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Oksana DROPS Domestic Violence Claim Against Mel!

5/4/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a shocking move in court today ... Oksana Grigorieva just dropped her domestic violence claim against Mel Gibson.


Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, announced to Judge Scott Gordon ... they would no longer be pursuing the claim that Mel's alleged violence against her is grounds to change the custody order.

Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny and the judge were visibly shocked.

Sources tell us ... Oksana dropped the domestic violence claim as a gesture -- extending an olive branch in an attempt to settle the custody case.

And the DV protective order Oksana obtained -- prohibiting Mel from contacting or harassing her -- has also been terminated.  Sources connected with Oksana say she would like to be able to communicate directly with Mel, rather than using intermediaries.  No word on whether Mel feels the same way -- though we're guessing not.
Horowitz did not say if Oksana is still pursuing a civil lawsuit against Mel.


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I_See_($).($)_Obsessed_People 1 day ago Hi Majestic, thank you for that. Well, I tried to tell the person what was going on here - they said they would look into it. The person I spoke with was so lovely. So it is just a waiting game - I think they are extremely busy too.

Majestic, I can't understand - others do far worse than Sam did and nothing happened to them.

If there is another place Sam would like join where we can catch up, she must just let me know and I shall join there with her.

Thank you Majestic for the message - not all of us will agree on certain issues but that is what life is about or we would all have been sheep, right lol.

Please phone them if you can too, Majestic and will you please keep me informed?

I've no idea what their office hours are.

Bye for now.

Obsessed, if you are reading this, take up Karls advice and get on facebook. You don't have to make a realistic page, just something to get you on there. You will then be able to add four of us from this board. We can keep up to speed there on what we think. Just a suggestion.

Yes, Sam has spoken to someone at TMZ, they told her they would look into it but they haven't given her a full explanation of WHY she was banned. You'd think if someone was going to ban you they'd have specifics and posts to show you. Who knows. That report button has become a curse, all it takes is for a few "DIFFERENT" monikers to report your posts or email TMZ and you are done for.

1234 days ago


THE BEAVER 1 day ago I was really shocked to hear Sam was banned. My gosh, what did she do that was so wrong? When I first joined, she was so nice to me. Ok, what is the rules now? You have to be a jackazz to be on a forum? lol

Compared to some posters on other forums (that I have read), this woman is close to being a saint. lol


She spoke her mind and stuck up for herself. I've heard people call her a bully but she was always the CENTER of every troll's attention, and NO, I'm not talking about people with opposing opinions, I'm talking about posters that come in and attack someone's character and go straight for the jugular. Problem with this board now is NO ONE is able to speak their minds whether they agree or disagree because everyone is afraid of having a few people with another agenda hitting that report button. It really has become a sad moment. I liked it better when opposing opinions could hash it out.

1234 days ago


THE BEAVER 9 hours ago Oksana says on that tape like it was Mel Gibson's idea to make those videos of her and make her a cd. She couldn't even wait until the swelling went down him her face to make her Say My Name video. Yeah, right! It was his I guess it was Mel Gibson's idea that she wore a night gown on this interview too. Since her lame cd didn't sell well, she has to blame Mel Gibson for it. Just face it, woman, you can not sing, nor act well enough on tapes to make anyone belive her butt. next time she show pic of a man beating you, don't smile like you won the lotto. DUH! LOL Oksana, why did you drop it? Did you run out of guys or money?

LMFAO, she ran out of attorneys, money and a guy with money. I'm still not getting her People interview, you want to talk about DV, get it out there that Mel abused you, threated you, verbally ripped you apart yet you want to play piano in your PJ's? Yeah, that just SCREAMS DV survivor and someone in fear of her life. Hell, if she had MOVED to somewhere no one could find her, stayed OUT of the limelight and then did an interview claiming to be scared I could believe that. I guess that's why the DV ORgs she tried to align herself with said "NO DICE, we don't know you, or support you!" That's the problem in high profile cases now, scream DV, Molestation, Child Abuse, RAPE and women will be believed and men castrated for the accussations. I only hope Flately can recover from "HIS" ordeal.

1234 days ago


LOL.. what a typing mess that post was. Maybe I drink too much strong coffee.. need to cut back some.

Anyway, about the People interview she didn't act like she had been so hurt there, looks more like a "look at me" aint I beautiful ad. Also, if you have been beaten badly as she said she was, you don't smile on the photo like a goof ball country hick that was just told that she had won the lotto. DUH!!

1234 days ago



Yeah we went through this, we had Oxymanure's pictures from those veneers that were knocked out, according to her, by Mel. Then we got the pics from Rihanna when Chris Brown punched her out, what a difference.

YOU DO NOT smile, even if "YOUR" dentist tells you to after knowing that you were supposedly knocked out by your boyfriend so they can be paraded on net to prove DV. For god sakes, go back and look at Rihanna's pics, she's a BIGGER STAR then Chris Brown and NO WHERE in there did she smile after being beaten.

1234 days ago


I know, hun.

1234 days ago


Oh, and it looks like if Miss "I want it know" doesn't get her way, she can hit too !

1234 days ago


I mean now...GEEZ!

1234 days ago


Report THE BEAVER 13 minutes ago Oh, and it looks like if Miss "I want it know" doesn't get her way, she can hit too !

ROFLMAO, that's just priceless. SO, she didn't have her USUAL suspects when it came to filming her so she threatened POLICE, and yeah, when exactly did TMZ or ROL post about her calling the cops and having them taken away from the property she was on....YEAH NEVER HAPPENED?

OMG, the one papo asked about her CD and music career, this must've been BEFORE she went ballistic sharing her personal life, wanted to "SHIELD" Mel before she started talking to the press, HEHEHEHEHE.

1234 days ago


I don't see how the man stood that woman as long as he did to be truthful. If I were Mel, within one to two month she would have gotten on my nerves so bad, that I would not only want her out of my face, but out of my life as well.

1234 days ago


Majestik.. Report THE BEAVER. Why?

1232 days ago


Hell Sam! You are welcome. Now get your butt back on this forum, girl!
No one talks to The Beaver here, or will go see me in the movie. LOL You have to come back on, and so does all the rest that was banned too. Make up guys, life is too short, and this is only a forum. If someone doesn't agree with you, so what?! Smile, give your opinon, and move on to the next topic.

Hugs from The Beaver !!

1231 days ago


Sam, hun, if all you have to do in life is to put up with in life is a bunch of people being rude to ya on a forum, than I could say you have a good life. Believe me, I wouldn't want to go through what Mel Gibson is going through, and Mel for damn sure wouldn't want to go though, or put up with what I am going through.
Sam for you, Mel, and I sake, it isn't good to dwell on the past, just give it to God and move on.

1230 days ago
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