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Ex-'Gossip Girl' Star SUED Over Rental Car Wreck

5/1/2011 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-"Gossip Girl" star Dreama Walker -- who currently plays Becca on "The Good Wife" -- just got her ass sued in L.A. ... after allegedly plowing her rental car into another vehicle ... and causing serious damage.

The alleged victim filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court recently -- claiming Walker drove STRAIGHT into her car back in March ... not only destroying her ride, but causing her considerable personal injury.

The woman behind the lawsuit is now suing Walker for medical bills, loss of earnings, and car repair costs.

Calls to Walker weren't returned.


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1236 days ago


Who cares, she obviously didn't hit the chick hard enough!!!

1236 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Don't most car insurance policies provide liability coverage when driving a rental car? But you still have to sue the individual.

1235 days ago

Just My Thoughts    

I hope she doesn't get a penny! So sick of people viewing car accidents as the lottery!

1235 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Wouldn't they get more money if they sued the rest of her?

1235 days ago


very fit

1233 days ago


so sick of celebrities acting entitled-and the more second rate the "celebrity" the bigger the attitude-who does she think she is to get away with hit and run-Lindsay Lohan?-watch out Linsday if you get in the Whackenhutt prison system they will make money off your arse for as long as they can keep you in-hell why should she be any different than the rest of the inmates in the private prison system that not only takes the tax money from the government but hires out their inmates for profit and trades in human flesh count on the stock market-and they say she doesn't get preferential treatment-she would already be in prison if she wasn't getting it right now

1233 days ago


Since when do reporters curse in your article. Your first sentence my dear is ignorant which really makes me think your reporting on nothing but hopes and dreams. Maybe someone out there is wishing you have a nasty accident where probly the only reason she is getting sued is because of her celebraty status. People don't usually suit for accidents unless they are permanantly injured or thats what I thought. This dumb biatch I'm sure TMZ wont mind me using that word obvious they condone cursing at the general public. I hope the judge throws the case out of the court. And little author man who I never heard and probly will never again your writing is repulsive and you need to learn some laws of ethics. I hope someone traps you in so you hit them and you lose the ten bucks they paid you for writing this trash.

1233 days ago


now how do I report the article good call sharon I would think they are going after her bank accounts but hey maybe the judge will let the petitioner get a good smell of what her ars will never smell like... rich :D

1233 days ago


I had to sue a person who destroyed my car. My first new car, it was only 1.5 yrs old (only a Cavalier but I was proud and worked hard for it!). I had no car for several months while I saved $$ for a used car. I had to walk to work (well, good exercise), while paying off my Cavalier ($1,000), and my neck and back were messed up pretty bad and still bother me (this was 1993). I had to sue to get $$ for all that and only got $160...0. I wasn't looking for anything extra.
I don't agree with people suing to see how much they can squeeze out of someone, or suing when it's not just.

1233 days ago


Oops that's $160...0.

1233 days ago


Okayyy...the site is changing my typing. It's SIXTEEN HUNDRED!!

1233 days ago


I just don't understand why people over suit I can totally understand suite for the worth of you car or to get it fixed. I learned a long time ago to carry enough insurance or to plan on buyin another if you have any kind of accident. I'm sure she already was paid by insurance...she just thinks she can hit the jackpot well I hope she just gets a pot so she'll have something to pee in because obviously she wont unless shes got some kind of connection(friend of judge what have you) Corrupt judges are like dirt after falling in mud... everywhere

1233 days ago


So, I just found a video of her stripping in front of a camera before she was famous. I wonder if anyone would be interested in that...

1227 days ago


At the time of this accident Dreama's mother was very recently suddenly deceased. You should check up on what's going on with people's lives before you publicly humiliate them. Dreama is so lovely, inside and out.

990 days ago

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