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Osama-Killing Military Unit -- Super Secret, Super Elite

5/2/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time before Osama bin Laden was killed -- because the most wanted man in the world was hunted down by the most secret, elite special ops unit in the United States Armed Forces.


The squad that fired two bullets into Osama bin Laden's head yesterday is known as Team Six -- officially called the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (or DEVGRU) -- a military unit that recruits directly from the Navy SEALs ... making it the absolute elite of the elite.

The Navy's Team 6 is one of two ultra-secret "Tier One" US Special Ops counter-terrorism units -- along with the Army's Delta Force -- and falls under the Joint Special Operations Command (or JSOC).

The two Tier One units execute what are known as "black operations" -- missions so secret, they fall outside standard military protocol ... and often require the direct approval of the President.

In other words, only a select group of military personnel -- including President Obama and his closest advisers -- had any idea Osama bin Laden had moments left to live yesterday.

The technology used by JSOC to track and kill Osama bin Laden is still classified -- but according to reports, JSOC worked closely with the CIA to procure the intelligence they needed to execute their mission.

Naval Special Warfare Development Group


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"TEAM SIX" is not a big secret....their missions are but they have been in existance since the mid to late 80's....The are a specilist type unit that focuses on counterterrorism. They are not there to play nice, they are there to kill terrorists. How dare anyone criticize the military for taking so long to find him while also congragulating Obama on catching him. If you want to put Obama on point for this then be sure you note that HE took forever, the military does what HE says. If we had more people running this country with some stones maybe we could let loose the dogs of war and allow our spec ops community to go and do what they are trained to do and not ***** foot around and play nice. These terrorists all need to be killed.

1273 days ago


Homeskillet Your wrong Obama was not the mastermind.He had no part in finding are the planning of the attack,all he did was say yes are no.He deserves no credit for this.

1273 days ago


TJ 3 hours ago
"If they are so elite, why did it take them 10 years to get him?"

The reason it took so long is because you and every other sleazy republican's ex president, W. Bush, was and still is an IDIOT. He didn't have enough brains or brawn to commandeer our intelligence groups to figure out where osama was and then have the guts to give the kill command.

1273 days ago


I can't help but notice how far apart is the world of TMZ and JSOC. How long would Blondie last in that world? Or, the slightly angry dread lock dude? The fat fotogs? Harvey?

The entire TMZ staff really have no business commenting on the US military in any way, shape or form!

1273 days ago


Why did they dump Osama's body?? Why wasn't the original plan to take the body back to the US for confirmation??

1273 days ago


so glad this rag head is dead! no virgins waiting for him, only the devils fat c*ck in his ass for eternity!
i hope the seal squad gets the reward, keep some for themselves and maybe donate the rest to vets or something?
great going guys!

1272 days ago


Jack Bauer anyone? LOL

1272 days ago


wow! that is really cool!

1272 days ago

Tia C    

"...the most secret, elite special ops unit in the United States Armed Forces."

Well, they must be REAL "special" since it took them TEN freaking years to find him! Not all that impressive, quite frankly.

1272 days ago


Thank god for these Sailors! They are good shots especially when using laser sights.

1272 days ago


wrong. it is the CIA who gathered intelligence and who determined the likelihood that obl was there in the compound. the president authorized the CIA for the covert operations and the CIA tapped McCraven at JSOC who has team 6 at his disposal. JSOC does not procure intelligence. duh. it's a military operations command.

1271 days ago


Tia C,

dude, Team 6 doesnt do intelligence gathering. No matter how skilled the military is if it it doesnt get actionable intelligence then they have nowhere to go. i suggest, you educate yourself about the roles of the different agencies of the government before parading your ignorance here.

1271 days ago

allan heindl    

I am sickened by the news that 31 of these most bravest have
died in that chopper take down. How can we put 31 of the best
of the best in One fricken Chopper are we insane. We got to stop playing with these savages and take of the gloves take these muslim extremists O U T period carpet bomb them into oblivion.

1177 days ago
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