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USS Carl Vinson Sailor's Mom -- My Son Made History!

5/2/2011 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of a sailor currently on board the USS Carl Vinson -- the ship that dumped Osama bin Laden's body in the sea -- tells TMZ, she couldn't be prouder of her son ... and his fellow servicemen.


Molly -- the proud mother of 20-year-old Colton -- tells us, "I can tell you just how proud so many of us are of our family members who have worked long and hard to fight terrorism ... It amazes me that these young men and women are now a part of history!"

Molly adds, "I am so proud of all of our troops and all they give up for us. And for all the family of these service members who give up so much also."

But Molly says she's only gotten radio silence from Colton since Osama's burial -- telling us, "I have not heard from my son, and chances are I will not for quite some time and until the military deems it safe for him to contact."

And in case her kids are reading this, Molly wants to pass along this message -- "Please know how proud we are of you and how much we love you. God bless all our military and thank you for everything you give up so that we in America have the choices we do!"


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Come on TMZ use some common sense. Remove the names from this article or take it down completely. As others have said, given the cir***stances it is not at all a good idea to publish the names of any military personnel who may be involved. Why take the risk?

1248 days ago


are you an idiot?! way to put your son in danger! I cant believe you are really that stupid.

1248 days ago


I thought this would be the fate of his body, since no country on God's green earth would want that garbage contaminating their soil.

The wife though he should have been cremated, but she didnt give me a recommendation for disposition of his ashes.

Two thoughts: Eject into deep space, or let him burn up on rentry into the atmosphere, giving us a firework show. Either way works for me, though deep space ashcan is my prefered method.

Instead, he is going to poison some crabs at the bottom of the sea.

1248 days ago


osama was living with michael jackson..go figure

1248 days ago


Ahh TMZ, might wanna pull this one like yesterday. Just a thought. Mother is in huge violation. Names are never mentioned in operations especially on silence orders.

1248 days ago


Ahh Molly as the wife of a 23 yr retired Navyman, radio silence and every kind of order for silence is just that. No phone, no emails, no letters, NOTHING. Might want to quit calling papparrzi until your son contacts you and says its OK. Big mistake there Molly.

A 51 yr old Grandma :)

1248 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

I sure would like to see a picture of his dead body just to put my mind at rest.

1248 days ago


What in the world is she thinking? That has to be fake - otherwise her kids is going to be in a LOT of trouble....

...and way to go, TMZ.

That's exactly what we need here in San Diego - a giant target on the Vinson when she returns home.

1248 days ago


TMZ, one of the comments on this article mentions the full name of the woman. You need to delete that comment as well.

1248 days ago


WOW, I did not realize there are so many barrack lawyers who comment on TMZ. This mother did not disclose any information that has not already been released by the major news agencies and she surely did not mention the numbers of personnel, the exact location and the mission of the who are YOU people that make comments against this woman who is so proud of her son? I spent 25 years in the military and it never fails that I witness a group of people who do not know WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT and in this case...YOU DO NOT. I take my hat off to this young man and all the other Navy Personnel aboard the Vinson and I thank them for being on the other side of the world while YOU sit on a computer on a the confines of a nice warm environment. Why not try thanking these brave men and women and let them know you appreciate their sacrifices. I thank this proud Mom and I appreciate her even more for waving the flag for these military men and women.

1248 days ago


Wow, I cannot believe how many barrack lawyers we have on TMZ today. This proud mother has not disclosed anything that has not already been broadcasted over the news sources on TV. She wrote NOTHING that says how many men/women are on the ship, their mission, the exact location or anything like that. So who do you people think you are to slam this proud mother who wanted her son and his fellow navy personnel to know of how proud she is. It is always a group of people who think they know everything and yet know nothing. I spent 25 years in the military and it sickens me to see comments on here from people who are just ignorant. I echo her comments and I wave the flag for those who defend our country and not those who sit on a Monday criticizing our defenders.

1248 days ago


I hope they shoved a lead baseball bat up his a$$ before they dropped him into the he'll sink.

1248 days ago


What kind of idiot is this woman! She just painted a bullseye on her kids face.

1248 days ago


What is CS doing right now? How is OJ doing in jail? Im sick of Osama Bin Elvis already.

1248 days ago

common sense    

TMZ, wise to take down the person's name in the article to protect them, should not have done it in the first place. Now could you please remove the name of the person that commented at #3 too (and anyone else that might post it. It seems like a smart move!

1248 days ago
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