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Charlie Sheen -- Getting Into the E-Cigarette Biz

4/30/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We finally have the answer to the question everyone has been asking -- WHAT IS CHARLIE SHEEN SMOKING?????


TMZ has learned Charlie has partnered in a line of electronic cigarettes cleverly titled NicoSheen. Billed as "the winning E-cigarette," the site boasts disposable E-cigs as well as a host of other E-smoking related products.

Charlie is one of several partners in the company. And, as is customary these days with Sheen, one of the other partners is his troubled baseball pal ... Lenny Dykstra.

Who needs to be the highest paid actor on television when you can hock electronic cigarettes on the Internet?


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Would E-cigarettes give you E-physema?

1279 days ago


AntiPalinAlaska 20 minutes ago

Would E-cigarettes give you E-physema?


Although the disease itself is horrible, I still lol-ed at the question!!

1279 days ago

just sayin    

tmz I am really disappointed you are promoting this guy and furthering his career the way you have been. watching him make a fool of himself at the shows is bad enough with all the free publicity you give him. is he paying you to actively market his product on your page? pathetic tmz, really.

1279 days ago


Fake cigs are par for the course for Chuckie Cheese, seeing his relationships with people is fake too!

1279 days ago


Pretty weenie, Chuckie.

1279 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

Charlie Sheen's decision to sell electronic cigarettes is the last straw.
Charlie has done the one thing that, in my opinion, he should NOT have done: He found a way to help the tobacco companies get more young people hooked on cigarettes, smoking and nicotine.
He knows that's just where his new enterprise will lead.
And he's putting all of those lungs in the balance just to fill his wallet with a buck.
Swallow it, Charlie and keep it there. Nobody worth a darn wants it, or you, back.


1279 days ago


Baseball and smoking. What else does the guy have right now? Oh well...Here are some Ad Slogans for the new electronic NicoSheen:

NicoSheen: "When walking outside is just too far".
NicoSheen: "Try to find this in your mashed potatoes, p***ies!"
NicoSheen: "Banging Seven Grams of Water!"

1279 days ago


@ electriczipper:...LOL...dude...I like your humor...ha ha....:)

1279 days ago


Wow, they had to dig back years to find that decent picture of Sheen. He looks almost as dead as Keith Richards, lately.

1278 days ago


I guess Charlie Sheen is worring about his income now, try to make some money with his last influence~~~

anyway, this mean the electronic cigarette business is smoking hot now, need more info, just visit:

1264 days ago


What a joke, I have personally tired a ton of different bands and 99% of all ecigs are crap.. but I did manage to quit smoking last year with a brand called it seems like to only one that really gave me that nicotine hit.

1261 days ago


Who really cares about Charlie and what he does. With all the drugs he probably has in his system, he probably doesn't even notice the nicotine. I recently stopped smoking using an e-cig. I am finding that my taste buds are coming alive again and I feel much better. They are great, but I wouldn't buy one from Charlie.
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1237 days ago

Jason Richie    

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613 days ago

John Stamos    

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327 days ago

John Stamos    

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327 days ago
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