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Charlie Sheen: Kelly Preston Shot Herself

5/3/2011 4:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen claims he did not shoot Kelly Preston ... and that it was Kelly herself who caused the gun to fire and injure herself in the infamous 1990 incident. 

Sheen gave his version of events during his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" stop in Vancouver Monday night.  He says he was downstairs drinking coffee, when he heard a shot from upstairs. 

Sheen says he then saw a naked Kelly Preston at the top of the stairs, covered in blood.

Charlie explained Kelly had picked up a pair of his pants in the bathroom -- when a revolver that was secreted in his pocket fell to the ground and discharged.   Sheen claims the bullet hit the toilet and either shrapnel or a piece of porcelain from the toilet ricocheted and struck her.

Charlie says at the time he knew he'd be blamed for it.

Kelly and Charlie broke off their engagement shortly after the incident. So far, no comment from Preston's camp.

Fashion's Biggest Night -- the Met Costume Gala!

The most stars turned out Monday night for the biggest fashion event of the year -- The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala.

The event -- sometimes dubbed the Oscars of Fashion -- honored fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who died last year. As part of the tribute, the museum is running a retrospective exhibit on McQueen entitled Savage Beauty.

Wang Chung: 'Memba Them?!

Jack Hues and Nick Feldman are best known for recording the #2 hit "Every Body Have Fun Tonight" as the English music group "Wang Chung." Guess what they look like now!


Jordin Sparks-- Crazy Weight Loss Bikini Pic!

Jordin Sparks is loving her new body -- and last night, she showed it off with a bikini picture on Twitter!

The "American Idol" winner, who used to model plus-size clothes, looked absolutely incredible in the skimpy suit -- which she said reminds her of "fruity pebbles."

Jordin is only one of many stars who have recently dropped some serious weight though, check out the gallery above to see the amazing transformations celebs like Sara Rue, Raven-Symone, Jennifer Hudson and more have all gone through!

'Jersey Shore' -- Surprising Living Arrangement

The hook to "Jersey Shore" in Italy is the place where the cast will be living ... and it's not the place being cited by numerous news reports.


Sources connected to the show and with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the TRUE location where the cast will be staying has not been revealed ... but we're told it won't be an apartment ... a house ... a hotel ... or a church.

TMZ has obtained photos of a new patio deck built off the back of the apartment complex where the gang is RUMORED to be staying -- complete with studio lights -- but we're told the rumors are 100% false. However, the location MAY be used in the show, if producers like the way the set turns out.

We're told NO ONE from the cast -- including Snooki, Situation and Pauly D -- have been informed where they will be staying ... and producers plan to keep it a secret until the gang gets off the plane.

New Shots from 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn'

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" isn't due out until November -- but we've got a bunch of new photos from the flick right now ... including a couple cozy honeymoon shots!

The eleven new photos show Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella's (Kristen Stewart) wedding, some waterfall snuggling on their honeymoon, the Volturi, the new Denali coven and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) running in the rain and riding a motorcycle, naturally.

Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess whose studly snapshot was given a manly mix up?


Celeb Card Sharks -- You Bet!

Don't let their good looks fool you -- these stars have some serious hustle when it comes to playin' poker!

Check out which stars know how to play their cards right!

What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Check out the following photos and see if you've got the eyeballs to spot the differences in these perplexing pictures!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photographs!**


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get a brain    

come on now...alabama is a great place to be except for the tornadoes..but thats why the nic named the part of the u.s tornado alley...i know about 25 people that went done and did move debris not fot the glamour but to help clean up!! they r heros!!! charlie went for the publicity nothing else...proven fact drugs and alchohol warp the mind into believing many things....charlie needs to smarten up and clean up..but they say a person has to hit rock bottom first... so fall charlie fall till u hit bottom...

1276 days ago


Revolvers don't fire if dropped!!!

1276 days ago


He is just scrambling in desperation to restore a bit of acceptance since the network is going on with the show excluding him. He is doing this stupid tour, robbing the public really, because he knows he now has no work after this. I wouldn't go to his smoke filled, rambling, idiotic spewing of nonsense if he paid me! He is the ugliest, most vile, witless, jerk of a has been I can think of. Why anyone would give him a dime is beyond me!

1276 days ago


Of course, I believe him. He is SO credible! He's such a decent human being.
Such an honest face! He' a terrific emetic when you need one!

1276 days ago


Ok so this man SHOT Kelly Preston and he's not spending his life in prison??? I never heard of this cus I was only like 6, but damn! No, the gun didn't fall out of a pocket and go off. Bull****!

1276 days ago


I hear both sides of all of this...since I personally do not know Charlie Sheen I really cannot weigh in on any of it...I just like him as an actor and hope to see more of him on TV and movies. If he has some inner demons to work on, I hope he takes care of them and gets back on the big screen. We who do not know should not judge.

1276 days ago


John...Apparently you have no knowledge about firearms.
Revolvers have killed a lot of people when dropped. You NEVER
keep a shell in the cylinder resting under the hammer.
Always keep one cylinder totally empty and make sure it is
positioned under the hammer One advantage of a revolver is
when you shoot someone, the casing is not ejected like in a

1276 days ago


Charlie..Baby? I got some news for you. Sometimes in life, we need to take responsibility for our drunken actions, rather than pushing the blame onto somebody else, someone innocent--someone like poor Kelly Preston. SO GET A CRACK-FREE LIFE AND MIND YOUR OWN FRIGGIN' BUISNESS YA DAMN MAN-WHORE!!!!

1276 days ago


Seriously? I may love Sheen's work--2 1/2 men continually cracks me up :)))--but HONESTLY!! The gun dropped to the floor, the trigger hit by the tile. The bullet hits either the tiolet or wall, rocketing into Kelly Preston. Since 1990 Sheen has been thought to be guilty. 21 years later he decides to let out the "truth"?? Give me a friggin' break, man. Leave Kelly alone!!!! She has more important things in her life to think about than your selfish, idiotic, insomniatic lies of the revolver you kept in your pants!! If your going to lie about something, than make it your drug addiction--Not Kelly's life.

1276 days ago


This guy is a complete and total jerk. He makes up stories and lies about stuff that happened 21 years ago. This guy has zero credibility.

1276 days ago


Will somebody report some real news and not about this drugged out nut case? Sadley this guy has left the planet.

1276 days ago


Heres a 'Violent Torpedo of Truth' for you Charlie: What a bonehead you are.

1276 days ago

Chu Chu    

It's card sharp, not card shark! Philistines.

1276 days ago

charlie 4 prez !!!!    

Hey Cindy Cox Person-

You ARE THE LOSER YOU MORON !!!! In case you forgot this country is all about the BENJAMINS (thanx 'CUBE) no one is putting a gun to their head in Canada or here and making them go. I thought it was funny in detroit (your sports teams SUCK AZZ by the way)when that BOZO tried his "pathetic" chance at heckling + booing my boy. He looked right at this DOUCHEBAG and said "I ALREADY GOT YOUR MONEY DUDE !!!!!

I'm sorry ur gross and useless and no one gives u any sugar. like "daddy" used to say "FAT GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO"

1276 days ago

austin martinez    

i like hcarlie seen hes a good actor. wow! he comes with his bull **** wit kelly fuhhk him

1276 days ago
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