind of attention she was jonesing for...

1270 days ago


Until we find out exactly what she did to degrade this man, it is wrong to take sides. As much as I hope she gets sued, though $100,000 isnt going to dent her wallet, calling someone guilty before given the details, is an injustice to both parties. The outcome of this case doesnt change the fact that she will always be a loser.

1270 days ago

jimmy 6    

........She smells like farts......

1270 days ago


@Cartman - Palin is not a politician. She is a quitter turned celebrity. She had her failed television specials and horrible show, and her daughter was a contestant on a reality show.

These actions sound very much like Palin. Remember what she did to her brother in-law?

1270 days ago


This family is damn phony makes you want to throw up. She is a money hungry betch and can't stand her or fasmily. They lie to get what they want step on anyone they can they are hateful people. Hope that stalker finds her. Please do the world a favor. Would pay to watch her get her face smashed in.

1270 days ago


Sarah you knew this day was pay up. Your 15 minutes of fame is going to cost you big time. All those people you have dissed are now exercising their judicial rights as USA citizens. For all you SP fans...the media warned you about the mooseburger but you didn't listen.

Obama/Biden 2012

1270 days ago


Frank Bailey tells in his book (out next month) 'Blind Allegiance' how Mrs Palin made up a fiction about her daughter and a lemonade stand so that she could have something really nasty to say in public about her neighbor (I imagine it's like the stupid story about mowing her garden in a tank top with Trig strapped to her back that she made up to have something nasty to say about Joe McGinnis). You can expect a lot more lawsuits against Mrs Palin if the book is anything to go by.

1270 days ago


Oh please this dude just wants money....why didnt sue the previous gov. As traffic would be the same, and why isn't he suing the one who is gov. Now..... So tired of people suing over everything, read a newspaper and in the first three pages u will have at least five stories over frivolous things like this.....

1270 days ago


@ pawang, good point.....through him to the lions!

1270 days ago


I'm not normally one to support frivolous lawsuits, but when it comes to this lady, go for it. She is such a vindictive little beeyotch, I'm glad to see someone make her fork out more for lawyers. She really does deserve that. As for the tea'bag'gers on here - y'all need to wake up. Did you know that Fox News sued for the right to broadcast false information knowingly? And they WON? Google it. Suckers.

1270 days ago


Would need to really know more,... sounds like he's done this before so maybe traffic in that area is really something he is concerned about and the governor's mansion area. (WHY do we waste money in every state to pay for a governor to live in a mansion?). Then again I also completely believe that Sarah Palin is a bully and has no problem threaten those who she feels have no right to tell HER what to do. She can't take the most simplest of criticisms so I'm guessing a guy putting up signs about her lack of concern for the traffic issues in the area would piss her right off. Him having a criminal history of DUI's ... I can totally see her sending someone to warn him to cool his jets or else. Not physical stuff but threats that once a drunk driver, you 'could get pulled over and the officer find a bottle of open booze in your car' ... kind of stuff.

1270 days ago
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