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Pia Toscano -- $100,000 to SING at Private Event

4/30/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" reject Pia Toscano just signed a deal to make $100,000 in ONE NIGHT -- and all she has to do is sing a couple of songs at a private event ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected to the deal tell us ... Pia has agreed to perform at a private birthday party on May 8th ... which happens to be Mother's Day.  We're told the deal will only require Pia to perform a small handful of songs.

According to sources, Pia was initially offered $50,000 for the gig and she TURNED IT DOWN ... but the people throwing the party wanted Pia so badly, they immediately doubled their offer ... and Pia signed without batting an eye.

We're told Pia will be picked up in L.A. in a limo and chauffeured directly to the party ... though it's unclear exactly where the party will go down.

Not too shabby.


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Geez, people can be jealous. I guess if she just went home and could not find a job that will make you guys so happy. She just had a great performance on dancing with the stars. But, I guess that did not count. The girl trying to have album out so it is ok to not want to be doing small performance at a party unless it is for the right price. She is under contract with american Idol so I am sure she cannot go and sing anywhere without their aproval. I am sure she has nothing to do with turning down $50000. Idol is the one using her. Everybody can see in her interviews and just by the way she carry herself that she is a very humble girl. Why is it we hate people so much? Please, america encourages greatness, class and talent. Stop hating!!

1270 days ago


Donna; she isn't even doing anything to be in the spotlight, people just report what she's doing. Okay she's dating Mark, he isn't that big of a celebrity so it isn't like she's with him and pulling a "Kardashian" to be more famous.

1270 days ago


Not sure what all the hoopla is about Pia. She sings okay, but not extraordinary. I'm judging her from the AI performances. She just sounded like a good karaoke performer or wedding singer. I guess most are not musically incline and think Pia was the greatest singer in the world.

1270 days ago


uhm, AyeJay, pia is doing nothing to be in the spotlight? who do you think told tmz about the specifics of this deal? who do you think told tmz about kissing mark ballas? about meeting his mom?

this chick has tmz on speed-dial.

1270 days ago


Well, bb, it looks like you also do since you seems to know everything about everything. Stop being so cynical. Wanna know why she's staying in the spotlight? Because you all keep comming to comment on news about her, so since I am her fan I guess I have to thank you all. ;)

1270 days ago


dont forget Pia, you have to pay taxes on that $100k. Don't be like the Osbournes.

1270 days ago


yeah AyeJay....BB got it right!!!

uhm, AyeJay, pia is doing nothing to be in the spotlight? who do you think told tmz about the specifics of this deal? who do you think told tmz about kissing mark ballas? about meeting his mom?

this chick has tmz on speed-dial.

You tell um BB....Pia sings OK...she is nothing special in my eyes yet people are making it that she is this FANTASTIC singer...AYEJAY, she's not the only one who left IDOL that can sing! far as Mark Ballas i hardly call HIM A STAR!! Barf
What is his claim to fame????? Dancer?? BA HAHAHAHA Lame!!! He's a goof ball and she will stay with him until someone BIGGER and BETTER comes again she the ONLY one that can sing?? That's my only BEEF?? I don't understand it...I picked James and Lauren way back on IDOL...and Ummm yeah lookie lookie whose still in it....LMAOooooooooo TMZ please report news on CELEBRITIES not wanna bees LOLOLOL

1270 days ago


Why do you only report on the most boring idol contestant? Give us the scoop on the cool, taented ones like Casey, Naima, James! As you can see by the comments, most people find Pia irelevant, dull and uninteresting. The constant reports of her every action are getting irritating. I didn't like her before but you are making me hate her. Way to pull a Perez.

1270 days ago


First of all I am sick of hearing about the great rack Pia has on her. Ever cross anyone's mind that she was wearing a push up bra to hike those ta-ta's up. She isn't built THAT big to have a chest to drool over! Without a push up bra on she's probably flat in front, like a Ken doll.

Pay her to sing? I would pay to have her bathe and clip my dog! Let's hope that whatever fool laid down this kind of cash is going to bring down the curtain by throwing rotten eggs at this piece of trash! She's riding the fame train on being tossed off of Idol, which is probably a short ride. By summer someone else will be in the news and Pia Toscano will be back at home serving pizza at some pizza joint...maybe signing a few soiled napkins in the process.

She is nasty and ugly. Someone commented on her private showing including a pole. Well, then the party host should be paying the POLE because the pole itself would show more life and personality than Pia Toscano. Maybe she's going to sing at a funeral, now that I think about it more. 2 stiffs in the same room! Ha, ha!

Things to do with $100,000, other than pay Pia Toscano to sing:
1.) Have the hairs in my ass weaved.
2.) Pay Pia Toscano to go away.
3.) Pay people to MAKE Pia Toscano go away.

1270 days ago

what a beautiful day     

Pia never had a chance and doesn't have a good voice. Glad she got booted. Long overdue.

James Durkin will win the american idol. He comes thru everytime @ 150%.
I believe Lauren will be the runner up.

1270 days ago

Smarter Human    

I don't know...there is something sexy about her...her full lips..seductive eyes. I'd totally bone her..

1270 days ago

Smarter Human    

@christian living, you're a freak! Take your religious nutjob crack somewhere else! No one here gives a ****...

P.S. There is no "god". It's just a construct for weak people to sheepishly follow.

1270 days ago


WOW!!! AI didn't a;llow Thia to sing for free at her welcome home party!

1270 days ago


If Jacob wins I well never watch idol again. He should have went out six weeks ago. What is up?

1270 days ago


She better get use to doing private parties. America voted her out remember. No one is going to pay $5.00 for a ticket to see her. What a goofy looking reject!

1270 days ago
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