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Lindsay Lohan Accelerates Community Service

5/2/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan got a call late this afternoon from the Downtown Women's Center -- the place she'll be doing her community service -- telling her there was an open spot for orientation at 5 PM ... and Lindsay took them up on it.


Sources tell us Lindsay was downtown and just completed her orientation.  She has not started the community service, but that will happen this week.


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Just pay for your crimes biotch! So sick of this has been! She will put the Gotti film in the trash cash. Straight to DVD!!

1236 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Pepe gives a heart-shaped ack-ack to mon cheri, BRW.


SWOON!!! My life is complete now!!! Big hearts and smoochs to you to Pepe! It's gonna be a GOOD day!!!

1236 days ago


Really, is she this clueless? Her lawyer has to TAKE her to her CS orientation?

An how does she introduce herself? She drives up to a homeless shelter with a driver, a lawyer and in an Escalade? So appropriate, so sensitive to the cir***stances.

I've come to a new conclusion. She's not a selfish scoflaw moral deficient. She's just dumber than a bag of hammers.

1236 days ago

Daffy Duck    

Lindsay is quackers if she thinks Oscar in five years. Herbie: Fully Loaded was so stupid, Roeper and Ebert gave it two thumbs down syndrome.

- Woo Woo -

1236 days ago


She's got issues unfit for tissues. At least it's apparent Sam wasn't part of the problem. Lindsay will love jail once she settles down with a lover who she can have clam bakes with every evening.

1236 days ago


Ugggg, looking at the pics of her leaving. First she looks like she's packin on the pounds and has a gunt. Second, I love every time she has a pic taken she's always showing off what she is drinking at the time. This time Coke, and she should have a diet Coke IMO. I'd bet the mortgage it's filled with Bacardi 151. Every time with the drink in public. Finish it inside for a change. Finally, she has to smell terribly.

1236 days ago


You know I really hate to be this way but at this point I don't care; I wish she would step off the side of the curb and not see the bus coming. With Bin Laden gone AND Blowhan gone, then we'd only need a few more taken out and the World would be right again.

But then we'd still be stuck with reality crap. Oh well

1236 days ago


Lindsay Lohan has a stalker!! Check out Ashley Dulworth on she's in rehab for thinking she's Lindsay's BFF.

1236 days ago

john smith    

Good morning, anything new? Lindsay didn't wear a bra to community service, big deal, get a life!!!

1236 days ago


lindsay lohans stalker is way better looking then lindsay. she should get the role in the gotti film

1236 days ago


Send her to ALABAMA to do community service. Most has been wiped off the map. There is plenty to do here! Everyone should do something to help. Send aid, send money, come if you can. The need is mind boggling. We were hit by an F5 tornado with winds in excess of 200mph that was ON THE GROUND for 96 MILES! EVERYTHING in its wake was destroyed. People are buried alive, babies are being tagged because they don't have parents and no one knows who they are. Entire neighborhoods are gone. People we need HELP here!!!

1236 days ago


I am hoping that Lindsay will show up at the Women's Center with a car full of clothes to donate. I've seen the pictures of her home, and the racks and racks of clothes in her living room. She should pack half of them up and donate them to the center. THAT would go a long way in winning back support...

1236 days ago


@john smith

You do realize that Lindsay was hired by the BBC to go to India to film that do***entary, right? That's not exactly doing Charity work, now is it?

1236 days ago


Did I miss something? I've been gone for a couple of days. I thought she was copping a plea and pleading guilty to the necklace case. And...whatever happened to Meyers' appeal? I'm so out of the loop!

1236 days ago



But..I was under the impression she was just gonna go in and plead guilty and hope for the best sentence she could get (read: sentence for celebs). Is that not happening anymore? Or, was that another made up story by TMZ and the Lohans?

1236 days ago
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