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Stuttering Group Rips Trump -- How D-D-D-Dare You!

5/2/2011 11:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A support group for stutterers is furious with Donald Trump for calling Seth Meyers a "stutterer" ... after the SNL star roasted his ass during Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner.


A rep for the Stuttering Foundation -- which describes itself as a "non-profit organization helping those who stutter" -- targeted the Donald in a statement to TMZ, saying, "Shame on you, Mr. Trump!"

The statement continued, "We ... find it discouraging that in 2011, Donald Trump has chosen to use the word 'stutterer' in a derogatory fashion, something to be made fun of, to describe Seth Meyers' speech at the annual White House Correspondents' dinner."

The rep adds, "We had hoped that this kind of unfortunate comment was a thing of the past."

As we previously reported, the Donald mocked Seth's joke delivery after the dinner -- calling him a "stutterer" -- but the crowd seemed to disagree ... because Trump was the only one not laughing.


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rich va    

Let me get this straight....Seth Myers can make cracks at Trump and so basically negative jokes about Trump, but when Donald makes a crack back at Seth is brings up a foundation or group that was offended. Give me break!!! I just hope Trump runs for President. We need to get away from this soft and nice guy individuals that are not tough and brave enough to say what is needed and do what is needed.

1239 days ago


Trump is winning friends and allies all over, isn't he?

1239 days ago


@Just Another Viewer - I agree 100%. Between this heading and the article on whether or not our president had "victory" sex after announcing that the Evil that was responsible for 9/11 and so many more terrorist acts was dead, I'm completely disgusted with TMZ and will not read anymore.

1239 days ago

Smarter Human    

Trump is nothing but a spoiled brat - an overgrown man-child.

He's not Presidential AT ALL and never will be.

1239 days ago

Room Monitor    

this site just oozes gay drool

1239 days ago


Well it's better than the slur Obama issued when he called "The Donald" a Carnival Barker.

Everyone working at Carnivals took umbridge with that insult from the President.

Now I learn the Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth is a FAKE, and it is PROVEN to be such:

1239 days ago


I think the contestants of celebrity apprentice should quit the show right now because of Trump's behavior!!

1239 days ago


Is anyone surprised? More proof that money does not mean class. He needs a big mug of stfu. Did he really think he wasn't going to be the butt of jokes? The highlight was watching him glare at Seth and seeing his table-mates steal looks at him and being terrified to laugh.

I don't believe for a minute that he is running for President - I'm totally with Seth: "Donald Trump has said he's running for president as a Republican ... which is surprising, because I thought he was running as a joke."

Can't wait for Weekend Update on SNL this week.

1239 days ago


I wonder if the stutterer organization or any of you classless hollywood types spoke up when sarah palin's son was being critizined for having Down Syndrome. Oh yeah- no you didn't. SHUT UP HARVEY. Go s u c k Obama. you know u want to.

1239 days ago


But wait, hold on. The fact he's a racist and makes discriminatory comments about disabled people should not matter. Trump wants to give his ideas on China trade again.

1239 days ago


Oh c-c-c-c-ome on!

1239 days ago


Trump got owned. Awesome job, Seth.

1239 days ago


oh god here we go!

1239 days ago


what the hell else do ya call people that stutter? now they are picking on EVERYTHING..

1239 days ago


Both need to grow up...Even an infant is laughing at your stupidity @$$£$.

1239 days ago
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