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Charlie Sheen -- Getting Into the E-Cigarette Biz

4/30/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We finally have the answer to the question everyone has been asking -- WHAT IS CHARLIE SHEEN SMOKING?????


TMZ has learned Charlie has partnered in a line of electronic cigarettes cleverly titled NicoSheen. Billed as "the winning E-cigarette," the site boasts disposable E-cigs as well as a host of other E-smoking related products.

Charlie is one of several partners in the company. And, as is customary these days with Sheen, one of the other partners is his troubled baseball pal ... Lenny Dykstra.

Who needs to be the highest paid actor on television when you can hock electronic cigarettes on the Internet?


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@Disturbed Your comment is disturbingly WRONG. Electronic cigarettes are a SAFER alternative. I know this because I've read the full FDA report, which can't hide the truth the way their misleading press release did. I smoked for 36 years and was able to completely stop smoking tobacco the day I started vaping. The harm in smoking a cigarette comes from tobacco combustion, and this product was designed to allow a user to still get nicotine WITHOUT the 4,000 chemicals found in a cigarette. I encourage every smoker to do a search for e-cigarette forum, educate yourself about this product and read our success stories. DON'T order NicoSheen without learning about the eGo and the Riva. The industry may be relatively new, but there are thousands of us who have made the switch.


1272 days ago


That along with his sex doll Crackhead Charlie and he is good to go. LOL

1272 days ago

Melissa S    

Uhm, Raymond. I'm pretty sure that was an ad for Mega Stock disguised as a press release.

1272 days ago


First...I smoke - menthol cigs. Cut down to 6 - 10/day...still getting nicotine AND all the "other" products produced from the "combustion" of the tobacco. I guess it still amuses me that we/I don't realize that ANYTHING "burning" that is inhaled into our body/lungs is REALLY bad for us. It's SMOKE for Christ's sake...LOL
ALL cigs on the market are "flavored"...NOT just the menthol ones. That's why if you smoke Marlboro as opposed to a Camel, you notice the's the different "flavor" added to give each brand it's particular nuances and thus the differences in preference.
An example that's more like Breyers Strawberry Ice can't stand to eat the store brand or Edy's....flavor just not the same - also have "ingredient" differences, as does cigs, too. Some companies use tobacco "blends"...higher qualities. Thats why "Basics" are in fact "basic"....not high quality tobacco or blending, and flavor not so "intricate" as other "major" brands. NOTHING wrong with that...same thing is true...some people prefer the flavor and aren't just smoking them due to cost.
Now....even though one is NOT getting the "combustion" products as in a "regular cig by using the "E" cig ....there STILL is flavor added to give one the "effect"....the actual "flavor" of a "real" cig. So, in other words, the "vapor" which is "inhaled" STILL contains "chemicals" which come from the flavor put into the cartridges used. So, still slightly screwed since inhaling these chemicals from the added flavor in the "E" cartridges over an extended period of time really will have an effect on your body/lungs because you're STILL inhaling foreign materials, per se.

Also, as a side note...airlines and some establishments have already banned the use of the E cig, as well.

1272 days ago

Melissa S    

I'm sure Mega Stock portfolio advice is as sound as its news source (Charlie).

I think I'll put my money elsewhere.

1272 days ago


Since when is charlie telling people in an interview that he is in talks about getting his job back breaking news. charlie sheen has been saying this for about grasping.
what would really be news is charlie's fans explaining what they think about the fact that their hero who gave up money for his talent and integrity by sticking it to the man now wants his job back!

1272 days ago


omg he needs to stop making a bigger fool out of himself. Is that possible?

1272 days ago


the box looks like it should be for hair dye

1272 days ago

who dat    

Yet more proof he's losing, as if anymore is needed.

1272 days ago

Joe the plumber    

It's beyond pathetic now! He's not only a delusional, crack-head, but soon to be a penniless crack-head.

He'll have to get his toothless goddesses and fixes on skid row and will continue claiming he's winning...

The only small piece of reality hitting his two disconnected brain cells is that the 2 mil a week he was getting for "acting" - that is if anyone can call that pathetic display as acting - has finally gone up in smoke!

Along with his career, reputation, kids and endless protection from his employer. Oh well... so much for the tiger blood, warlock spirit and all the rest of his completely asinine rants!

1272 days ago


Cartman 8 hours ago
When is he gonna start peddling Astrosheen anal lube?

Good question. How do we know he hasn't already? That will be the next hot story here at TMZ. That's why he and "anal Bree" really broke up - over business disputes.

1272 days ago


This is a natural for Chucky Sleeze. It's the only cigarette they allow in prison....

1272 days ago


Great timing, Charlie Sheen, for starting up a new e cig business. The most recent studies (post the 2009 FDA warning) show safety issues.

"In short, electronic cigarettes are safe for some extent, especially, when when compared to conventional ones. However, scientific tests are still underway regarding electronic cigarette health risks. So, you should supports electronic cigarette or use quality ones from authentic and also trusted manufacturers."

Electronic cigarettes are unsafe and pose health risks, new study finds
December 3, 2010

E-Cigarettes Cause Acute Health Risks

1272 days ago



Let's face it if you're having unprotected sex, doing crack, cocaine, and assorted other drugs I think safety is the last thing the Chucky Sleeze group is worried about.

1272 days ago


This is getting so unbelievably, incredibly ridiculous. @PFFT, Charlie Sheen doesn't give a rat's azz about anyone's health, he'll endorse anything that makes him $$$$. @ CC, you are right too, many places are already banning the ecig. I think Mr. Sheen, although you will NEVER hear him say the words, is beginning to realize what a mistake he's made. He tells his audiences at his shows to "rally behind him" to get him back on "Men", he's trying to get his "Men" co-stars to get behind him in a desperate attempt to bully Lorre and the studio into taking him pathetic. He screwed up big time and he knows it. It is also my opinion he has mentally accepted the fact that he is not "WINNING" anymore. Charlie, you blew it, you're over.

1272 days ago
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