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Navy SEALs -- The Beer Guzzlin' Celebration

5/2/2011 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A bunch of Navy SEALs based in San Diego celebrated their faces off last night ... toasting the UNBELIEVABLE raid carried out by their fellow SEAL brothers by reveling at a S.D. bar ... a bar which happens to be owned by a retired SEAL.


TMZ spoke with American bad ass Greg McPartlin -- owner of McP's pub -- who told us when the news broke, SEALs from the nearby Naval Base Coronado quickly packed the house ... many carrying American flags.

We're told the soldiers went through 8 kegs, 15 cases of beer and TONS of cocktails in just four hours ... while leading the bar in several "USA!" chants.

McPartlin tells us, "It's great -- Osama was expecting his 72 virgins, instead he got 24 Virginians!" (The Navy SEAL team that executed the mission is based in Virginia.)

FYI -- the Naval Base Coronado is the home of the USS Carl Vinson ... the ship from which Osama's body was dumped into the North Arabian Sea.

A media relations spokeswoman at the base tells TMZ there are currently no celebrations taking place at N.B.C., in part because, "Our boys had a lot of fun over at the Irish pub last night!"


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america should keep a lid on it

1279 days ago


This is my opinion only:

C'mon, the US was told by the Saudi Royal Family "HANDS OFF OSAMA" He was already dead by the time they all got there from Kidney failure. The U.S. has known all along where he was all the time.

OBAMA is just basking in the limelight, taking credit. I really like that the real photos are too graphic for America to see. We spent a lot of money under the guise of getting Osama Bin Laden. We all need proof positive and just because our President got on TV and said so, that ain't gonna fly with me. He may be dead, but not by special forces from the US. How bout just natural causes. Do you also think the Royals would allow the U.S. to dispose of his body in a non-muslim way?

Opec owns 40% of the American Dollar and China owns the other 60%. Let's just stick our heads in the sand and keep thinking everything is gonna be OK.

Americas future, what a terrible thing to waste.

1279 days ago


All i have to say is are you guys f*&^ing stupid ?! do you not know that by putting the location on the Carl Vinson you're putting life's at risk?! Might as well bomb them yourself! Journalism in one thing and what they did is a huge accomplishment. But you TMZ need to learn not to publish every bit of f*&^ing information you get a hold of ! who ever wrote this is an IDIOT !!!!!!!

1279 days ago



1279 days ago


Actually, the carriers are not at the Aphib Base, but up the bay... too shallow down there!

1279 days ago


Maybe you shouldn't post a picture of the bar. You just gave someone a very easy target. Do you know how many pubs have been blown up in Israel? Not responsible.

1279 days ago


I wish I lived in New Orleans, or LA instead right now. I have a feeling the Alpha male disease is going to get a whole lot worse here. :(

1279 days ago


United States Armed Forces. Don't **** With Us

1279 days ago


God bless all of the men and women in the U.S. military. Good job Seals! As for the pictures, I watched men and women jump to their death from windows in the World Trade Center on that tragic day in 2001, and after that, I want to see photos of Bin Landin blated to bits. The worse off the better as far as I am concerned. I hope they covered his body in bacon and pork fat before they dumped it into the sea.

1279 days ago


Marty shut the **** up please..why is it that so many people have to be negative in a time that there should be celebration..Obama had health problems but he wasn't dead already idiot..I guess his family decided to keep his dead body on ice in their million dollar mansion?..yea that makes sense..and yea Obama should get some credit..of course the soldiers should get all of it..but if you paid any attention to what happened Obama made the decision to go for it even though everyone didn't agree with him..give credit where it's due..oh wait it's a black I guess you can' president has had to endure the bs Obama has..he was given this country in terrible shape and everyone expects miracles..smh

1279 days ago


link for the video

1279 days ago


I agree with you and im not a huge obama supporter but obama told them to go for it and look they got the bastard. GOOD JOB all around killing bin laden is like killing a modern day hitler.

1279 days ago


What we really need are the Seals to clean up the mess in CA. That place has problems. Glad I don't fly out of there anymore.

1279 days ago


All of the media has reported that the USS Carl Vinson was involved with this mission.

1279 days ago


They are sailors, not soldiers. And, if one wants to know where a carrier's homeport is, all one has to do is google that info.

1279 days ago
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