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Charlie Sheen -- I've Never Done Heroin

4/30/2011 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre must have the wrong monkey (*wink wink, nudge nudge) because Charlie Sheen tells us in no uncertain terms ... he's never done heroin!

Lorre took a not-so-veiled shot at Sheen on his vanity card at the end of "The Big Bang Theory" earlier this week. Lorre made reference to a monkey on the show behaving "increasingly erratic" and being "a heroin addict" -- but we all know who he was really referring to.

But Sheen tells TMZ point blank, "I have never done or tried heroin in my life."

And there you have it, straight from the monkey's mouth.


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TMZ are you able to talk about anyone else, other than Charlie or Lindsay???????

1275 days ago


Jodi 4 minutes ago Part of an article I read:

"Australia, our ‘bi-winning days’ are almost upon us. TV/internet star Charlie Sheen has revealed he’s heading Down Under next month to do a radio show on the Nova network.

“We’ll do giveaways… we’ll film it also,” Sheen announced on Nova this morning. “We’ll read some scripts and some scenes from Two and a Half Men and show everyone how it should have been done…. Sheen and Dools, epic as always.”
Let the media madness start now."

Since Charlie is not the creator of 2 1/2 Men nor part of the writing crew, can he take 2 1/2 Men scripts on his tour and make them part of his show?


He can't legally but he believes he's above the law.
There he is, begging for his job back and still HIGH on his Sheen Drug, displaying the same arrogant INSUBORDINATE (EX-)EMPLOYEE behavior that got him fired in the first place.
The tard is as tarded as they come.
Blow it Charlie. He wants to keep provoking and spreading his wastes on another continent.
He's already been blacklisted and it's ALL HIS OWN DOING with his filthy mouth and bitterness.
Charlie is driving himself straight into a coffin and he thinks the would will show sympathy for him.
Bad days ahead await the Messiah.

1275 days ago


Who needs heroin when you are rolling in 7 gram rocks?

most people would need something to calm them down after doing a bunch of coke WORD! but not charlie sheen

1275 days ago


Just a thought here; but, does anyone remember when Lorre's lawyer ate his vanity card recently?

if Lorre is taking a jab at Sheen, then his lawyer would have had vanity card for lunch again.

They are still engaged in a legal battle.

Sheen may be this stupid, witness his recent letter sent via TMZ. Lorre is not, witness his silence on the subject and following his lawyer's advice.

Its called paranoia, people.

1275 days ago


Kate 39 minutes ago

What's the difference between Sheen's meltdown and Chuck Lorre's over this battle between them?
Spoiled brat Lorre started it in the first place with inappropriate cards at the end of his shows. Now, we can't watch our favorite show which affects a whole lot of people. The studio french kisses Lorre and throws Charlie and the show with the TV family we've come to love out to the curb. Now, that's some big immature ego on display; not to mention how bad it makes Americans look. Thanks a lot!
A revamped show with Jon Cryer as lead? Humph! He can't do it. Remember the show about Allen and the massage therapist at his office....Lame, just plain old lame.


All the episodes that had Alan as a lead were kinda lame. Thank goodness there were few of them. LOL
Yep, Lorre started it, he continues it, but Charlie is a bad guy for not keeping his mouth shut. Hypocrisy at its best.

1275 days ago


Let's get this straight.. he doesn't do heroin but he is still a monkey, right?

1275 days ago


Just a thought here; but, does anyone remember when Lorre's lawyer ate his vanity card recently?


HAHAHA!!! Like that wasn't one of Lorre's "jokes". If his lawyer told him not to release the vanity card, he wouldn't have released it at all. It only made Lorre look like a coward - "I want to say something so mean about Charlie but I am scared".LOL!!

1275 days ago


bbrown less than a minute ago

His kids are in their 30's or maybe 40's they are older then me they can take it it's not like im going after a 5 year old kid haha and the reason people dont make fun of charles kid's is because they are cute looking kids. I would think chuck who knowns something about addiction would know alittle more about charlies addiction someone he worked with for 8 years or so.


"His kids are in their 30's or maybe 40's they are older then me they can take it it's not like im going after a 5 year old kid haha"

Now how on earth could his kids be in their FORTIES if Lorre wasn't born until 1952, and wasn't even MARRIED until 2001?? Check your facts before you post next time, would you? And, given that his oldest from his marriage would be approximately 10 years old, leave his kids out of this. I stand by what I said earlier - innocent children have no place in this ugliness.

As for his understanding of addiction & addicts, you must have missed this story last night, the one about how Lorre is credited with saving a life and inspiring someone to start a foundation to assist teens with drug abuse problems. The link is below, if you can stomach seeing a personal story that doesn't make Lorre out to be a liar and an a$$.

I think that Mr. Lorre knows just a bit more about addictions and addicts than Sheen himself - and Sheen just made himself look like a major head case by assuming that the vanity card was ALL ABOUT him.

Don't be a Raymond, please?

1275 days ago


Yeah everyone bitches about charlies rants has any one read those stupid cards they are way worse then charlie sheen atleast charlie tryes to make them somewhat interesting.

1275 days ago

richard pierce    

Does anyone with more than one functioning brain cell really give a damn what this blown-out egocentric nose-candy addict says. Charlie Sheen is finished as a human being. It's only a matter of time before he ends up on a slab in the morgue - and the sooner the better for everyone!

1275 days ago


haah sorry his kids much age fast look at this picture how old do you think these kids are

1275 days ago



It's not the point what was worse. The point who started it and how hypocritical it is now to blame Charlie for firing back.
Charlie speaks directly to Lorre. Chuckie is acting like a coward.

1275 days ago


the fact that he's lying about heroin makes me have no respect for him now. plus if he aint lying then i also have no respect for him for the simple fact he plays himself off as a drug addict yet hasnt done heroin? come on, i know theres some junkies reading this that know what the hell im talking about!!!!

1275 days ago



Too late for asking bbrown not to "be a Raymond".

Here is a pic taken in 2009 of Lorre with his 2 children when he was given the HW "Star".

People can decide for themselves how "ugly" they really are.

1275 days ago

Bruce Applegate MA Ed     

I came across this on the news wire. I have to make sure I unsubscribe to that wire. What a terrible media out. What is your mission statement, "Hurt and Disgrace People, at the Readers Delight"? Keep your negative karma. Bruce Applegate,

1275 days ago
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