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The Royal Wedding --

A Tongueless Affair

4/30/2011 1:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The kiss between Prince William and Kate Middleton left some of us wanting more ... and others wanting WAY MORE. 042911_TV_royal_wedding_stillSeriously, what's wrong with a little high-class tonsil hockey?

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American Mom    

For the ignorant above.......(KRAN92), Rehearsed as in putting forth a show for the public! Of course everyone should rehearse their wedding! My point was that they have an obligation to the public as royal subjects and they were behaving that way. He was even stated as saying to her that she must keep waving even if she can't bear to. Do not speak of class as if you are an expert on the subject to people you don't know! That would be UNCLASSY! Besides, it is my opinion that it looked rehearsed FOR THE PUBLIC AS IF IT WAS OUT OF DUTY, and their real wedding might have been on another day with just family I don't know for sure and neither do you it is not fact duh! don't comment back ! I will ignore you. I don't care!!!

1272 days ago

South Beach    

Completely appropriate for the 1 BILLION people watching it all over the world, please. And "a marriage of convenience" wouldn't have an 8 year lead in for those going down that road.

1272 days ago


don't hold your breath waiting for the royals- or the majority of people - to be seen "sucking face" in public

most people who are mature have too much class and know how to exercise some self restraint

that behaviour is left to the exhibitionists and attention seeking individuals such as the Paris Hiltons/Pam Andersons etc. of the world who are usually more immature and self-indulgent

1272 days ago


They look happy! Hope they stay happy. "Tongue" kissing should be reserved for the bedroom.

1272 days ago

mrs. archuleta    

I think they are happy. a kiss does not define "love". Agree with mr. gene that these people are formal people and to think that they are members of the royal family. Kiss with a tongue is just a's grose, do you know that mouth contains a lot of bacterias? gross

1272 days ago


@ The Americans, The people who say 'there is not chemistry because they didn't smile or interact with each other more' are completely wrong... when member of the royal family get married they MUST act serious and maturely.

Just look at all the other royal weddings, all grooms must look serious and be taken seriously, that is why you don't see them laughing and smiling all throughout the celebration.

The Royals take weddings very seriously, laughing and smiling all throughout would be HIGHLY inappropriate..

1272 days ago


Americans find everything to criticize, get a life, the wedding looked like a fairy tale. Prince Williams wouldn't marry a poor woman for convinience. Get a life. This kind of marriage is a tradition in England that they want to keep. Let them live their lives the way they want.

1272 days ago


Harvey you're suck a little Prick to allow childish topics like this to be posted.

1272 days ago


Did anyone else happen to notice the (L) license plate on the front of the getaway car? that means 'Learners Permit" in England.. funny :)

1272 days ago


Ok, i'm scratching my head. I feellike Bug-Out in Do The Right Thing,inquiring about the lack of pictures w/black people on the wall. 2011 this gr8 imperialist/colonialist nation hosted a spectacular event (i believe the word pageant was used)1900 guest. I counted a handful of black people, maybe some of them twice, and one i'm sure was working. How's that 4 progress! keepn it real 1luv,1pple,1wrld

1272 days ago

who dat    

What all the romantic idiots don't get is, the Monarchy is a business. This wedding was about revitalizing that business. William had the look of a guy who had a gun put to his head.

1272 days ago


he shouldve went big.

1272 days ago


Headlines like this are why the rest of the world hates us Americans. Show a little class, TMZ. :(

1272 days ago


Another subject outside the United States Americans have not got a clue about,reading some of the guff here would make your head spin.

1272 days ago


Not everyone likes to show off their happiness by being over the top!! they had half the world watching so DUH they must have been nervous because of that!

1272 days ago
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