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'16 & Preggo' Mom -- My Baby Daddy's a Coke Head

5/4/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 17-year-old mother who was introduced on MTV's "16 and Pregnant" last night claims her baby daddy has a cocaine problem -- and now she's begging a judge for SOLE custody of their daughter.


Jamie McKay filed court docs in North Carolina ... claiming 18-year-old Ryan McElrath is "not responsible and not in a position to provide a stable environment" for their 7-month-old daughter.

In the docs, Jamie claims Ryan has a "history of driving while under the influence of alcohol" and a "history of cocaine abuse" ... and Jamie believes he's been up to no good "even after the birth of the child."050311_pregnant_mtv_still

Jamie wants Ryan to be granted supervised visitation at the local Family Visitation Center -- a court-monitored facility.

Jamie also wants the judge to order Ryan to complete a parenting class and "submit to appropriate drug and alcohol assessments and testing and to comply with all treatment recommendations."

The couple is set to face off in court on June 13.

TMZ spoke with Ryan ... who told us, "She's doing this just to cause problems ... it will all clear out in court."


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Keep your freaken legs closed. Why do all you think screwing is fun. Your life is f***ed up forever and ever. Unfortunately you have a new life in your hands. Let's just hope your loose morals stop with these kid-parents.

1237 days ago


And what a good decision you made to have unprotected sex with him and have the baby. Please tell me why this sh*t is even on TV....great job by MTV for making the hardest job in the world look glamourous to these immature children.

1237 days ago


Cocaine's a helluva drug!

1237 days ago


The only reason this show is on is because it is a train wreck.

1237 days ago



1237 days ago


i think the choice she has made to let the courts decide is a responsible one. she is trying to be a good parent and is working very hard in that direction. the path she has is a hard one but she is smart and strong and she will be a good mother. for all you haters would you rather her let an irresponsible boy take her 1 week old off to god only knows where for a couple hours? i think this show is a good example and shows kids that it is hard to do and not just some silly fantasy.

1237 days ago


Should she had been abstinent and not had sex? Yes! Should she have never given him the time of day to begin with? Yes! I don't know why she chose him and why she didn't make the decision to use birth control. She was young and stupid. Now she has to live with those consequences. Does that give us a right to look down on her? No, She is going to school and taking care of her baby the best she can. She is trying to protect the child from the father who is irresponsible and a danger to the baby because he can't get his life together. We have no right to judge her and I bet a lot of you also did the same thing. When you are young you have no maturity. When you grow older and have to deal with mistakes it makes you wiser. I bet she learned her lesson. I wish the best for her and hope the dad turns his life around.

1237 days ago

wow ew    

I dont get how if she's such a straight A student and is SO ****ing smart, why didnt SHE take the time to tell her boyfriend to wrap his **** up in a condom before they had sex?? She admitted she wasnt on the pill AND they werent using condoms. SHE WAS PLAYING WITH FIRE WILLINGLY! I dont pity this brat. Her mother works long and hard hours to keep them in that nice house and she goes and hooks up with the school **** UP and gets pregnant by him. Then she's shocked to find out he cheated on her. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?
I've never met my father and at 25 I dont come home knocked up just to get soem attention. I hope mtv pays her well. They both look like very stupid people and yes i watched the show.

1237 days ago


This girl is so retarded mainly because she knows Ryan has only done coke once!She also knows that he had previous charges of coke because someone used his scale to weigh it and he got charged with it. One of his DUI charges were invalid not only was he not drunk during the one it was also raining so he hydroplaned. He did have some things in his system to he may get charged with one of the DUI s but the other got dropped! Ryan is a good guy and he wants to be apart of his daughters life but Jamie is being a spiteful bitch because Ryan got with another girl... so what its a part of life and she needs to get over it and grow up she is a mommy now its time she worried less about other people and started to focus on her and baby Miah. Oh yeah Ryan did not cheat on Jamie they broke up before she went into labor and him and another girl were talking they weren't dating until a month after the baby was born and her and Jamie fought... so all of you who think Jamie is so cool she really isn't she is a stupid girl that got pregnant on purpose i know because i am the girl Ryan started dating after him and Jamie had broken up!

1235 days ago


Its sad that we let this happen and even promote it by watching this happen. One of my friends lost her kid because of coke. But she went to rehab and actually got custody back. She went to Solutions Recovery in las vegas and they saved her life. I'd reccoment it for anyone. She should check into rehab.

1230 days ago


im really sick of people trashing jamie on here she is an amazing mother ! just because ryan was a druggie does not mean she is bad you seen where she left him ! and she wants drug tests done before ryan can see the child so stfu, and get a life if you want somebody to call a bad mother go find janelle!

1229 days ago
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