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Bruce & Demi's Kid Nabbed for Alcohol Possession

4/30/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tallulah Belle Willis, the 17-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, had a brush with the law last night over alcohol ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops spotted three girls getting out of a car in Hollywood at around 11:00 PM, carrying what appeared to be two bottles of alcohol. The officers probed further and determined it was indeed the hard stuff. Here's the problem ... all three girls are underage.

Tallulah Belle and her cohorts were cited at the scene for underage possession -- but since Tallulah Belle -- who has appeared in "The Scarlet Letter" and "The Whole Ten Yards" -- is a minor, cops couldn't just release her .... they needed to find an adult to pick her up .

So Tallulah Belle called Bruce ... but a dutiful Demi did the hard labor, getting in a car and retrieving T.B.

Someone's in trouble.


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If i had a name like Tahullah Belle I would drink too!

1238 days ago


Scout was in Scarlett Letter, not Tallulah. But it's ok, because that movie is easily one of the WORST "freely adapted" screenplays in the world. Very difficult to watch.

1238 days ago


I think she's beautiful. Tallulah Belle--sleep it off and go to yoga later this afternoon.

1238 days ago


She looks more like the lovechild of Demi and Jay Leno.

1238 days ago


No worries. She's tied to H'wood. She'll get off scott free. Probably snag a couple new movie roles from it

1238 days ago


She'd be great as a female version of Jack Nicholson. She needs to be casted in wild, psycho parts. She probably has the talent for it too, given her lineage.

1238 days ago

tippy katz    

ChrisM about an hour ago
Wow... what a bunch of cruel, judgemental comments. She's a kid for crying out loud. Slamming her looks is immature and mean. Not exactly her fault who her parents are. As for people criticizing her parents' skills... I suppose all of you have perfect teens and are perfect parents, or were perfect teens yourselves. It sure would be nice if people could be kinder and more tolerant, and give folks the benefit of the doubt before jumping to cruelty hiding behind a keyboard. It would make this a much nicer world.

Oh, one last thought, I'd be willing to bet my bottom dollar that every one of those cruel (intolerant) comments came from people of a "liberal" persuasion who voted for Obama and who like to talk a big line about how everyone should be accepted and all ways of life should be tolerated. I've yet to meet a "liberal" who really believes that or acts it out on people who don't meet THEIR standards!

Yeah, ChrisM..
I know what you mean. Why can't those horrible liberals be more like us loving,
accepting Conservatives. Like when we say gays should not have any rights, because they are evil and degenerate... but then we get caught getting nastybusy with male prostitutes WHOOPS LOL

1238 days ago


@ ChrisM

Go take a chill pill, and a HRT one while you're at it!!
It's not that serious, and how I vote is none of your business!!
I see you like to put people in your imaginary boxes!
Well, just for the record, I don't fit in anyone's box!
I never gave a rat's ass if anyone was 'conservative' or 'liberal' or 'Democrat' or 'Republican'!!
I just don't care about a freaking label, and I‘m certainly not much into ‘Pollitricks‘!! Ha-ha!!
You must be new to this site, because everybody else knows that I don’t give a #uck what you or anyone else thinks about my comments!!
This is NOT a social site! I’m not here to make friends, idiot!! Get a life!!!
I don’t know you nor would I want to, so get your fat ass off the computer and go to the gym, you’ll feel better!
Well, I’ve got a life to live, so here’s my middle finger to you, and you can take your crazy judgmental ass over to the nearest fire hydrant, sit down on it and just spin away!!! Moron!!
Have a good day!! Ha-ha!!

1238 days ago


When did Demi and Jay Leno get together?.....just askin...

1238 days ago


Like mother like daughter old is her boyfriend, 10 ?

1238 days ago


This is what happens with your narcissistic mommy and her husband are busy taking photos of themselves, Twittering, and God knows what else.

1238 days ago


Come on guys her appearance has nothing to do with what she did. She's 17...that is what teenagers do! Are you telling me none of you had a drop of alcohol before 21? None of your kids drank before 21? That's part of growing up and being a teen thinking you are cool/sneeking by drinking, etc. I know I did. It scares me just how much time people will waste out of their day being negative. If you think she's ugly then think that to yourselves and go do something productive with your time. I highly doubt all of these previous commenters are all David Beckhams and future super models.....just sayin.....

1238 days ago


I've never heard the young lady speak...she shares a first name with the legendary Tallulah Bankhead, who had a very deep voice. The Alabama-born Bankhead(she was in a number of films, including Alfred Hitch****'s "Lifeboat"), was notorious more for her sexual proclivities, and also had her troubles...according to Wikipedia, the last two words
she uttered upon her death in 1968, age 66, were reportedly, "codeine...bourbon".

1238 days ago

northern lights    

I feel BAD for her! She also lost her priviliges to the AMEX Black card!!

Her life is OOVERR!!!!!!!!

1238 days ago

Jack Steen    

She's even uglier than her skank sister Gomer !

1238 days ago
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