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Eddie Cibrian to Ex:

Keep Our Kids

Off 'Housewives'

5/6/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Cibrian is adamant he does not want his ex-wife Brandi Glanville to put their kids on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- and we're told he's ready to go to court over it.

TMZ broke the story ... Brandi will star on the next season of the show -- and according to sources, Eddie wants to make sure Brandi doesn't drag their kids along for the ride ... threatening legal action if their two children make any kind of cameo appearance.

According to sources, Brandi's pissed -- telling friends Eddie is imposing a HUGE double standard ... because he and the kids JUST appeared in a massive spread in People magazine ... with LeAnn Rimes.

TMZ spoke to Eddie's rep ... who confirms Eddie doesn't want their children involved in "Real Housewives" in any way whatsoever.


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HAHAA!! NOW HE IS CONCERNED ABOUT HIS KIDS?? EFFING LOSER!! I can't wait until he cheats on horseface so she can get what she deserves, he is a pig and she is a bitch.

1245 days ago


for 2 years, this man has allowed Leann to talk about, post pics on her twitter page, and have pics taken for photo-opt and to put in magazines. now he wants to continue controlling Brandi and tell her what she can do with the kids on her days to have them. he is a total a.s.s he is still mad cause she kicked his cheating butt to the curb. hope Brandi becomes a bigger star than those 2 losers ever dreamed of being. Carry on, Brandi. now, that she has a show backing her, she might be able to take his lying face back to court.

1245 days ago


Funny how these guys all become fathers the second their x-wives want to put the kids on tv. But there is a huge difference between being photographed and put in a really stupid reality show.

1245 days ago


stfu dare you tell your ex how to make a living.she is the one left to figure out how to support her are a bum.....

1245 days ago


i soo hate cheaters he needs to shut up

1245 days ago


So I guess only Eddie and LeAnn can use those poor children. They are Brandi's children too, dufus. I don't care one way or the other if they are on TV but for Cibrian to think he has the moral high ground here is repulsive.

1245 days ago


hahaha well Eddie I am pretty sure your then wife did not want her kids involved or anywhere near your horseface girlfriend but you did not exactly respect that now did you? I am pretty sure she did not want them spread all over people magazine iwth your new wife and girl you cheated on their mother with either. Get over yourself you are a mediocre actor who at one point was good looking till the world found out what a gross hypocrite you are, and quite frankly your curent "wife" is bringing you down in the looks dept. LMAO what a joke.

1245 days ago


What a frigging jerkoff. His actions over the past two years told the world that it's all about him. And now that he has this slut by his side, he wants us to believe that he cares about his kids. He lost the moral high ground the moment he treated the mother of his children like garbage. Please, someone kick this guy in the ass.

1245 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Screw that cheating bastard. I hope she tells the judge that People Magazine story when she goes to court. I guess he thinks only him and his former mistress can be seen in the media with the kids.

1245 days ago


Eddie whoremonger Cibrian exposes the children to his whore/home-wrecker everytime he has them. Hypocrite!

1245 days ago


Eddie Cibrian is one of the worlds BIGGEST IDIOTS. In addition to being a philandering pig, he's also a jerk. Double standard much, Eddie?

Eddie and the emmaciated horse he married (AKA Renee Zellweger's sour faced twin,Lie-ann Rhimes)

EDDIE is the one that thrust his children in to the spotlight. I may not agree with Brandy's decision to have them featured on a "reality" show- but, the truth is, SHE is the one that is THERE with the children, and it is HER decision.

You will note that Eddie uses his time with them to do whatever Lie-ann wants that will allow her to post photos of them on her twitter or get photos taken by the paparazzi. Or- PUT THEM IN THE SPOTLIGHT by having them featured in a People magazine, something that reaches A LOT more people than some silly reality show.

1245 days ago


GOOD!!! Now she can spend more time focusing on LeeAnn and Eddie. Who really wants to see her watching her son's soccer game? She should spend the entire time acting really heartbroken and lonely, and showing how bereft her life is since LeeAnn broke up her marriage. We already don't like LeeAnn because she did this, Brandi should milk that for all it's worth!

1245 days ago


I used to really like this guy...until he turned into such a douchebag!!! I feel sorry for Brandy because he thinks he is so much better than her. Guess what are a way bigger loser than her now since you clearly are a douchebag!!!

1245 days ago


Hey Eddie, since you're not paying child support, what do you expect your ex to do? She has 2 children to provide for, and she's going to do it any way she can. Kudos to Brandi! I'll be watching the show because of her.

1245 days ago


Eddie, where was your concern for your kids when your mistress pimped them out on twitter and rag mags?

1245 days ago
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