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Charlie Sheen -- I've Never Done Heroin

4/30/2011 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre must have the wrong monkey (*wink wink, nudge nudge) because Charlie Sheen tells us in no uncertain terms ... he's never done heroin!

Lorre took a not-so-veiled shot at Sheen on his vanity card at the end of "The Big Bang Theory" earlier this week. Lorre made reference to a monkey on the show behaving "increasingly erratic" and being "a heroin addict" -- but we all know who he was really referring to.

But Sheen tells TMZ point blank, "I have never done or tried heroin in my life."

And there you have it, straight from the monkey's mouth.


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Charlie sheen has never done heroin. Also, he has never been to a twelve step program or has been wished luck in his career by Chuck Lorre like the monkey.

Uh...If this vanity card did not produce the response from Sheen it wanted? Nothing did. Basically (LOL) Mr. Sheen admits he just might be that monkey!

Have a banana, Charlie. You have just been played!

1218 days ago


Just an observation that causes me to go hhhhmmmmmm.

Both ksis and Raymond have chosen to support Charlie Sheen after the "whole thing" started, now admittedly by each of them.

Both of his most devoted fans here are newbies to the life and times of Charlie Sheen. But, they will argue with anyone who disagrees with them, including JWLor.

JWLor personally knows people involved closely in this situation, ran in the same circles as Charlie Sheen for decades, and has actually met Charlie Sheen.


1218 days ago



Save your hmmmmmmmmmmmm for someone who actually cares. I couldn't care less what you think about me and what you belive. JWLor KNOWS people involved? Yeah, sure.
See? It works both ways.

1218 days ago


Oh far be it from him,
I mean really. What
would ever make anyone
think he'd do heroin? Ha

1218 days ago


Of course not, you were possessed at the time. and I have come to the conclusion that we all are the precedent of homosexual thesis and that homosexual is an acronym to Hierarchy Occults of Magniloquent Operations of Sanctioned Eigenvalue-vector-function's of Xenolalia Underwriter's in Acculturated Linguistic's. Sincerely, Mr. boof hooffed Gutchi.

1218 days ago


Lorre suggested that persons viewing this shall not drink to excess
and "avoid degrading yourself by having meaningless sex with strangers
in a futile attempt to fill the emptiness in your soul."

Lorre suggested that audience members extend prayers to people working
on the Series, and that viewers should "feel free to pick whomever
you think is most in need. Just hurry."


I have to give it to Sheen's attorney for hand picking only a PART of the entire context on the vanity card. These particular comments were taken out of context. The first statement is part of an entire statement that was referring to CHARLIE HARPER and when I read the other, I do not see the reference at all to charlie sheen....sorry! The "country song" is obviously referring to charlie but it was not derogatory, it is a fact that it happened and yes I will admit I would be pissed if I was charlie and someone I disliked made fun of me but it still does not excuse charlie's disgusting comments....Lorre's cards are mild in comparison to charlie's comments and Lorre's cards are for the most part TRUE.

1218 days ago


Kathyo less than a minute ago

I have to give it to Sheen's attorney for hand picking only a PART of the entire context on the vanity card.


You caught that did you? He's every bit as good at parsing a sentence or two, and drawing deliberately incorrect inferences from it, as others on this site - if not better. Then again, as "high-powered" as Mr. Singer reportedly is, I'd expect nothing less from him. After all, Charlie is lining his pockets to pull out all the stops and, in the legal world, you can "allege" anything, as long as you stop short of calling it "fact."

1218 days ago


@ksis - You were the one who made note of the 20 years which surprised me - note the question mark at the end of my sentence - So don't take offense -

I also note your vociferous defense of Mr. Sheen and though I admire your persistence unfortunately I don't admire Mr. Sheen and his activities at all.

Be that as it may - I do agree he has every right to live his life as he wishes and since he seems to prefer living it on the media stage, we as the public have a right to comment adversely if we chose to.

There is a saying in Al-Anon - for those dealing with family and friends who are addicts or alcoholics - "Let go and Let God" - I see that as the stance his family has taken with him -

It actually takes a lot of restraint to do this - but by letting go of the anger, bitterness, anguish, desire to help the person in addiction, desire to cover up for their illegal activities - You the non-participant who just cares about the person feel less stress and at peace - and you stop being an enabler.

In this case it seems both Sheen and Lorre need to resolve to do this - "Let go and Let God". It appears as an outsider the rage Sheen felt with his marriage dissolving resulted in acting out and the reaction he got from his employer was not the "you poor boy" he expected but "shape up or you are fired" ....this is real life - not the pissing contest that seems to be taking place -

Whatever will be decided will be decided in court regarding the lawsuit - Charlie Sheen has been the author of his own demise in the show IMO - the character of Charlie Harper is no longer a believable entity.

And as a side note* the millionaires and billionaires I know personally take extreme care of their health - they want to enjoy the $$$ and life as long as they can. So..none can understand why he's making the choices he has.

As for Mr. Lorre's subtle comments which Mr. Sheen has taken as against him they are but mosquito bites to which Sheen takes a bazooka - Surely rather over-reactive don't you think?

1218 days ago


No, but you beat a dead horse every day. One is as stupid as the next.
Get over it Charlie; it's over.

1218 days ago


Yea right.We all know whay a stand up,truth telling monkey Charlie Sheen is.

1218 days ago



I did save it for others who care. I wasn't talking to you at all.

So now you are saying that you LIED when you just wrote:

"FYI, I have not payed much attention to him either before the whole thing started, but after it started i watched and read a lot."

As much as you try, you can't have it both ways.

1218 days ago


The way Chuck Lorre go's on and on about Charlie I'm starting to wonder if deep down he's not jealous. He done with Chuck but Chuck won't put it to rest. Chuck with your money you always look like you need
a shower and a shave your hair always looks so greasy. You are not close to good looking. Find your personality nasty.

1218 days ago


"I have never done Heroin! Look...I like O.D'ing on things that will bust the corpuscles in my nose! Heroin is for junkies! Crack Cocaine on the other hand? Yea man! My Coke/Rock addiction makes Keith Richards heroin addiction look like a short armed child! I don't need to lose my teeth and look sickly while having puncture marks in my arms! I do it the old fashioned way: destroying the lining in my nostrils while losing my teeth and looking sickly! That is how I roll."

Ah. Who doesn't like the "Drug Connoisseur" detoxing responding to a monkey vanity card. Parodying Charlie Sheen is the new black.

1218 days ago



I never even knew there was a log of the card until a little while ago. I just went and read some and I noticed that Lorre pokes at everyone, including himself and advertisers and CBS executives. I just don't see a consistent harassment of charlie here but I can see that it would piss charlie off...truth often hurts especially when it comes from someone that you don't like and that person happens to be holding all the pun intended!

1218 days ago


Well, PARTS are the most important, because MOST of these vanity cards are just senseless babblings. LOL And that PART is most definitely about Charlie SHEEN.
Again...It is not about the kind of words that both of them were using. It's about the intent, imo.

1218 days ago
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