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Charlie Sheen -- Organizing Relief Event for Alabama

5/2/2011 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is using his warlock powers for good, not evil -- today he toured the destruction left behind by the tornadoes in Alabama and says he's planning an event to raise money for the victims.

Sheen posed today for a few pics with police officers and National Guard soldiers and told the locals he wants to bring "money, hope, faith and healing" to the area.

Alabama should be winning in no time.


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Why didn't he ever do anything like this when he was popular? I think it's all about publicity at this point--and the fact that his career is over. But I am glad people will be helped.

1233 days ago



The truth is charlie never would have shown up for this if he wasn't unemployed.


And you know that HOW exactly???? This is just unfreakinbelievable.
Oh and there is no reason for him to shut the hell up. His fans don't want him to shut the hell up.
Soon you are all gonna blame HIM for the tornado. This is where it's all going.


Word. Perfect answer.

1233 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

That's nice but he doesn't need to do a fund raiser. Why can't he just write a check to the Red Cross for a few mil? He'll never miss it...

1233 days ago



They are showing how petty they are. Hatred towards a celebrity trumps all.


How do you know what he has done? How do you know how much money he raised for various charities. Try doing some research. THEN judge him if you still can.

1233 days ago



That is how you really win.

You are right when you make this statement and it is the point a lot of us have been trying to make all along. I don't EVER remember charlie saying WINNING had anything to do with helping others....maybe if I had I would be a little less suspicious right now.This one particular action of going to Alabama is an example and a definition of winning to the majority of us BUT it is not what charlie has been previously defining as winning and that is why he has turned so many people off and it is why NOW even though he is attempting to do some good, some people are not buying it as anything more than a publicity stunt. This man has verbally abused and trashed ex wives, his children's mothers, cancer patients, prostitutes and that is not Winning behavior and his popularity was on a very big down fall and so now most people are viewing this trip as nothing more than an image builder on his behalf. I am glad he is there and I am glad if it is uplifiting people and giving attention to the suffering. I am only pointing out why some people find it hard to believe he would have ever done this if it weren't for many polls that show he is not thought of favorably by most Americans and what better way to turn that around than by helping fellow Americans. It just would have seemed more sincere if it had been a regular part of his personality before this but we all know that according to Charlie's own defintion of winning, winning was only about being able to afford hookers and drugs,

1233 days ago


@Physical Graffiti

Writing a check is easy and we don't know that he is not going to do that as well. Organizing a fund raiser shows that you care enough to put more effort than lifting a pen.

1233 days ago


I don't know it exactly, I am just doing what you are always doing....drawing my own conclusion, only in this instance I am drawing it based on his past actions. I am also drawing that conclusion based on the fact that his popularity is down with the MAJORITY of people and he needs to turn things around.

I have read about his past charitable activities by the way. could not find anytime where he ever did this before so I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt,that he was too busy working before and so his "unemployment" status allowed him to do this charitable act/publicity stunt....

I am allowed to express my opinion that I would like him to shut up with all the adonnis, tigerblood crap and continue on the path he is on TODAY....maybe then his good actions will be more believable and sincere...

1233 days ago


No, I would never say that someone who is doing something good for the people would NOT do it if this or that. That is not the conclusion that can be drawn from anything. He has been involved in charities before so his past actions actually prove that he WOULD do it.
Sure that you can always judge him based on allegations and claims of some hookers supposedly locked in a closet or greedy ex-wives supposedly abused by somehow lacking in bruises and soon after being all lovey dovey with him. Your choice. But this is different. Here you have a man that is helping those in need and they are grateful to him. If they are, how come you can't be?

1233 days ago


On second thought, scratch the last question of my post. It is pointless.

1233 days ago


I have said it before: PERCEPTION IS REALITY

Let's get real, what PERCEPTION has charlie sheen been forcing down our throats....not one of a charitable good guy who cares about other people.

It stands to reason that people find the timing of this trip suspicious. charlie reads this board, he knows about polls, he knows no other celebrities have come out in his support with the exception of a few. Maybe he is doing it out of the goodness of his heart or maybe he is just trying to prove everyone wrong....It doesn't matter to the people of Alabama and it doesn't matter to me but that doesn't change the fact that you can't win people's trust in the blink of an eye or the appearance at a disaster...RESPECT HAS TO BE EARNED OVER only TIME WILL TELL

1233 days ago


I hope he is really sincere about doing a fundraiser. With all the stuff that has been going on in the news, very few people have paid attention to the devastation in the south.

You can hate Charlie Sheen (I don't like him myself) but you have to admit he's the only one that's actually helping out at the moment.

I hope everyone down there is able to recover from the disaster.

1233 days ago



you draw a lot of conclusions about his ex wives and their actions...and I am happy he is there, I said that. I am trying to point out that people have the right to be suspicious because of the timing of this and like I said, he is currently unemployed and is able to do this now where as before he was working and maybe could not so that is one of the reasons I said he is doing this because he is "unemployed" I seriously doubt he would have left the TAHM set and flown to Alabama

1233 days ago


You are right it is pointless and that is why I don't get into it with you anymore because I have come to realize that my statements or anyone elses statements regarding anything negative about charlie to you are pointless and in vain, however, now and then we are able to comment on each others post and even now and then I do see where you do have a point and I actually agree with you on some things and some of those points believe it or not have absolutely nothing to do with charlie sheen

1233 days ago



I draw conclusions about his wives based on what I SEE and READ about them. I don't remember ever reading that Charlie Sheen refused to donate money and I don't remember ever seeing him being insensitive towards people who were in need, therfore I don't see how anyone can draw a conclusion that he wouldn't help if he still had the job. And it's not like he was tied up on a set 24/7. But are allowed to judge him and have your opinions. Just please don't compare them to the ones I have about those two. I explained where the difference lies.

And doing this out of the goodness of the heart WOULD prove a lot of you wrong, so I guess he is doomed either way, isn't he?

1233 days ago


btw ksis,

I addressed on another thread in a pretty lengthy post your remark about ex's being all lovey dovey with him now. I didn't really address it on Brookes' behalf because that is actually why I don't like her BUT I think it is a completely different story with Denise Richards. I think she understands how it can hurt her kids feelings if their father is not in their lives so she has put aside her personal feelings and has attempted to let them have a relationship but charlie blew it this last time and like I said above....respect and trust take time to rebuild and based on his recent behavior, he needs to start over again and I think in time Denise will allow him to be in the girls lives

1233 days ago
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