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USS Carl Vinson -- The Party Before The Osama Dump

5/2/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two weeks before Osama bin Laden's corpse was loaded onto their ship ... and dropped into the deep blue North Arabian Sea ... the sailors on the USS Carl Vinson took a few dives themselves.

On April 15, the crew was granted a "Swim Call" -- a day of fun, swimming, jumping and surfing out on the water in between daily operations.

In fact, the U.S. Navy posted the photos on the ship's official Facebook page.

Even the ship's Commanding Officer, Capt. Bruce H. Lindsey, grabbed his surfboard and hit the swells.

Of course, these brave men and women don't just mess around -- they played a crucial role in the disposal of bin Laden's remains.


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Love Star Wars    


1238 days ago


Love Star Wars. 22 minutes ago
ALL H0 M0 'S
With more balls than YOU any day! Would "luuuuuuuv" to see you attempt what they do!!

1238 days ago

American Mom    

Hey, why can they dump toxic waste in the ocean and in my city/state it is a like the worst crime if so much as freaking hose water trickles down the gutter into the ocean? Just wtf? Seriously? I don't want to hear another person bi#ch about polluting the ocean! And on top of it all,So much for a fine sea food dinner any more!

1238 days ago

Carl Capdeville    

I wouldn't swim in that water now with that terrorist pig's body rotting away in it. I hope the fish and crabs don't get sick eating him.

1237 days ago


My nephew Is on the Carl Vinson. Can't wait to get all the details! So proud he is part of this.

1237 days ago

Mya Nameoian    

You make it sound as if the crew and the crew is MIXED GENDER) was out there whooping it up right before the OBL burial detail.

Instead of sounding as if you are the National Enquirer, why not do the patriotic thing and actually explain how hard these sailors work, and that swim call is important the their morale, as well as a fine old Navy Tradition? Then the pics would be logical and appreciated.

1237 days ago

Kenneth Ezzell    

"Even the ship's Commanding Officer, Capt. Bruce H. Lindsey, grabbed his surfboard and hit the swells." TMZ your idiots....there are no swells...look at your your own dam pics...
Come on Guys

1237 days ago


I'd hit that!! All of them!!

1237 days ago


What a load this article is, associating two events that were two weeks apart. CVN-70 was my last command before retiring, and the Navy has swim calls all the time. I'm surprised the author didn't get pictures of the guys who are posted with rifles to shoot sharks - surely that would make a great follow-up article: "Navy Uses Bin Laden's Body For Target Practice". I mean, if you're going to engage in yellow journalism, you might as well go all the way.

1237 days ago


A sailor on the Carl Vinson e-mailed me an interesting story. It seems he was a member of the burial detail and he wanted to give Bin Laden a going away gift. To sustain him on his journey to HELL, he slipped a slice of ham inside the burial sheet. Was that not nice of him!!!!!!

1236 days ago


why don't you just paint targets on their backs? there is a reason they are not releasing the identities of the team who completed the mission. Just saying.....

1234 days ago

Byron Green    

Great bunch of guys that crew they even volunteered to help bath the dead creep some thing to do with the muslim rites or something.Anyhoo they all drank three pints of beer then lined up and pissed on him.

1232 days ago
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