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The Royal Wedding --

A Tongueless Affair

4/30/2011 1:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The kiss between Prince William and Kate Middleton left some of us wanting more ... and others wanting WAY MORE. 042911_TV_royal_wedding_stillSeriously, what's wrong with a little high-class tonsil hockey?

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so????? first bitches and ho's

1240 days ago


I watched the wedding and they both didnt even seem happy the whole freekin time! like jesus! you guys are getting married! smile! be happy! do something!! and that kiss.... maybe the relationship isnt real! because they dont look happy! you never see them holding hands or anything.

1240 days ago



1240 days ago


Tongue would have been TOTALLY inappropriate! Especially with half the world watching them. I don't care much for the royal family, but I think they're cute and I hope they have even cuter babies! Good think male pattern baldness is an X linked gene, which means it'll skip a generation. And I hope they don't get a divorce.

1240 days ago


@ JENNY...SHUT UP!!.....You must be the person who fake smile and fake the happiness to show that's real. Some people are happy inside than they express it outside. They both looked happy. and oh!....Prince William is B!tches deal with it.

1240 days ago


I thought they looked really happy too. Plus when they were giving their vows, they could hardly contain themselves. They were under sooo much pressure with all the media hype and knowing everyone was watching them live, and they were beautiful.

1240 days ago

Gene Foreman    

They are happy people, he told her she looked beautiful when she got to the altar, and you fail to forget this is the UK and these people have class. Us morons in the USA are used to seeing trash like Kendra and Hank and other ridiculous people playing "Tonsil hockey" for the camera. These people are high class formal people they aren't going to do that especially in public. They are high class Royalty who are respectable people and the USA can't fathom "Gee, why aren't they having sex there on the balcony?"

1240 days ago


I agree they didn't seeem happy & when they did it seemed fake... Gene what do Hank & Kendra have to do with this subject? You just made yourself sound trashy & racist. There is nothing wrong with a little pda its not a matter of class to show your affection.

1240 days ago


A big sloppy kiss would have been so inappropriate in front of millions. Those two are happy. They have probably been sleep deprived since thy announced the engagement. Being on public display is not as easy as it looks. But they were very happy to be there. Body language and their eyes showed it!

1240 days ago


Wow, they have NO CHEMISTRY between them. How sad.

Obviously a marriage of convenience like so many other. Their kiss was just about as passionate as Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley's.

Their body language speaks volumes when they interact. They are NOT in love.

1240 days ago

American Mom    

I was wondering if this wedding was for show. Maybe they were married privately with a more intimate setting for friends and family and this was for political and proper show for including the public. It seemed a bit rehearsed as if they were going through the motions. I felt that they are a couple, but the "oh my! Getting myself a royal wedding excitment, happy tears, giggles, joy wasn't there. It was very proper as should be but the reason I think they might have had a more private wedding before this one is cause they were all calm cool like been there done that. hahahaha! Cool dress though. Fashion people, bring back the wedding dresses with long sleeves! We want to see more long or half sleeve dresses.

1240 days ago


TMZ is desperate with their choice of wedding photos and tacky headlines. Only Harvey Levin can take a beautiful moment in young people's lives and try to sleaze it up for profit. When questioned about it he tried to laugh it off and say
"it's a joke, people, lighten up." Despicable.

1240 days ago


what were you watching? i thought they looked happy, especially under the cir***stances. and if they didn't look happy for maybe a minute throughout it all, did you ever stop to think that it was because they had billions of people watching them, on a day that should be a private celebration for friends and family? billions of people, who they knew would surely judge every little thing they did, like you people seem to love doing. they definitely would have rather had a small service, im sure. but they went along with everything and did what they knew was expected of them and invited the entire world to their wedding. i know i wouldn't want my wedding televised. imagine how nervous she already was to be getting married, not to mention the fact that it was to a prince/the future king of england. also along with having to be fully aware of everything so she didn't trip or do something wrong in front of tons and tons of cameras and people... it looked rehearsed, because it was. what, did you think they were just gonna wing it? it was a royal wedding. of course they rehearsed it.

the wedding was life changing for her. she was normal girl who just happened to fall in love with a prince. but from now on, future generations of princes and princesses and kings and queens, will be a part of her. her kids will be royal and so will their children. so on and so forth. her life will never be the same. when her siblings have kids, they'll have royals for an aunt and uncle. this changes things for her family also, who worked their way up from the bottom. it's people like you all, who have to ruin a good thing for amazing people like them.

have some respect. they're in love. just because they choose to keep that part of their lives private, doesn't mean their relationship isn't real... and i totally get the hank and kendra reference, which is what it was, a REFERENCE. it had nothing to do with the wedding, but that was kind of the point he was making. it wasn't "trashy and racist." it was a perfect comparison. kendra and hank talk about how much sex they're gonna have later on in pretty much every episode and that's ok. but when these two shy people choose to do a very polite and appropriate kiss, they get ridiculed for not being all over each other.

maybe they just have more class than you.

1240 days ago


TMZ is so crass. Does anyone at TMZ have any class?

1240 days ago



They both looked very happy to me and there was plenty of Chemistry. Maybe there was a slight element of nerves at times because, you know, there was about 2 billion people watching.

I suppose if someone doesn't have an insincere, fake plastic smile permanently bolted to their face they aren't you.

1240 days ago
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