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Bruce & Demi's Kid Nabbed for Alcohol Possession

4/30/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tallulah Belle Willis, the 17-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, had a brush with the law last night over alcohol ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops spotted three girls getting out of a car in Hollywood at around 11:00 PM, carrying what appeared to be two bottles of alcohol. The officers probed further and determined it was indeed the hard stuff. Here's the problem ... all three girls are underage.

Tallulah Belle and her cohorts were cited at the scene for underage possession -- but since Tallulah Belle -- who has appeared in "The Scarlet Letter" and "The Whole Ten Yards" -- is a minor, cops couldn't just release her .... they needed to find an adult to pick her up .

So Tallulah Belle called Bruce ... but a dutiful Demi did the hard labor, getting in a car and retrieving T.B.

Someone's in trouble.


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Peter Sc    

I wouldn't care. Here (Denmark) it is custom to drink alcohol once the kids are confirmed at age 14. Most crime here are done by non-drinkers of non-danish origins and our parliament used several years of research to find out whether alcohol is dangerous for minor and it is NOT as long as the percentage is below 16.5.

However if I was a parent in your society I would send my child to Europe, so she could get a life instead of being suppressed by a society with doublestandards.

1275 days ago


I think she's very pretty. Awesome eyes! And of all the Moore-Willis girls, I was hoping Tallulah would have been the actress, maybe she is, I just haven't seen her in anything for some time. She was hilarious in "Bandits" and has some comic ability. Granted she was a little kid then. I think all the girls seem pretty normal. I have a feeling Bruce is the disciplinarian in the family. I think she'll get a lot of grief from him...isn't he the one who distanced Rumer from hanging out with Lindsay as much as she was??

1275 days ago


I'm sure Demi won't make a big deal out of it. I wonder why Bruce didn't pick her up. Anyway, she has beautiful eyes but with a name like Tallulah Belle I would need a few drinks of alcohol to get through the day myself.

1275 days ago


Oh, come on people. She's 17. She's doing exactly what you were doing at her age. The difference here is that she got caught.

1275 days ago


Big jaw!!!!

1275 days ago


Another Borderline Personality Disordered product of uncommon!

1275 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Wow, what a mean-looking ugly kid. She looks like a VULTURE. Beady little eyes...anyone who said they were "amazing" must be blind. Those are the beadiest little eyes I have ever seen which, combined with her LARGE & MANLY face make her look vulture-like. The pointed potato nose doesn't help matters.

This kid looks like a vulture. No upper lip. No cheekbones. Just a flat, large manly vulture like face.

1275 days ago


Yikes, someone beat her with the ugly stick.

1275 days ago


The father of her two daughters is NOT Bruce Willis, it has to be Jay Leno...there is no other way to explain the embarrassingly huge chins they both inherited. The girls definitely did not inherit their mother's looks, it's all Jay.

1275 days ago


Wow TJ, you really hit the nail on the head. Borderline Personality Disorder runs rampid through all of Hollywood, yet noone ever talks about it. One of these stars need to come out with it. It's a gold mine in the making.

1275 days ago

Jay's kid    

Are we sure that Demi didn't have a one-nighter with Jay Leno way back when?.......holy cow what a chin!!

1275 days ago


Jay Leno's kid?

1275 days ago


They all have to be the ugliest children going. Put a bag over all three of them!!

1275 days ago


@tippy katz I am a perfect mother with a perfect son who never got into trouble with the police and oh YA I was also a perfect child growing up......JUST saying

When you spoil your children and gave them everything like I'm sure Demi and Bruce did to their children than of course they will get into trouble but no worries, they will get off just like Lindsay did and will continue to did having money buys your freedom. But one thing money doesn't buy and that is class and looks.

1275 days ago


My God!!! it looks like Bruce and Demi beat all of their kids with the biggest ugly stick they could find!!! They all look like they have some kind of large chin birth defects!!!! I bet this one could take a punch to the face easy!!!!

1275 days ago
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