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Kate & William

The Day After

4/30/2011 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the royal wedding finally over, Kate Middleton and Prince William -- now known as The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge -- left Buckingham Palace this morning, though they have decided not to embark on a honeymoon just yet.

Call us crazy, but we think these kids are gonna make it.


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I believe they are going to Canada in June, so I believe they are going to use their trip as part of their honeymoon, and visit other countries.

1218 days ago


Great wedding. They look/looked so happy.

1218 days ago


i'm so happy for them. i wish them the best of luck. i think this marriage will last. he's nothing like his worthless father and that thing he married.GOOD LUCK KATE AND WILL. GOD BLESS YOU 2.

1218 days ago

Vivi, The Original    

Right in the midst of the process for fighting for freedom across the world from their homes, American soldiers lay their lives on the line. While we commoners (what British royals call us when they are not calling us barbarians) gawk at a so called royal wedding and royalty, which tradition reinforces racism, classicism, and any other isms allowable. That same line of American soldiers granted us freedom from such fickle tyranny on July 4, 1776. There’s only one King and he created mankind, where all royalty. The ones who don’t know that I understand why you would look to worship man as royalty. Please don’t be conned, ignorance is not bliss, it’s that thing that bites you in the tush when you least expect it. Who cares about the British Royalty they use to chop hand and heads for not agreeing with their ideas, the whole reason America was established the way it is. Come on, I’m disappointed, don’t let anyone repeat their history all over us, we should know better.

1218 days ago


Yes I watched even though I am not a fan of the monarchy!! I enjoyed the festivities and thought Cate looked awesome!! The Brits sure do Pomp and ceremony well!!! This couple has a chance to make it and I wish them well!!!

1218 days ago


For one brief moment yesterday watching the wedding I too believed in LOVE

How refreshing!

1218 days ago


Beautiful happy couple and very much in love.
I believe Wills has seen much in his life about what NOT to do and he will be a loving husband to his gem of a wife!
I'm betting they will go the whole nine yards!

1218 days ago


I was so annoyed and NOT INTERESTED by all the coverage of them leading up to the event but i am surprised how much much I actually enjoyed it and the warm feeling I have towards them! I think they seem really genuine and solid people. It's also nice that William has actual skills (pilot, army etc) rather then just an idle recessive gene royal...and she seems like a classy girl. Love them!

1218 days ago


Of course I wish them a marriage that lasts a lifetime, but it's so funny how TMZ declares from a picture taken the day after "looks like they're gonna make it".

1218 days ago


William impressed me in that he seems to have taken every thing that went wrong in the past and learned from it, that's so rare! especially sense most of it happened when he was so young.

I do think they will make it because I don't think they will allow the negatives that worked to destroy and degrade ( like the trashy Pic TMZ put up) in the past to interfere and come in between them, they make a strong team together.

1218 days ago


f*&K you guys they are governed by rules far beyond celebrities ! Who are you to judge if they are going to make it... stick with the day old news of the lindsay lohans and leave respectable real people alone.

1218 days ago


Mel, your comment was inappropriate. You must be an angry person to make such a comment when you have nothing to support it.

1218 days ago


Carol, your statement about his "mother smiling" is very wrong! His mother Princess Diana is deceased. Maybe you were talking about his step-mother.

1218 days ago

Vivi, The Original    

Ohh, the pageantry and pomp, didn’t “prince” Harry (which is short for Henry) show us what that means behind the scenes, any more nazi insignia and signals you want to showcase for us. I’ll go to a graduation, where people earn on their own accord. If we were still under English rule, sweet little Harry would be a direct reflection of his ancestors, we would not be blogging right now. Generations upon generations of inbreeding, how respectable? Whose you guys? Americans? You sound a little bitter, don't let it fester your heart. Oooh the truth hurts. Ignorance, when someone does not want to open up his or her mind in order to reach a higher level of intelligence, he or she wants to remain blindly stupid in order to justify and rationalize unintelligibly impossible ideas. Everyone has the capacity to open their mind further to think more objectively, constructively, and finally fairly? The truth will set you free if you let it, however painful that it maybe, don’t be so afraid of it. I thought you Brits, were so polite and respectable anonymous, your hate for Americans drip over your words. Be respectful when you are on our territory, don’t worry I will never step foot in yours. Americans aren’t as stupid and barbaric as you think. Don’t mistake our kindness for weakness.

1218 days ago


I'll never forget the stories of how his father made his mother cry so much she would try to hide in the bathroom to cry so she would be away from the kids...but he knew and would push tissues under the door saying, "it'll be alright, Mummy". That's just a story I read back in the day, before the divorce.

If even half true, I think this boy has seen enough pain, obviously ultimately ending with the loss of his mother, to know how NOT to act in a marriage. Rumor has it that is why he wanted to wait until he was at least 28 before getting married. He probably wanted to vet out everything before making the final step. They will go the distance. I am so happy for them.

1218 days ago
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