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Kendra on 'Dancing'

Booted 'Cause She Tooted?

5/4/2011 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kendra Wilkinson was eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" last night ... 24 hours after she broke some wind on her competitors during rehearsals. Coincidence? We think not...

We gotta ask...


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Poor thing. Carrie Ann gave her a hard time, then she went and farted in front of everybody. How embarrasing.

1270 days ago


When she was on the E! program- she and the Hef and other were riding a train somewhere in France and she stood on the porch of the last car and shook her boobs...I was embarrassed that she thought she was being "edgy". She needs to concentrate on her career of being a live breeder and hurry up and wreck her body where she can fade into obscurity.

1269 days ago


Hey, don't know farting! I made a lot of money, along with 3 other gals, when we appeared on the E! Howard Stern Radio Show way back in May of 1997! They weren't "real" farts per se. They're called "queafs," and they come from a very special private part on a woman... Us girls, or should I say celebrities for a day, were behind the rope, while people had to pay $100 each to just watch us! They were lucky they got front row seats! I walked out of Howard Stern's studio w/ $500, after splitting it up with the other gals! If you know Howard, then you know that he loves burping and farting noises!! lol

1269 days ago


I dont understand how Kendra husband can even deal with that trash, you could tell she is trash when Kerry Ann dont her she know nothing about Elegance, then Hyde had to tell her she could at least say excuse me, when she pass gas. I dont understand why that football player is still with her. she is only with him, because thats her meal ticket. she is so proud to be a playboy bunny, Wow that is something to proud about, what will she tell her son, when he grow up. "your mom was a playboy bunny". if I were her husband I would be totally embrassed of trash. and the only reason she went in front of Len and start dancing in front of him, because she thought that would earn her some brownie points. Kendra a little advice, yes a man would look, and smile, but they dont want no HO HO HO for no wife.

1269 days ago


Kendra was not a good dancer, and lasted way past her time to be voted off! Not worth watching, and she appeared to be self-centered...poor Louie, her partner-teacher!

1268 days ago


Why would you hate someone so much that you don't even know and waste your time and energy complaining about them? Get a life or get laid.

1267 days ago


Farting is a normal body function that everyone does. I just dont think it is proper to fart in front or around others. I dont want to smell other people's farts. Can hardly stand my own, let alone someone else's.....

1266 days ago


so, what. she farted. i don't see what the big deal is. everyone farts. it's part of being a human. like omg. kendra farted. big freakin whoop. even the victorias secret models fart. it's perfectly normal. get over it people.

1266 days ago


She thinks she's being fun loving but I think her behavior is very infantile and embarrassing. Her parents probably never punished her for bad behavior.

1262 days ago


I know she's cute but she's very low class and operates on a lowered level of conciousness.

1262 days ago


I'm just wondering how incredibly pathetic your life must be if you find it amusing to bash people or call names? Do you really feel that empty,worthless and ugly that you need to make these little comments publicly? Do you feel better now? Your the losers and human trash if you ask me.

1262 days ago


that's from all the **** she's been taking in the ass

1258 days ago


All of you Kenda bashers are A** Holes. Get a life!

1248 days ago


These people are really cruel. Your sitting there on you glorious computer or ipad or iphone, that perhaps your spoiled rotten asses got from daddy. maybe im wrong. but it just frustrates the **** out of me. that some of you dumb ignorant ass people go to a site where the person you "dreadfully hate" and talk ****! really?! you hate her so much why you spending your time talking ****!? You are considered a hater, but the worst of your kind! bullies point out the bad things in people just to direct others attention away from YOUR impurities! get a life you insecure mother******. go get some implants or better yet your face fixed. she chose this life style. let it be. you guys are ****** up people. what happened to the world? they all became complete asses! Kendra is someones daughter, mother, freind, girlfreind lover. would you like these rude commets!?

1098 days ago


The way I see it is Kendra was just being herself. Or maybe she couldn't hold it so she made a joke out of it to cover the embarressment.Some people just make comments out of jelousy. She worked hard to get to where she is today.Doesn't matter what she did. She had the guts and determenation to go for her dream.Let he without sin cast the first stone.Instead of cutting people down,Make this world a better place.

1012 days ago
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