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Mel Gibson to Oksana -- 'Don't Call Me ...'

5/5/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has been trying to talk to Mel Gibson for months, TMZ has learned, and now that a judge has allowed her to contact Mel, she's hoping for lots of future chit chat ... but she shouldn't hold her breath.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana's lawyer shockingly went to court yesterday and told Judge Scott Gordon she would drop all of her claims in custody court that Mel committed domestic violence against her.

Oksana's attorney, Dan Horowitz, also got Judge Scott Gordon to lift the protective order prohibiting contact between Mel and Oksana.

Witnesses who have been present when Mel and Oksana have been together post break-up tell TMZ ... she has "repeatedly" tried to engage him in conversation, notably at doctor's appointments for Lucia.  We're told Mel has always rebuffed any of her overtures.

We're told Mel is adamant -- he wants nothing to do with Oksana and uses his people to shield her from him. 

Love ... ain't it a beautiful thing.


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Can someone translate this for me? I can't get a translator to work on it. She goes by the Name Vivian Victoria too?

1197 days ago


chris -
Hiya :)
And thanks for sharing the news about the trailer!
Have a good one at work.

Gossip -
You make a good point. It's possible she went for the Oriti suit, but she didn't file anything against him until summer of 2009. However, if it was over Oriti, then there's absolutely nothing "substantially related" about that meeting to the current litigation.

1197 days ago


Laughing all the way * + * + * + *

You know, could probably line up 20 of the women hanging around Hollyweird and nobody would be able to tell which was which. Blowup doll #4 -- dark hair subtype.

Maybe Mr. Gibson is taking a page from Sheen's book and just surrounding himself -- less problems with the 'true love' scenarios. Maybe time for some 20-something blondes?

Tee hee

1197 days ago


Curious 11 minutes ago

"Tormented soul"? Oh good grief, not another one.

Hi Curious,

Somebody left a link last night to an interview this Dani person supposedly did, regarding the Miss World competition. It was the "Missology" link and if she really answered questions that way, then she's an absolute mental case. Nobody in a pageant would EVER talk about the other contestants that way, saying Miss X "hated x's guts" and all the other rude, stupid comments she was quoted as making.
There's something very strange about it, since no legitimate pageant would ever keep someone who talks like a mental Dani. MANNERS mean A LOT to most pageants. You can't badmouth other contestants and say the contest was rigged...which is what she said in the interview.

Maybe these are fake stories being planted to further tarnish Mel's image. I don't believe for one second he'd be stupid enough to get involved with another psychiatric case no matter how attractive she is, after what he's been through with creepy Oksana.
The stories might be completely false and someone might be paying Dani to write things in her blog about Mel ??

1197 days ago


Tell -
Trying, but I can't even get the silly site to load here.

1197 days ago


Greetings oh mine empress:)
Gibson's Godesses? LMAO!

Stacy -
According to Miss Dani's wiki, she was called in on the last day of the paegent when another contestant backed out at the last minute. All this helter-skelter blog cleaning just makes me very suspicious. Reminds me far too much of Miss Oksana and her ever changing bios. Honest folks don't need to do such things.

1197 days ago


Gossip -
Yep, the correct spelling is Marrufo. But thanks for heads up.
Unless there are two Victor Marrufos out there that do beauty pageant photography?

1197 days ago


++++++ NEW THREAD+++++++++

1197 days ago


@Curious - got the translation to work. The person VV was referring to Dani in her blog. Why do all the woman that comment on this site look like hookers? Look at the comment photos. They are all seductively posed. It looks like the Russian equivalent of Craigslist.

1197 days ago


Tell -
Bah, I got a server not available box. I'll try again later.

1197 days ago


Mel is an abusive, old washed up fat jerk.

1191 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

And Sunny, you are what's left after he takes a crap on a bad day... just before he flushes

1189 days ago


What's wrong with you people on this message board? Did you so soon forget Mel Gibson's psychotic, explosive rant and promising to put her in a rose garden because, as he said himself, "I'm capable of that." He admitted to hitting her while she held her daughter. Here's a video link to refresh your memory. Regardless of whatever things she's done wrong, he has all the apparent earmarks of a deranged, controlling abuser. His daughter should not be placed in his custody if he is that unstable.

1183 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

missy: GO READ. What the media reports is not the whole truth. Read up and learn the FACTS. Find out WHO she is! Read about ALL the people that KNOW Mel have to say about him! YOU have to dig it out--the media hates Mel. But he is not guilty. Period.

And what part of 'EDITED tapes' don't you understand--why do you think they weren't admissible in court?

*shakes head in amazement*

1175 days ago


Shame on you people for harrassing Mel! I recognize what is wrong with Mel he is afflicted with chronic lyme disease and is hard hard thing to deal with the side affects of this disease believe me i know from first hand experience i would love to help mel because i too suffer from it and many others please stop harrassing these people with these afflictions life is hard enough as it is why you have to be **** monger vultures for a few bucks... you reap what you sow what comes around goes around and if you people keep at it god is going to repay you and your organization 10 fold.

850 days ago
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