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Osama bin Laden -- BOGUS Death Photo

5/2/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A photo reportedly showing a dead Osama bin Laden is already making its way around the Internet ... but it seems pretty obvious ... the photo is a FAKE.

Osama Bin Laden Dead Body Picture

The image on the left is an ALTERED version of a famous photo of bin Laden.

The White House has NOT released an official death photo of the corpse ... yet.

An official has told CNN ... REAL photographs of Osama's body exist ... which show a gunshot wound to the side of his head. The official says due to the wounds, bin Laden's face is "unrecognizable."


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james parker    

If his face is unrecognizable due gun shot wounds, then how do they know it is him ? I do not believe DNA test can be performed that quickly. I believe Bin Laden died a long time ago due to health problems. I see this as a hoax or as a terrible lie to promote someone's political agenda.

1273 days ago

uncle tom    

obama orders a hit on his brother wow! they kill their own.

1273 days ago

uncle tom    

it is funny how just when obama's poll numbers are at their lowest he someone pulls this off. politics is great isnt it.

1273 days ago


TMZ needs to grt their **** right they said u can recgonize his face. What kinda idiots do thry have working there

1273 days ago

Howdy Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii    

For all you complete and utter morons that think 9/11 was as they say it is, and that Bin Laden and his motley little group of rag-tag Jihadists are responsible, open your eye's. Do some investigating of your own. 9/11 was the $20 trillion dollar motive for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. $20 trillion is God money, it can move mountains, and corrupt the incorruptible. Never underestimate the Military Industrial Complex, and the CIA. Eisenhower warned us 50 years ago, and Kennedy payed the ultimate price for going against the grain...

Your a friggin idiot. Do you "Truther" realize you are a joke to the rest of the country. You have zero evidence for your claims . Just ranting a ramblings that have no proof. Your a sad and pathetic bunch. The whole mommy never hugged me and big brother is holding us down to experiment on you is just retarded. Your a fool and anyone who even listens to you is foolish. Go f#ck yourself . I am fairly sure your the only one who would be willing.

1273 days ago


Sure hope Bin Laden's face isn't "unrecognizable, considering they used facial recognition programs to id the body. DNA still pending.

1273 days ago

uncle tom    

why did they kill obama i thought 911 was an inside job by bush.

1273 days ago

Latch Johnson    

First i dont give Obama any credit for this, everyone is saying he killed him, that i find appalling. The soldiers risking their lives killed him while Obama sat in the White House sipping tea or whatever he drinks. Bush never wanted Bin Laden dead, the war machine was profit for him. Second i'll believe hes dead when i see a creditable picture or an autopsy by a reputable doctor with nothing to gain. For all we know this is easily a ploy to get approval by Obama, raise the stock market or to lure Bin Laden out if he truly isnt dead. Sorry i believe very little of what the news and the Govt tells me. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but im only that way cause they have forced lies down my throat my whole life.

1273 days ago


I am happy that he was killed and that US is now acting United. I am not happy that everyone is giving OBAMA alot of credit when he wasn't the one that shot and killed OBL. Also, in recent talks the president was taking money away from our soldiers you know the same people who just risked everything to kill one of the most wanted people.. So stop patting Obama on the back and pat a soldier instead they are the ones deserving the praise not OBAMA..

1273 days ago


ust wondering! It was on May 1, 1945 when Germany made public the death of Hitler, the man behind the massacre of 6 million Jews. Sixty-six years later, US President Barack Obama announced the killing of Laden after the conclusion of a spe...cial operation against him.

Moreover, it was at 2230 hours (German time) when a newsreader announced that the Fuhrer (a German title meaning leader, generally associated with Hitler) had fallen at his command post fighting to the last breath, while Obama also broke the news about Laden at 2230 hours (American time) as he addressed the nation from the White House.

1273 days ago


Shannon about an hour ago Obama didn't do anything. He gets not credit. The troops did the work, they get the credit. Obama was just playing golf.

Wrong. This plan has been in the works since last August. Obama made the determination that the intel was such that it could be relied upon & chose when to 'act' on it. I think you oversimplify the situation for your own 'Obama-hating' agenda. Maybe we should give a bit of credit to 'everyone' involved but then again that would mean you might have to admit that Obama may have 'done something right'?? We can't have that now can we?

1273 days ago

uncle tom    

shave the beard off and osama looks just like obama

1273 days ago


Anyone with two working eyes can look at that photo and tell it's a fake, seriously bad photoShopping going on here!!!

1273 days ago


"The official says due to the wounds, bin Laden's face is "unrecognizable.""

If he is unrecognizable then why did Obama jump the gun and say the Bin Laden had been killed? And...Why did they get rid of the body so fast and in the ocean? My bet is that the wrong person has been killed and Obama wanted to get some goodie points before the next election.

1273 days ago

uncle tom    

didnt i hear obama say mission accomplished on the same day bush said the same thing years ago.. funny

1273 days ago
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