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Katie Couric On the Verge of

$20 Million ABC Deal

5/5/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Couric and ABC television are on the verge of signing a $20 million deal, which would give Katie her own talk show, as well as significant involvement in ABC News -- and the big casualty could be "General Hospital."
Sources connected with ABC tell TMZ -- under the deal that is in the final stages -- Katie would do specials for ABC News, "20/20," and do a significant amount of fill-in work -- including anchoring.

ABC would also give Katie a 1-hour, 5-day-a-week syndicated talk show, that would begin in September, 2012.  Our sources say ... one option ABC is considering is giving its affiliates back the hour where "General Hospital" airs to make room for Katie.  In other words, ABC would axe the third longest-running soap in history and the last one standing on ABC.

ABC is also realistic, believing that one of its two new 2011 syndicated shows will fail, leaving room for K.C.

We're told ... when the dust settles and ABC's daytime schedule gets rearranged, Katie would probably land in the 3 PM time slot.

BTW ... we're told Matt Lauer will NOT be part of Katie's show.

As for the moola, our sources say the entire package for Katie and her partner, Jeff Zucker is a $20 million GUARANTEE for the syndicated show -- and that's just for the the first year.  We're also told Katie will get a "nominal amount" for her work in the news division.


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The fact that she's partnered with Jeff Zucker says it all. She is not worth 20 million dollars.

1270 days ago


ABC SUCKS. How could you cancel all three soap operas? If you think the people that watch or record soaps are going to watch or you lame daytime shows you are wrong. The younger generation also will not watch these shows as they have other things to occupy their time. ABC your days are numbered.

1270 days ago

Sheri Gillis    

This is rideclous.. You better not get rid of the best soap around GH. Especially for another talk show. GH always have the top ratings, they are the best show around. There is not many soaps around, they are all leaving. If ABC gets rid of GH, me and my friends will not be watching ABC anymore. I have been watching this show for years. DO NOT TAKE GH AWAY!!!!

1270 days ago


Nooooooooo, General Hospital can't be taken away :(

1270 days ago


Nothing but Negative Nancy's in here making comments. Give Katie a chance I for on e like her, I'll watch her if you don't care for her well then don't watch her. As for the soaps situation it's sad to see them go but it's a sign of the times.

1270 days ago


Don't take General hospital Off!!!!!. We are tired of TAlk Shows

1270 days ago

Jim in Cali    

LOL if Jeff Zucker is involved you know its going to be a failure.

1270 days ago


It is all about her contacts and who she knows, and who she can get whom in contact with. If you understand that, then you understand why ABC wants to pay her so much money for who she knows. If you don't understand this, then your among the millions of average Americans who could care less about this because it has little to no impact on the lives of the majority of average citizens.

1270 days ago

Michelle P    

As a long time soap viewer, I will NOT watch ANY show that is put in place of my soaps. And you would think that ABC would have learned a lesson from the soap fans. If they cancel GH, they will lose what few remaining viewer's they have. They have grossly underestimated the love and loyalty that fans have for these beloved shows and their actor's and writer's. While the rating system is flawed, the viewership is down. We want a choice to watch a soap opera...rather than yet ANOTHER food program (we have Food Network for that) or another talk show (enough of those too).I promise you that the fans will NEVER give up!!!So, if you want to throw away $20 million on a show that WILL's your $$...I propose you invest that $20 million into our soaps whose ratings have went up since this began!!!

1270 days ago

Stephen Parker    

The lunatics have taken over the ward at Asylum Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). First they cancel traditional, popular shows ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN, citing low ratings and loss of money, then they dictate "contemporary viewers don't want to see soap operas." If they have the funds to even think of hiring Couric (at $20 million) why not funnel that into the existent programming, update/refurbish the daytime serials and dispense with all the hiring/firing/cancellation nonsense?

1270 days ago

Charlie M    

Who in their right mind would pay Katie Couric anything? She is a smug, syrupy know-nothing who, for some reason, thinks she's pretty darned smart and is a doctrinaire mainstream media lefty/liberal. I have NEVER gotten the fascination with Katie Couric.

1270 days ago


Too much money for this woman! These people aren't curing cancer....ridiculous

1270 days ago

bobbie shubeck    

I don't get it! Who is going to watch her? This woman has absolutely no personality, and should try and get a job in the movies as this is what she believes she is, a movie star instead of being a good Journalist. No sir, I will not be watching, sorry!

1270 days ago


I can't believe they'd take another soap away from the fans, for Katie Couric of all people, I say NO, please don't!!!

1270 days ago


$20M? Will these suckers never learn? She is pure lightweight. Not worth $20M.

1270 days ago
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