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Charlie Sheen: Kelly Preston Shot Herself

5/3/2011 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen claims he did not shoot Kelly Preston ... and that it was Kelly herself who caused the gun to fire and injure herself in the infamous 1990 incident.

Sheen gave his version of events during his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" stop in Vancouver Monday night.  He says he was downstairs drinking coffee, when he heard a shot from upstairs. 

Sheen says he then saw a naked Kelly Preston at the top of the stairs, covered in blood.

Charlie explained Kelly had picked up a pair of his pants in the bathroom -- when a revolver that was secreted in his pocket fell to the ground and discharged. Sheen claims the bullet hit the toilet and either shrapnel or a piece of porcelain from the toilet ricocheted and struck her.

Charlie says at the time he knew he'd be blamed for it.

Kelly and Charlie broke off their engagement shortly after the incident. So far, no comment from Preston's camp.


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So, it's not his fault because all he did was leave his gun in his pants pocket and left it laying around?

Let's say Kelly was a child ... I wonder if the "she shot herself" defense would fly.

Who leaves a pair of pants laying around with a gun in it? (I guess Charlie does)

1269 days ago


A better question ihatestupidpeople:

Who is dumb enough to wash Charlie Sheen's pants in the first place?


1269 days ago


Lindsay's reporting for community service in a sheer outfit and braless, and we get more Charlie ?


1269 days ago


Duh, of course it's his was his gun and was left out unsecured. Is it HER fault he had it hidden in his pants? All she was doing was picking up after the slob. Give me a break...whose fault is it?

1269 days ago


spyke 19 minutes ago
mel 35 minutes ago "The gun went off by itself" is the oldest story in the book. And no one believes it, because guns DON'T go off by themselves!

Fair enough. We need someone with actual expertise to comment and considering every other person on the block owns or has owned one and how many people have taken gun safety courses, let's hear from someone with actual knowledge.
guns do not go off by themselves.....unless the gun is ****ed you can drop it all you want and its not going to go off,she obviously was mad at him,,,found the gun,,didnt know how to use it,pulled the trigger and it went off..

1269 days ago


Lucky her, she dodged a bigger bullet by getting away from him.

1269 days ago


actually, this is a really old story. in fact kelly told the same account of what happened years ago in a mag article. this is not new news.

1269 days ago


Everything is everyone else's fault. This jackass won't take responsibility for going to the bathroom. It's her fault that HE left a gun in his pants. ...Well, we all do that. Jerk.

1269 days ago


" Charlie says at the time he knew he'd be blamed for it. "

Yeah, . . . well, that happens when someone carelessly leaves a loaded handgun in their laundry . . .

And, that's if we're to believe Charlie's "enhanced" version of events. Good times . . .

1269 days ago


Leave it alone Charlie she doesn't talk about u and u should not talk about her.

1269 days ago


Hey TMZ, you forgot to mention that the arena he was at holds over 15 thousand and he sold a whole 3 thousand seats. You also forgot to mention he didn't answer three quarters of the questions the audience threw at him, had over half the place cleared out in record time and had a few escorted out kicking and screaming. Not to mention, he wouldn't name names cause according to him, it just comes back in the press. Really Captain Obvious, did you figure that out on your own?

The biggest statement last night by folks that attended - "Thank god for Russell Peters".

1269 days ago

Mr Furley    

I guess all those syringes also fell out of his pocket, bounced off of the toilet and plunged into his arm-poor Charlie!

1269 days ago


The really sad part is that Charlie told this story to make himself look better. I know I want my kids to be around someone responsible enough to leave a loaded gun in their dirty jeans on the bathroom floor. He did not even think that the judge who will decide his child custody case will be listening/reading/youtubing this statement and consider how responsible this man is, and how safe he is.

1269 days ago

PRO US    

Charlie Sheen was responsible. It was his gun. He kept his gun loaded and in his pocket. When someone has a registered handgun at home in California, he/she is supposed to have the handgun unloaded and locked so it cannot fire a bullet. Charlie didn't do that. Therefore, Charlie is responsible for Kelly Preston getting wounded. Charlie Sheen is a coward trying to evade responsibility for his negligence. What a jerk, CS is!

1269 days ago

Miss Red    

Wasn't he kind of insinuating that she was suicidal. When he said '' she finally did it '' ? Did anyone else catch that ?

1269 days ago
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