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Katie Couric On the Verge of

$20 Million ABC Deal

5/5/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric and ABC television are on the verge of signing a $20 million deal, which would give Katie her own talk show, as well as significant involvement in ABC News -- and the big casualty could be "General Hospital."
Sources connected with ABC tell TMZ -- under the deal that is in the final stages -- Katie would do specials for ABC News, "20/20," and do a significant amount of fill-in work -- including anchoring.

ABC would also give Katie a 1-hour, 5-day-a-week syndicated talk show, that would begin in September, 2012.  Our sources say ... one option ABC is considering is giving its affiliates back the hour where "General Hospital" airs to make room for Katie.  In other words, ABC would axe the third longest-running soap in history and the last one standing on ABC.

ABC is also realistic, believing that one of its two new 2011 syndicated shows will fail, leaving room for K.C.

We're told ... when the dust settles and ABC's daytime schedule gets rearranged, Katie would probably land in the 3 PM time slot.

BTW ... we're told Matt Lauer will NOT be part of Katie's show.

As for the moola, our sources say the entire package for Katie and her partner, Jeff Zucker is a $20 million GUARANTEE for the syndicated show -- and that's just for the the first year.  We're also told Katie will get a "nominal amount" for her work in the news division.


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See this is exactly what is wrong with management thinking....rather than keep 100 people (I'm sure it is more) by keeping the soaps going they are going to fire all of them and pay this ONE person an outlandish amount of money and she will flop! She is not that populare except with management!

I'm already striking against ABC for cancelling the soaps and she sure isn't gonna bring me back!

1266 days ago


The cow is boring and biotchy.

Further, she aliented a-lot of people when she deviously/nastily went after Palin in a campaign interview 3 years ago. People actually started hating her, when they just didn't care for her before. I-d-i-o-t.

1266 days ago


How any viewers want another talk show hosted by Katie Couric. Let's take a vote. I don't. TPTB at Abc/Disney seem to have lost their minds. Already dissed two of our soaps because they said they have replacements that are 40% cheaper to produce. Looks to me like they were just looking for a way to pay Katie 20million. SoapFans already are not watching ABC except for soaps now we won't have to turn channel on at all. Yep, we've given up DWTS, Modern Family, In The Middle and you know what. Each week it gets easier. I even forgot DWTS was on the other night. So way to go ABC.

1266 days ago

Ron Oldmiller    

If General Hospital goes, my family will no longer watch anything associated with ABC.

1266 days ago


The cow is bitchy and boring, first and foremost.

Also, people tolerated her before her devious/nasty interview with Palin a few years back. Now they hate her for being a cunning, well, c-nt.

1266 days ago


Sorry, folks, didn't mean to post same comment twice.

1266 days ago


ABC does not need Katie Couric in their news department...She's a "has been" ...ABC has plenty of young exciting talent in news...YUCK!!!

1266 days ago


sorry but this is a bad idea a talk show with her just won't work, it will be cancelled it's a waste of money. She should just stick to the news or 60 min cbs.

1266 days ago

Vinnie Cristina    

I will not watch anything on ABC, CBS already lost me it is not big deal. It will fail just like the Talk, Us woman out there when we say we are going to bycott ABC we mean. let see how far Katie Coric will go, down the drain just like her CBS News.
So long TV Viewing.

1266 days ago

brenda love    

Katie,I have watched you for a lot of years. I need to let you know if you replace General Hospital, I will never watch you again. If we loose AMC and OLTL that would be tragic. If you signed a deal to replace the last soap on this channel,That would be unbearable. I know there are plenty more opportunities out there and you wouldn't have to take this deal. Please be the upstanding Lady I always gave you credit for by saying NO, the fans deserve better than that!

1266 days ago

Andrea Dawson    

The execs at abc have all lost their minds. I will never watch abc after the soaps go..........

1266 days ago

Brandi Kennedy    

i hate that idea!!! tooooo many talk shows and i would rather watch one of the best soaps on tv than watch another talk show.. please do not take off General Hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1266 days ago


ALL the networks are worthless. CBS made a smart decision by letting he go. But, ABC somehow thinks they will get ratings out of her where CBS couldn't. And if Jeff Zucker is involved, you know that her show is really going to stink! BTW, she's a horrible journalist and why give her that much money when you could easily find somebody or several people that are better?!?

1266 days ago


Guess ABC has 20 million to waste! And will piss off soap fans in the process...

1266 days ago


I will not watch any of the replacement shows on ABC, I will look for new shows on CBS , NBC Fox.

1266 days ago
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