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Uchitel on bin Laden Death -- 'Makes Me So Happy'

5/2/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- whose fiance was killed in the 9/11 attacks -- was THRILLED when she found out U.S. forces took out Osama bin Laden yesterday ... saying the announcement "makes me so happy."


Uchitel's fiance -- Andy O'Grady -- was in the South Tower of the World Trade Center when it was struck by a plane. A then unknown Uchitel searched tirelessly for O'Grady ... but he didn't survive.

TMZ spoke with Uchitel last night ... who told us, "This is the biggest news we have received as a country in almost 10 years. Now we Americans finally have justice and maybe we can all sleep just a bit better at night. "

Uchitel continued, "Andy would be so honored to know he's part of history as an American hero for his sacrifice on that day. He's celebrating for sure right now with all those he died with and that makes me so happy."


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Going to work, being murdered - how is that a sacrifice? He had no choice, he was a victim. Could it be - The current white house residents probably knew where OBama, I mean, Osama was all along - just waiting for the right time.

1234 days ago



The reason they did not release the info right away is because they had to do DNA tests to confirm that this was indeed Osama Bin Laden. Once the confirmation was there, that's when they let the American people know. I'm a Conservative and didn't vote for Obama, but I have enough respect for myself and my country not to say that my President has mental issues.

This comment goes to show the lack of respect that people have for authority. What is the world coming to!?! This is a day to reflect on what we lost on 9/11 (innocent people, certain freedoms, and our faith in humanity) and what we gained with the news that the 'monsters in our closet' have been taken care of. Our faith in humanity is slowly being restored and we are all breathing a sigh of relief this morning. Reflect on THAT!!!

1234 days ago


Rachel, guessing this doesn't erase the pain much but maybe it helps you get better. Do that. It is the most important thing. And when you get weak you must remember that the douchbag who brought to all your pain is finally ****ing dead.... Love ya.

1234 days ago


@ JJgirl

Why don't you just shut your mouth. I've read some of the comments that Canadians post on various articles regarding issues in the US and you people are downright NASTY!!! You call us arrogant and such but why don't you take off your rose colored glasses off and look around your own country. Canada has major problems too! It was the American troops that carried out the operation that lead to Osama's death not the Canadians. That's why OooooNoooo was thanking the US troops. So shut it you dumb b*tch!

1234 days ago


Thank you, TMZ, for marginalizing this important news story by implying anyone should care what this whore thinks about the issue. Are you kidding me?

1234 days ago


Too bad it wasn't this vile whore that died on 9/11 instead of her boyfriend, husband or whoever the hell Andy is. I'm sure he would be please her girlfriend was being a homewrecker and extortionist.

1234 days ago


Glad your happy Rachel ... can we write you another check ???

1234 days ago


Why is it that people who died in the WTC are always called heroes? What the f*** did they do? They didn't sacrifice their lives. They were just at work. The firefighters and cops were heroes though. Not the people who went there just for work like they normally did.

1234 days ago


she was hot looking back then,and being just a fiance of the guy she would have recieved nothing from the 911 settlement

1234 days ago


happy? you have got to be kidding.. bin laden has a you think this has ended?

1234 days ago

Miss K.    

How wonderful for her. It gives her yet another opportunity to get her attention-whoring ass in the press. It's pretty obvious that she used all that 9/11 victim's money on plastic surgery. She was one ugly broad before her nose job.

1234 days ago


Why do we care what Rachel Uchitel thinks????

1234 days ago


Lander then why don't u join him.

1234 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

remove this post

1234 days ago


While it's all fine & dancy that the SOB is dead, there's going to be plenty more attacks in the future. Too many nutjobs in the terrorist world. Sad to have such hatred.

1234 days ago
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