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Obama -- Sex After bin Laden Announcement?!?

5/2/2011 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're Michelle Obama ... is there a more powerful aphrodisiac than the fact that your husband just hunted down and killed the most evil man on the planet???

We gotta ask ...


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There's always room for humor, even in the most dire cir***stances, IMO. And especially during celebratory moments like this!

1249 days ago


Yup i wonder how much lower ol' Harvey can go? LMFAO

1249 days ago

pap rat    

The president and commander sure as smit DID OK and was in on the CIA operation as he is a CIA op and is COMMANDER OF any and all war movements CHECK YOUR Facts the president is the ONLY one who can make that call and he is the only president who got ben.GOP is cry babbing`ss as NOW they have lost thier TAXE FREE status

1249 days ago


"DanicaMarie 3 minutes ago

You guys can say what you want about TMZ being low or ridiculous or whatever you want.... but you're all on their site, reading their articles so you obviously dont think TOO low of them ;)"

Yeah but with any relationship you can only take b.s. for a certain amount of time. This article is horrible. TMZ is losing focus. Because they report on celebrities it does not mean they have the basic skills to report on relevant, real and important events.

We have fun with celebrity stories but there is a growing immaturity in what TMZ is doing. If I am up and see this story on the show tonight, I'll immediately turn it off.

1249 days ago


this is a great day where evil was taken care of for killing thousands of people and you bring up who had sex, getting even lower the most tabloids.

1249 days ago

Home Skillet    

To all of you anti-Obama haters - SUCK IT!! OUR president WON!! YES, it's a celebration for the fine members of the military, but it's ALSO a celebration for ALL of us that this cretin is DEAD!! Your pal, Bush, couldn't get it done, so a real President and true American had to gather the facts and give the orders. I hope you crack your teeth while you're gnashing them over that fact! HA!

1249 days ago


Hahaha while Osama was being hunted, Obama was safe in his compound having dinner with celebrities, telling a lot of jokes, and chugging down some wine while the Military members camped out and risked their LIVES in firefight to get America's #1 enemy down. I am sure they don't get any pay raises either. The White House should give them a victory party, usually the parties for Military Members are thrown with their own money.

1249 days ago


Our Navy Seals took down Bin Laden. Not Obama. Thank a soldier not Obama.

"I've never wished a man dead, but I've read some obituaries with great pleasure." -- Mark Twain

1249 days ago


Every American should have victory sex over this.

1249 days ago

Home Skillet    

Do you idiot anti-Obama haters actually realize how stupid you sound? Do you actually expect that the president himself was supposed to have picked up an AK-47, flown over to Pakistan and shot Bin Laden himself? You're idiots who can't even THINK for yourselves. Go far, far, farrrrrr away from my wonderful country. God Bless America, God Bless Her Military and God Bless our President, Barack Obama.

1249 days ago


Ding Dong the wicked **** is dead!

1249 days ago


Is this the type of reporting you want to be known for, TMZ? So disappointed--you guys are really just a bunch of boys pretending to be manly, but not quite reaching the bar. Grow up.

1249 days ago


wow! You mean to tell me TMZ is censoring now?

1249 days ago


Oh come on TMZ! This is low...knock this type of crap off will ya?!

1249 days ago


hunted down???? last i saw on cnn the intel came from guantonimo bay.something the liberal ***s were against.also the liberal ***s were against this all of a sudden they want to take credit.

1249 days ago
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