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Rick Springfield

The Teary-Eyed Mug Shot

5/2/2011 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Rick Springfield's super-sad mug shot ... taken moments after he was arrested for DUI last night.

Rick Springfield Mug Shot

TMZ broke the story ...  the '80s rocker was pulled over in L.A. at around 8 last night ... and when officers approached his vehicle, they smelled booze.

Law enforcement sources tell us Rick's blood alcohol level was .10 -- exceeding California's .08 legal limit.

Springfield was taken to a nearby jail ... where he was booked and released on his own recognizance.



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DUI, another one. ... does a day go by that some knucklehead celebrity doesn't get a DUI? ... automatic 3 years in prison would make DUI obsolete in my view. ... slaps on the wrist do next to nothing.

1236 days ago


He's crying? I guess that explains why the girl is with Jessie and not Rick. Nobody likes a crybaby.

1236 days ago


Where do people see him crying. His eyes are red, Maybe he's tired

1236 days ago


My gosh, cut the guy some slack. I don't even drink and feel bad for him. Everyone assumes, that this is a regular thing with him. Do you all follow him around 24/7? He still looks great, and I hopefully he has learned a valuable lesson.

1236 days ago


God, some of you people are hateful sacks of sh*t. I hope you can look yourself in the mirror and if you think your perfect, boy are you lying to yourself. He worked his butt off to get to where he is in a recording industry that only cared about his looks. This too shall pass and I hope it gets him the help he needs. He has done so much for charities, animal shelters, he even did a concert to pay the cost of a dying girls medical bills. TALK The **** you want to talk but you dont know the men you talking about. Get your facts straight!

1236 days ago



While I agree with everything you have said, I still cannot condone drinking and driving. He should've called a cab. While he wasn't drunk out of his mind he was still over the legal limit. I hope he gets back on the right track and this incident doesn't make him depressed again. Let's hope he seeks help if that starts to happen. I think he has a big heart and is a nice man with issues like everyone else in the world.

1236 days ago


very sad that the media NEVER EVER recognizes Rick for all the GOOD he does..and only all the negative...Unreal.

1236 days ago


well said Gina... just sad that the media never ever recognizes all the GOOD he does and focuses on the negative. Unreal...he digs his fans knows we have his back he's human we all make mistakes.

1236 days ago


Well I'm not going to throw him under the bus, it could turn out like Aguillaras boyfriend..Innocent!

1236 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Rick & Mel...

Mel bought his first Malibu house from Rick
back in 1989 (3bedrm/4bath for 3 mill)

Rick also suffers from depression
like Mel (Rick was on The View last year
speaking to B. Walters about it).

Rick is Australian, Mel was born in US
but moved to Australia when he was 12...

Now Rick has DUI like Mel...

It's a small world...

1236 days ago


You people are SOOOOO ignorant. You comment about things you know nothing about. Rick's book was a made it to the NY Times Best Seller List soon after being released. He is not washed up. In fact he just appeared on tonight's Hawaii Five-O episode. He has a great career and tours all over the country and Europe/Asia about 10 months out of the year. He has not had botox, face lifts or wears eyeliner! In his book he wrote about a procedure he had in his late 20's/early 30's and swore off of surgery since then! The man is 61 years old and is better shape than any of you...for sure. If you knew anything about him you would know that! He never said he was sober for 10 years either. He is a wine drinker...drinks during his concerts on occasion. I'm sure none of you ever drink and drive...PLEASE! Oh and by the way idiots...every November hundreds and hundreds of his fans go on a concert cruise with him for 5 days. Get a life...and don't post stupid comments when you know nothing about the topic! Schmucks!

1236 days ago


Screw all you people. Who are YOU to judge him. No one knows what happened, but him. I'm sure 99.9% of you have driven after a drink or 2. A.10 is 2-3 drinks. I know, there were probably many people who would give him a ride. I wish he would of used better judgement that night. But screw all your negative comments. Rick is a wonderful human being and does a lot for his fan base. I guess if you were a 'true' fan, you'd understand.

1236 days ago


a DUI is not a big deal. MADD should be shut down. Start arresting people that have a BAC over .17 and leave the light drinkers alone!

1236 days ago

Santa Monica     

Welcome to unhollywood! Dude needs a drink, peace and a driver. At least people don't call him Ricky!- Take care RS!

1236 days ago


if he was drunk why did he get ROR? anyway i would have drove him home(MINE)

1236 days ago
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