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Palin Sued For $100k Over Alleged Traffic Conspiracy

4/29/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin is the mastermind of a dark conspiracy to punish an Alaskan citizen who dared to speak out against her over the traffic situation in Juneau -- this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 


A man named Theodore Thoma claims he had a serious issue with traffic in the neighborhood surrounding the Governor's Mansion back in 2009 ... back when Sarah was the Gov. In fact, Thoma claims he proposed state action to solve the problem and even made up signs and fliers to push the issue.

But Palin didn't take kindly to the criticism, says Thoma, and she "undertook a campaign against [Theodore] ... to punish, embarrass, discredit and silence" him.

It's unclear what she did ... but according to Thoma's suit, Palin's actions have caused a "chilling" effect on his ability to exercise his federal constitutional rights.

Thoma wants Palin to fork over more than $100k for all of the harm she's caused.

Calls to the Palin camp have not been returned.


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Harry Lime    

Since Mr. Obama gained his state senate and US senate seats by disqualifying his opponents, he must realize that Gov. Palin is his most dangerous potential rival for 2012. Why else attack a private citizen every day for three years?!

1271 days ago

jealous of kate    

TMZ, ALONG WITH HARVEY LEVINE, will post ANYTHING, about Sarah Palin, ANYTHING, as long as it is NEGATIVE. Harvey, I get it, YOU DISLIKE HER, HATE HER, but, YOU ARE THE ONE LOOKING LIKE AN ******* when you post stories by MORONS. This person is an activist-he has been after her before-for the traffic in front of the Governor's Mansion. What Traffic? The TOUR BUSES that circle around the 'Mansion'. Back in 2009, she had offered to meet with this 'chip' Thoma person, but, he declined, and said to work it out with the Mayor of Juneau. So, complain, complain, complain, but 'I' don't want to be part of the solution. Obviously, he did not lIKE THE SOLUTION. JERK!

1271 days ago


Palin 2012!!!!

1271 days ago


I would give her a hundred grand for her undies. And then vote Dem anyway. Snark snark

1271 days ago


Gawd is she ugly!

1271 days ago


first she runs out of being governor of Alaska then she shoves her daughter in DWTS she goes on her book tour making a million dollars still does not know what any foreign countries does a real dope who wants to be President just like Bush who left this mess for the Dems to clean up...what is wrong with this picture.

1271 days ago


I love that people are blaming Obama for this - are you kidding me? I just got a paper cut - it's Obama's fault...get a life!

1271 days ago


Uh, Mr. Thoma, get your head outta know! Bitter old sour puss! Reaching, dontcha think, moron?!

Sarah, I like ya, but I don't want you to be my president, it's tiring now. Go to Hollwood and make millions!!!

1271 days ago


Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.... She is a liar and a hypocrite, you blind sheep who follow her. WAKE UP! She was pregnant with her criminal loser son Trip when she married, her slut daughter had a baby out of wedlock, they have BOTH been on reality shows.... how much more do I need to say to show you you are worshiping an idiot white trash moron? She spouts "Christian" values yet she is the biggest hypocrite of them all! Why don't people say that having babies after age 40 is the same as drinking while pregnant? Your chances of having a mentally disabled child are about the same, and that's what Sarah did.

1271 days ago


wow.....all's well on the democratic socialist front..sarcasm!

1271 days ago


She is mentally disabled.The kids is way ahead of her.

1271 days ago


Levi finally signed his book deal to write what really go's on inside the Palin house. Maybe we will get some real truth to this phony family, he lived in that place and saw all.

1271 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Todd Track Trig Tripp Twillow Tristol Trick Trap Truck Trump


Nobody with any intelligence likes you or wants you around!

Wipe that stupid smile off your face Serum!

1271 days ago


I would be very tempted to pass this off as frivolous had Sarah Palin not fired a man for not firing her brother-in-law who divorced her sister. He is a state policeman. She has demonstrated her ability to stoop to low measures. I think we had enough of this type of personality in the White House with Richard Nixon. It is a low, petty type of person to be so vindictive. Based upon her history, he may have a reasonable case.

1271 days ago

And thats the truth    

Crabbey 3 hours ago I'm not normally one to support frivolous lawsuits, but when it comes to this lady, go for it. She is such a vindictive little beeyotch, I'm glad to see someone make her fork out more for lawyers. She really does deserve that. As for the tea'bag'gers on here - y'all need to wake up. Did you know that Fox News sued for the right to broadcast false information knowingly? And they WON? Google it. Suckers.

Actually I DID just look it up and you are full of sh*it. Next time you spew, please verify what you are talking about so you dont look like such a fre*aking id*iot.

I actually watch MSNBC from time to time and I caught them in about 5 lies in the first 15 minutes so dont give me that hor*se sh*it. You are just another liberal with an "agenda" and you will do anything to demonize the "enemies" as Obama put it, so you will "win".

Stop with the childish games. Enough is enough. We are no longer buying what you are selling anymore. It is time to pay the piper. See you at the polls in 2012 sucker!

1271 days ago
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