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Lindsay Lohan Accelerates Community Service

5/2/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan got a call late this afternoon from the Downtown Women's Center -- the place she'll be doing her community service -- telling her there was an open spot for orientation at 5 PM ... and Lindsay took them up on it.


Sources tell us Lindsay was downtown and just completed her orientation.  She has not started the community service, but that will happen this week.


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the Seeker    

Now this is a fight when you need a good *Wingman*...

Lindsay took shawn with her to the shelter today so stupid dumb azzzz like @90210 don't give her any kp duty or poop patrol detail ,swapping the decks is ok and part of duty..hahaha... i said doodie

@lucky 130 did Obama declare 'martial law' yet ?

1206 days ago


the seeker- I dont believe the executive order has been put in effect, but as AJ pointed out today and I just saw on the local news the insurgency will rise very fast for our PROTECTION. Once order 66 as I call it has been put in place you will know when you are really under MARTIAL LAW because you will no longer have a 1st amendment. Or a second or third or fourth, ect...

1206 days ago


Barbara on p. 1: "why does her attorney go with her..."

Two guesses:

1) Shawn Holley is actually (unbeknownst to the general public) a master of the martial arts and is moonlighting as Lindsay's bodyguard.

2) Shawn Holley is just making sure that Lindsay actually gets there and stays there for the whole session... i.e., is moonlighting as Lindsay's babysitter.

1206 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

jwoolman made a funny!!!! and still so well written. cheers jwoolman

1206 days ago


Gee, maybe you should also start informing all of us when she wakes up in the morning, when she eats, when she goes to the bathroom, & when she goes to bed. Nobody cares! TMZ is quickly becoming an even bigger joke.

1206 days ago


Let's review what type of person Shawn Holley is:
Sat w/ Cochran each day and helped that c*nt manipulate a jury of retards into acquitting OJ,the murderer.
Congratulations Shawn, you should be very proud.

Helping Lohan get some sweetheart deals with the court even though she's always a guilty skank. Lying and manipulating for her in return for Lohans $$$$$$$$$ and for all the notoriety it brings her.
Ugly vile unscrupulous woman.

Anyone know what else Shawn has done in the years between OJ and Lohan? There's probably countless rapists, murderers all all sorts of assorted pigs that benefited from her master manipulations.
Horrible, horrible ugly woman.

1206 days ago


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1206 days ago


Trust me, she won't be so eager when it's time to report to work at the coroner's office. She's in a for quite a visual shock. They're wheeled though the hallways on their way to the autopsy rooms, it's non stop all day long. Lidnsay, please tell Dr. Pina and Dr. Carillo hello for me. I don't know if Dr. Golden still works there these days or not, but don't talk to him, he's a major grouch.

1206 days ago


firt thing levinson said before signing the contract (if there is one for an unfunded, uninsured, unscrpited, producerless movie):
GET RID OF LOHAN AND I"LL DO IT...........I don't care how you do it just get rid of her, I won't have her ruin my movie"

1206 days ago


La Di Frickin' Da...

She ACTUALLY went to "Orientation"! It's an EASTER Miracle!

Let's check back when she has really done some work. I guess when you are as big a F*ck up as she is? Orientation is a big deal in her world, she's probably celebrating with an eight ball and a fifth of Vodka:)

1206 days ago

the Seeker    

@jeff = sean ......guesses the student , bowing respectfully..

jwoolman = (j)johnny lawman

CA.detectives are sharp noble peeps in my book..ROCK on !!!!

1206 days ago


Is this supposed to be about the Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan? You know they are 2 different people.

1205 days ago


I strongly suspect now that she was indeed late to an initial Monday morning orientation, and her lawyer really did go with her to make sure she was on time for the 5 pm one since the Center won't take any "oops, I'm a little late" nonsense for orientations as the court has done several times. Holley actually drove her there herself, although Eleanor showed up later to drive her home and Holley took off in her own car (see the photo at X17 about Lindsay leaving the Center at 5:55 pm). The initial X17 story about her being late was just off for implying that it was for the actual service - it was for a required orientation session. The staffer was reported as saying "Now that she's late for her service this morning, we're not going to let her in. If you're not on time, you must reschedule your service." which was understandably misleading for using the word "service" rather than "orientation session".

She'd better be careful - from what the staffer said, the Center might be just as strict about showing up on time for community service itself. They probably have to provide supervision and schedule things carefully to minimize staff time (scheduling as many scofflaws as possible at once, for instance). It will be very expensive using Holley as her alarm clock and chauffeur.

1205 days ago


She's got this :]

1205 days ago


Big deal. She's only doing what the courts ordered her to do. It's not like she doing this out of the goodness of her heart.

1205 days ago
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