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'16 & Preggo' Mom -- My Baby Daddy's a Coke Head

5/4/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 17-year-old mother who was introduced on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" last night claims her baby daddy has a cocaine problem -- and now she's begging a judge for SOLE custody of their daughter.


Jamie McKay filed court docs in North Carolina ... claiming 18-year-old Ryan McElrath is "not responsible and not in a position to provide a stable environment" for their 7-month-old daughter.

In the docs, Jamie claims Ryan has a "history of driving while under the influence of alcohol" and a "history of cocaine abuse" ... and Jamie believes he's been up to no good "even after the birth of the child."050311_pregnant_mtv_still

Jamie wants Ryan to be granted supervised visitation at the local Family Visitation Center -- a court-monitored facility.

Jamie also wants the judge to order Ryan to complete a parenting class and "submit to appropriate drug and alcohol assessments and testing and to comply with all treatment recommendations."

The couple is set to face off in court on June 13.

TMZ spoke with Ryan ... who told us, "She's doing this just to cause problems ... it will all clear out in court."


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She is complaining because he has a history of coccain use and driving under the influence, It's dispicable behavior and makes him an awful person. However if you spread your legs for him you're a saint. Pull the plug on these reality shows with minors. Kids don't need to learn life lessons from idiots.

1233 days ago

Chani Radd    

i could tell watching the 1st episode that kid was on drugs, he should get no visitation!

1233 days ago


you can't be a stripper at 16 - that bar would lose it's license not to mention a ton of other things - stop being ignorant.

1233 days ago


how is she putting her business on the internet... court do***ents are public record... its the media that gets a hold of them.. i dont think she is a bad parent... shes a teenager and has things to learn.. people r so quick to judge these days...

1233 days ago


@mommalama: He did all those things when they were just dating too. Only difference now is that she's not with him at the parties anymore, and she found out he was seeing someone else throughout her entire pregnancy. A normal, sane person would have dumped him after the first couple "dates". She complained numerous times how she's usually out partying with her friends and now she can't because of the baby. He made it fairly clear that his only interest was for his child and being able to be a father to it. No telling what kind of guy she'll bring home next, especially since she has a child now. They're just typical young people nowadays. They both need supervision and someone to tell them when they're f*cking up because their parents suck. Children don't need adult best friends, they need parents.

1233 days ago


When in hell will this moronic show go off the air???????

1233 days ago


Wow, can't people just get along? I accidentally got a girl pregnant. Now we've been together for 4 years. Grow up!

1233 days ago


I just want to know who get's to pay for his drug tests, supervised visitation and so on?? Hope it's not the taxpayers. I think it's pretty pompous of her to make these kinds of demands, that she can't pay for, when it's her own fault she layed down with this loser in the first place.

1233 days ago


The 16 and pregnent show on MTV is the most trashy thing on television since the start of Jerry Springer. I can picture 16 year old girls in trailor parks acorss the country trying to have a baby so they can get on this show. How sad.

1233 days ago


"Life's tough......It's even tougher if you're stupid."

-John Wayne

1233 days ago



Don't turn a blind eye to these types of people when making that claim.

1233 days ago


Seems to me that with all these “Teen Moms” is that they just make one bad decision after another. These babies are screwed. They need REAL parents. Not parents that are going to exploit them on MTV for a paycheck. It’s insane that this show is still on the air and that people actually watch and encourage this crap. Stats have stated that the rate of teen pregnancy has gone up 52% since this show started airing. Teen girls have admitting to getting pregnant on purpose just so they could sign up to be on MTV. How sad is that!!!!

1233 days ago


i feel bad for him honestly because haveing a coke problem is serious and having spread all over the news that your life is falling apart is not going to help him at all!

1233 days ago


This is the first teen mom I've seen stand up for herself, thank god. All the others take their baby daddy back by the end of the show and let them walk all over them. Was anyone else a little freaked out by the way he was acting about taking his daughter alone. I would never let my child be alone with that peice of SH*T

1233 days ago


Thats not the way to treat a person with a addiction. Beating him down will only make him want to use more. He needs to get support from his family and counseling and time to grow up.

Hey Lina, was his family encouraging him to drink & do drugs? He needs to grow up & take responsibility for his own addiction. That's what wrong with people today, no one takes responsibility for the things they do - they want to suck others into their b.s. & play the victim! He's a 18yr old uneducated trailer trash lifer, drunk, drug addict & a punk!! And she is just as stupid for opening her legs to this loser. She gets to skate? I think not!! Just like her mother, she is trailer trash & her daughter will be just like her. Keeping it in the family! White america, wtf is going on?

1233 days ago
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