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Oksana DROPS Domestic Violence Claim Against Mel!

5/4/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a shocking move in court today ... Oksana Grigorieva just dropped her domestic violence claim against Mel Gibson.


Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, announced to Judge Scott Gordon ... they would no longer be pursuing the claim that Mel's alleged violence against her is grounds to change the custody order.

Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny and the judge were visibly shocked.

Sources tell us ... Oksana dropped the domestic violence claim as a gesture -- extending an olive branch in an attempt to settle the custody case.

And the DV protective order Oksana obtained -- prohibiting Mel from contacting or harassing her -- has also been terminated.  Sources connected with Oksana say she would like to be able to communicate directly with Mel, rather than using intermediaries.  No word on whether Mel feels the same way -- though we're guessing not.
Horowitz did not say if Oksana is still pursuing a civil lawsuit against Mel.


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I think its a rich & famous thang. Golddiggers.

1232 days ago

little aussie reader    

Golddiggers - Ptui! I just don't get the mentality of some women. She set out to ruin him, of that I'm certain. A loving mother does not behave the way she has, even if Mel did wrong by her, that's not the way to treat the father of your child.
I have to get dinner started kali - good seeing you again, hopefully you'll still be around later but if not: *hugs for you*

1232 days ago


Good seeing you too! I'm not sure if I'll be here when you get back but if not, hugs back!

1232 days ago

little aussie reader    

$$$ obsessed:

Here is the first post of yours I ever saw and the one I responded to, if you remember correctly I only addressed what you said about the tapes, I could have said a whole lot more to what seemed an extremely hostile post:
Mel Gibson -- Party Over Here!
37 days ago

Rosie, Lori is entitled to have her say as and when she wishes - the same as you and your backstops do. Don't come and make out that you and your cohorts are such angels... you aren't! You never have anything decent to say about Oksana. You call her the filthiest, dirtiest names you can dredge up and then say you care about her child - you don't. You are all so far up MG just your feet are sticking out. Excepting for you, all your butt buddies say Oksana is so ugly, etc. I won't even lower my dignity to say what you people have said about her lips, etc. You make out that MG is such an angel - well I have news for you. He is an abuser. It is because of him that Oksana has left him. Apparently this behaviour started when she was either pregnant or after she had her baby, which means that he probably thought that now that she is under HIS control he can speak and do as he wishes and she must just stand by and take it. Maybe you didn't hear the calls - that you say were edited. Well - if they were, why hasn't the court proved that yet? The recordings were done off her iPhone and sent out from there to her lawyers and the court had a copy of it too. BTW court do***entation went missing too - the tapes were also held at the courts BEFORE they were all over the internet! You keep on blaming OG for everything - did she steal the court do***entation too? Records of every move she has ever made on her iPhone and / or internet are there for at least 3 years. So they are easily traceable... why has no one found the route they took after leaving her phone yet, if she was the one sending them to all and sundry? I'm sure that someone, somewhere would have found them if they were sent to places like TMZ, etc. and spoken out by now. Why haven't they?

All I ever see you and your side kicks bitch about is the money Oksana is extorting from Mel... Well, why isn't she in jail yet? Ohhhhhh yes, I forgot, because her lawyer is in bed with the Judge, right? That is why she "GOT OFF", right?

You and your side kicks want to know why those of us that feel the way we do about OG come and post here... the very same reason you do... because we can! If you have a problem with that - you can leave - no one is stopping any of you.

@puhp - LMFAO

They sure do Gemini. It is okay for a RELIGIOUS man, a devout Catholic, who has extra-marital relationships, has a child out of wedlock and verbally abuses the mother of his child, calls her the filthiest names under the sun to carry on the way he does. Only he made 1 bad mistake... he messed with the wrong woman this time. She is not going to take it laying down.

It is not the first time we have seen or heard MG's verbal abuse of people... it has happened a number of times - most recently with OG. Remember how aggressive and confrontational he was with the two people that interviewed him... I distinctly remember "Do you have a dog in this fight?" and then calling the other person and "a-hole". Go to YouTube, those interviews are there. Look at the aggression on his face. Now, if he can be so aggressive on a taped show, I have to ask what else is this man capable of doing?

As for MIDWESTERN... You are supposed to be a teacher - I would hate to be the children in your class. You are a vicious, disgusting and unhappy human being. You have not left Lori in peace and yet, YOU are the one that is always calling OG the filthiest names as well. I wish your school could find out what you are doing on this website. Bet you won't have a job then. I think you must be very very miserable and unhappy at home to come and take out your bad moods here. Start behaving like a teacher and not the miserable, hateful she dog you behave as when you post here.

NOW... you can all have a field day. You disgusting, foul mouthed haters.


As has been said ad nauseaum - this is a public gossip site - anyone is free to address anyone elses post. Quite the rant you went on wasn't it? What's that you say about respect? It was sweet of Sam to defend me but unnecessary. You'll have to excuse me now, it's dinnertime here.

1232 days ago

little aussie reader    

Ok dinner is over. Anyone here?

1232 days ago

little aussie reader    

New thread.

1232 days ago


another twisted move of this psycho, get all "bubbly" again and then strike another round of illegal taping/spins/psycho moves....Mel,please don't fall into that trap...again.....!!!!

Cheers and hi to everybody!!!!


1231 days ago

Lilian Cristina Pires    

If it were Mel would be tuned. She is a Viper, may be plotting a coup poisonous much worse. Mel shouldn't give conversation for her. Is far, Mel! Danger is greater.

1231 days ago

little aussie reader    

$$ Obsessed - If you're still around. Sam asked me to let you know that it seems some anonymous poster(s) scurried off to the TMZ-gods and reported her for something and, as a result, she has been banned.

1231 days ago



Sam asked me to post to you, she thanks you for your kindness and appreciates it very much. Thing is, UNLIKE OTHERS on this board, she doesn't want to come back under a new email addy and a new nic. She knows, as I do, that the HATERS that reported her for speaking her mind, and STICKING UP FOR HERSELF, after MONTHS and MONTHS of being attacked will hit that damn report button like the mob tends to do.

BTW, I thank you too. I don't always agree with what you post but that's your perogative to post "YOUR" opinion. I still have my other account on TMZ, YES I WAS BRIEFLY banned also, I'm just too damned addicted to this site to stay away LOL.

I'm about ready to phone the office also, only, it's almost 7:30 pm in Cali, is anyone in the office?

1230 days ago


I was really shocked to hear Sam was banned. My gosh, what did she do that was so wrong? When I first joined, she was so nice to me. Ok, what is the rules now? You have to be a jackazz to be on a forum? lol

Compared to some posters on other forums (that I have read), this woman is close to being a saint. lol

1229 days ago


Oksana says on that tape like it was Mel Gibson's idea to make those videos of her and make her a cd. She couldn't even wait until the swelling went down him her face to make her Say My Name video. Yeah, right! It was his I guess it was Mel Gibson's idea that she wore a night gown on this interview too. Since her lame cd didn't sell well, she has to blame Mel Gibson for it. Just face it, woman, you can not sing, nor act well enough on tapes to make anyone belive her butt. next time she show pic of a man beating you, don't smile like you won the lotto. DUH! LOL Oksana, why did you drop it? Did you run out of guys or money?

1228 days ago


Sorry that post I should have read before posting. Didn't even make sense to me and I typed it. lol Next time I will drink stronger coffee before posting. lol

1228 days ago



1228 days ago


Go Mel

Maya 28

1228 days ago
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