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Osama bin Laden -- BOGUS Death Photo

5/2/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A photo reportedly showing a dead Osama bin Laden is already making its way around the Internet ... but it seems pretty obvious ... the photo is a FAKE.

Osama Bin Laden Dead Body Picture

The image on the left is an ALTERED version of a famous photo of bin Laden.

The White House has NOT released an official death photo of the corpse ... yet.

An official has told CNN ... REAL photographs of Osama's body exist ... which show a gunshot wound to the side of his head. The official says due to the wounds, bin Laden's face is "unrecognizable."


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Gotta feel bad for the 72 virgins.

1279 days ago


Obama bin Laden is the biggest threat

1279 days ago


How can Bush get credit for this? Bush has been out for 2 years. People giving Bush credit should also give him credit for 9-11 happening on his watch. Of course, Bush would have gone in Libya, if he knew Osama was in Pakistan. Now, I want Obama to get out of Afghanistan and stop spending that 2 billion a week, since getting Bin Laden was supposedly the reason Bush went in there.

1279 days ago


And there is not going to be an official death photo, cause the story is BS ! It's all a distraction to take away from Obama releasing not 1 but 2 birth certificates. Oops ! And to make sure Obama is re-elected for another term. There's proof, there are 2 that have been released, and the fact that this 2nd BC has been altered. Look it up if you dont believe me.

And not to mention there is NO WAY a DNA match can be made in less then 24 hours. And 2 - so nice of our government to honor a terrorist by having him buried at sea. BS

Distraction people, wake up. There is no body, there is no proof.
We got proof when Sadam and his sons were killed, there is no photos of OBL, dead.

1279 days ago


Something is really wrong here

Think for yourself

Im no "birther", think there are "bigger fish to fry"

But as far as the long form birth certificate
Check this out

Don't let the fact that its an Alex Jones vid affect you actually checking it out, and thinking logically and critically

Im a graphic designer, and I never expected this.
but download it from the white house site, and bring it into Adobe Illustrator, yourself, Holy Crap!

1279 days ago


That's strange because officials have already stated that he was killed in a missile attack, probably from one of the drone planes that Obama wanted to ground. Now it's become Obama out there hunting him down with a firearm and personally taking him out. Dumping him in the ocean is the wisest choice because we don't want a grave where he can be worshiped as a hero by Muslim followers. He just needs to be gone forever.

1279 days ago


Note to juju --- So Obama got him? All by himself? Wasn't aware he was in the military. Oh, maybe that's a racist conspiracy. BTW, the courier that gave OBL away was being tracked for about 4 years (Wonder who was president then) courtesy of a lead given up by a detainee in Gitmo. You know the place Obama wanted to close.

1279 days ago


Mike P : You are correct ! We have done this too. OBL is just a distraction to make the sheeple love Obama, and re-elect him for another term.

1279 days ago


Flash foward a few years from now, from Wikkileaks (or whatever the leading honests journalistic source is at the time):

Obama: It's Osama right? -- it matches the sister's DNA, right?
Pinetta: Well, not sure, the brother lived there too.
Obama: OK, then, just throw that sucker in the sea and no one 'll know the difference. I need to make this announcement RIGHT NOW and cut off that SOB Trump's show! Forget about Osama bin Laden, it's Trump I need to get.

1279 days ago


Obviously a fake. Who cares what the real one will look like, so long as it's really done, and that disturbed sucker is dead!

Don't turn this into a political pissing match like most everything else. The Navy Seals killer that bugger, not Obama or Bush. 3rd grade playground is over.

But you really think we gave that piece of dung a quick burial at sea, like his religious beliefs would expect? Not unless there was still some life in Osama, and the Seals saw some Great Whites gathering.

1279 days ago


We would still love to see his dead body no matter "face is "unrecognizable". Better for officials to show us what they have asap because rumors may emerge that he was not really killed. It could be a big problem. When you kill most wanted terrorist on the Earth you should show all you can and fast.

1279 days ago


I don't think i will be able to concentrate again after looking at this monster

1279 days ago


This same death picture surfaced in April 2011. Scroll down and see the picture posted on April 14, 2011.

1279 days ago


what obama tries to prove?is laden really dead?i don't think that laden is dead.

1279 days ago


So I'm assuming that he made the same exact face when he died...this is how we have the "proof" photo that he's dead, right? Nice research TMZ!

1279 days ago
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